Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget: Your Ultimate 2017 Guide

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget: Your Ultimate 2017 Guide

What are you getting Dad or Grandpa for Father's Day this year? Every year, Father’s Day rolls around and it’s time to celebrate dads of all kinds – including granddads, expectant dad and stepdads. But it can be really hard to shop for men on this holiday, right? 

Between the "guy who has it all" and the dad who is hard to buy for, you might be feeling a little panicked when it comes to choosing the right gift. But don't worry - we've got you covered with this ultimate guide to gift-giving on Father's day 2017!

You want to do something special for the men in your life, but it can be a challenge deciding which gift would be best. And, of course, you have budget considerations, right? So, if you're anything like me, it helps to have a few gift suggestions that will appeal to many different types of men. You’re sure to find something that’s in your price range and make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

You with me? Let's DO this!

From things you can buy and wrap in a flash to homemade items and activities, there’s something for everyone (and every budget!) here. What you have to do is figure out which of these ideas the man in your life would appreciate most!

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

There are many gifts you can purchase to reward a hard working dad. This is the one day of the year when he’s able to be in the spotlight - so hey, let it shine!

Cool Picture Frames for His Desk or Man-Cave

Frames are wonderful gifts for storing family photos. Dads especially like photo frames they can take to the office or keep in a treasured space at home. If you purchase a standard frame, make sure to put a family photo inside.

If Dad is into hunting, fishing, or sports, you can look for a themed frame that reflects his favorite hobbies. Digital frames are another great gift – and men who are into gadgets love them. Upload several photos of the kids with Dad before giving this gift.


We usually think of giving flowers on Mother’s Day, but some men like to receive flowers, too. For Father’s Day you can purchase arrangements with a masculine touch such as a bouquet that looks like a boat or a toy car used as a vase.

Large coffee mugs make great containers for flower arrangements.

You can also choose green plants that will last all year.

Make sure you order ahead of time so that your floral arrangement will arrive on time.


Dads love to get their favorite foods for Father’s Day. Surprise him with a candy bouquet in lieu of flowers. Many men enjoy chocolate covered strawberries or fruit bouquets, too.

You can also purchase a gift card to his favorite restaurant or arrange to bring in his favorite meal that day. Being able to take the day off from cooking after a long week can be a huge relief.

If you prefer to stay home for Father’s Day, you can buy all of the ingredients for his favorite meal and make it for him. He’ll be sure to appreciate your time and efforts to prepare something special.

One great gift idea is to order a special package of Omaha steaks. You can get just the steaks, or add on hot dogs, lobster, and side dishes, too. Or, you could find a company that sends him a monthly gift, like a good coffee or even beer of the month, for example.

If the dad in your household is into grilling, you could opt to give barbecue tools, a new grill, a fun apron, or a selection of great meats for grilling. During the Father’s Day season, these items are readily available.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket can allow you to give a variety of items all in one special package. Gift baskets can include foods, coffee, beer, wine, gift certificates, and anything else that the man in your life might like.

The best gift baskets have themes. A few themes to consider include:

· Movie Night
· Grill King
· Beers from Around the World
· Sports - such as Golf, Football, or Basketball
· Favorite Snack Foods
· Gourmet Popcorn
· Gourmet Nuts
You can purchase premade gift baskets or put one together yourself using a creative theme and container. He’ll be sure to enjoy uncovering all the fun items you give him.

Hunting Accessories

Men who enjoy hunting are always happy to get accessories to go with their sport. This is a great time to give a luxury item he might not buy for himself, but he’d love to have on his next hunting or fishing trip.

For example, you can purchase heated insoles that will help keep his feet warm during the cold winter months. He might enjoy new fishing lures, a new knife, or a gift card to his favorite outdoor sporting goods store.

You can check in on his existing gear and see if any of it is worn and torn. Hunters are hard on their equipment and gadgets. If you see something that could be replaced, look for a newer model to upgrade him to!


Men also enjoy getting a new keychain for Father’s Day. There are many different types that you can choose. For example:

· Digital photo keychain that has a photo slideshow
· Keychain that doubles as a bottle opener
· Standard frame keychain with photos of the kids or grandkids
· Dad themed key chains with phrases like “I Love My Dad” or “World’s Greatest Dad”
Keychains can be personalized and engraved to make them even more special. This is a wonderful and inexpensive gift that fits any budget. It’s also useful for organizing important keys.

Shirts and Ties

There are a wide variety of clothing options for Father’s Day gifts. The most common gift on this holiday is a tie. There are novelty ties and beautiful silk ties that will enhance his wardrobe.

You can also look for a nice dress shirt to go with a new tie that he can wear to work. If the dad in your life is more casual, T-shirts and golf shirts make great gifts as well.

You can find many novelty T-shirts with phrases about dads and Father’s Day. You can also look for a shirt that he can wear to work or on casual days when he goes out.


While women tend to get jewelry on special holidays, watches are a good choice for men of Father’s Day. There are watches for athletes, casual watches, and dress watches made from precious metals and gemstones.

You can find a watch to meet just about any need or budget. Men can always use another watch to go with their wardrobe. This is a timeless gift (pun absolutely intended!) and your pop will enjoy for years and years.

If he already has a collection of watches, you might consider getting him a nice watch case that showcases his collection with a glass top and leather sides. These organizers help display the watches so he can grab them quickly and store the ones not in use.

