Fiercely Feminine. Do no harm. Take no shit.

QueenBeeing is a daily digital magazine focused on helping our fellow narcissistic abuse survivors create and live the lives of their dreams. The ‘zine was created by certified life coach Angela Atkinson

The QueenBeeing Mission

Helping fellow survivors create and live the beautiful lives of their dreams, even in the face of toxic relationships, narcissistic abuse and other painful circumstances. QueenBeeing celebrates fierce feminity and asks survivors to take charge of their lives to manifest what they want and deserve – ultimate happiness, fulfillment, self-actualization and satisfaction.

The goal of QueenBeeing is to educate, empower, and inspire abuse survivors in understanding more about themselves and their lives, including their relationships, as well as how build a better, more fulfilling life. We believe that acknowledging, understanding and exploring any issue is the beginning of its resolution – and Atkinson believes that her mission in life is to first understand and then to help others understand how to do just that.

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Along with original content designed to help you improve your life, you’ll find curated goodies from around the web, all focused on making your life better in some way.

You’ll also find news you can use, updates, reviews, useful life hacking and how-to articles and much more at QueenBeeing.com.

QueenBeeing.com celebrates women and asks them to take charge of their lives.

At QueenBeeing, we encourage our readers to join us in creating a public dialogue to share our thoughts, concerns and opinions. In return, we’ll provide regularly updated, useful and original content along with a smattering of the best of the web – we will help you find the best articles out there that are designed to help you improve your life.

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