Does someone in your life make you feel worthless?

Do you ever:

  • Feel like you don’t matter or like you’re not important?

  • Feel shocked by someone’s outrageously disrespectful behavior?

  • Feel like you’re being bullied at home or at work?

  • Feel like someone else’s needs are more important than your own?

  • Feel stuck in life, and you don’t know how to get “unstuck?”

  • Feel like you’re not really a “REAL” person?

  • Feel tired and unmotivated all the time?

  • Feel like you’re just not good enough?

  • Feel exhausted and drained when you spend time with someone?

  • Doubt your own abilities or question your sanity?

  • Feel emotionally “dead” or numb?

  • Feel like you’re dealing with more than you can handle, and if one more thing happens, you’ll just lose it?

  • Feel isolated and alone, even if you’re in a roomful of people?

  • Feel invisible and unheard?

If you answered yes to those questions, you might be in a toxic relationship.

Find out right now.

You are not alone

Let us walk you through it.

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