There are many other gifts you can get Dad on Father’s day, including:

· Golf equipment
· Collectibles (music, automobile, or sports)
· EReader – like the new Kindle Fire
· Video game gifts
· DVD sets to his favorite shows

Winning Gift Tip: Just listen to what he’s always talking about (sports teams, TV shows, etc.) and try to find a gift that fits his preferences. He’ll love the fact that you’ve picked up on it without him having to put in a request.

Father’s Day Crafts

While store bought gifts are always an option, there’s nothing more personal than something handmade by you or your child for a special dad. These one of a kind gifts will warm his heart and let you know how much you love him and think about him.

Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are a wonderful way to freeze a moment of time. Over the years you can see how much your children have grown by looking at the growth from tiny hands to those of a teen and adult.

You can purchase kits to make and decorate a hand imprint in plaster. This can serve as a lifelong memory of a sweet time in your child’s life. Handprints can also be used to create art that looks like animals or to decorate plates.

Making a simple handprint with paint on paper and framing it makes a wonderful gift as well. Handprints are so special because no two are alike. They serve as a reminder of the unique child celebrating his Dad.


You can also make a scrapbook all about the kids and their dad. Allow them to write special messages, include photos, and have them draw pictures of the times they’ve spent with him. This is a one of a kind gift that he’ll love.

Coupon Book

Kids can make coupon books to give for Father’s Day. This can include special coupons for doing extra chores, helping their dad with a special project, making his favorite meal or just spending time together.

This is a very inexpensive idea that can be adapted to fit any family. You can hand write the coupons and put them in a booklet or envelope. Then when he’s ready to redeem one, he can take it out of the book and turn it in.

Letter for Expecting Fathers

If you have a man in your life who is about to become a father, you can write a special letter from your unborn baby to him. When writing this letter, think about all of the qualities you think will make him a great dad.

This can be a fun way to let him know he’ll be a father if he doesn’t know yet or to give him a reminder of how much you love him and of the exciting new life changes that are coming.

You might also consider scanning the sonogram pictures and putting them in a digital photo frame so that he can see them ahead of time. The 3D and 4D images that have color are great, too!

Father’s Day Activities

Sometimes the best gift you can give your father is spending time together. Consider giving the gift of an outing that you can enjoy with the dad or with the whole family.

Is there a movie that he’s wanted to see? Why not take him to it and provide him with all of the movie treats he could want? After the movie you can go somewhere to spend time talking about it.

Father’s Day happens right around baseball season. This is the perfect time to take him out to the ballgame. You can go to a major league game or if you’re on a tighter budget try a minor league game.

Hopefully you can attend a game on the actual day, but if not you can always place the tickets in his Father’s Day card.

You should also think about other local attractions. Does he like to play golf? Why not buy him a round at his favorite course and plan to play with him that day?

If he’s interested in cars, look for a local car show that you can attend together. When you present him with an outing that matches his interests it shows you really know him and care about him.

Father’s Day Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Sharing a meal together is a great way to celebrate any holiday. Moms usually get breakfast in bed, but dads like it, too! Make his favorite breakfast foods and treat him to a breakfast he’ll enjoy.

If you have a big family with many dads, you can also consider hosting a Father’s Day Brunch. Invite the extended family over for a brunch featuring egg dishes, ham, biscuits, or even go with a Mexican themed breakfast - including tortillas and salsa.

Ask guest to bring a side dish and present all the dads with a special gift or card. If you’d rather not have to clean your house and prepare a big meal, you’ll find that many restaurants host special Father’s Day brunches.

This is a great way to share a meal while leaving the cooking and cleaning to someone else. If you decide to go to a restaurant, make sure you call ahead. Some restaurants only take reservations on special days.

You should also ask about the menu. On a busy holiday many restaurants will opt for a buffet or a set menu to accommodate the crowd. You don’t want to get turned away at a restaurant when you’re ready to celebrate.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

School's out! Are you hitting the pool or beach yet? If so, definitely grab some sunscreen - we prefer SPF50 - and grab yourself something fun and stylish to get your swim on! Here are our summer faves for 2017!

Though the calendar lists June 21 as the first day of summer, many of us have already begun to hit the beach and soak up the sun and splash in the ocean. Going to the beach means a little rest and relaxation but at the same time, you want to look your best.

You never know who you might run into or who you might meet. But not all of us have model perfect bodies and we need a suit that’s comfortable yet has great coverage. You’ll find that in the Speedo Aquatic Xtra Life Lycra Ultraback Swimsuit.

It’s designed for action and gives a supportive fit whether you’re lying on the sand working on a golden tan or riding out the waves in the water. It’s resistant to the annoying ‘crawl up’ that suits do when they get wet and the lining helps keep you covered.

For those who prefer a suit with a gathered waistline and underwire bra support, the Miraclesuit Women’s Sanibel One Piece Swim Suit fits the bill. The high leg cut and low scoop back are made to flatter the figure and give you confidence that you look great while having fun.

If you like a halter top bathing suit, you’ll find a great one in this Shirred Halter Swimsuit. This swimsuit has a shelf bra for added support. When you want to don a cover up to step off the sand to grab a bottled water or warm up from the breeze blowing off the ocean, you can do it in style with the Alki’i Misses Halter Top Dress.

You can find it in white or black and in sizes ranging from small to large. Because it’s made from lightweight material, you won’t feel bogged down when you’re wearing this over your suit.

Besides a beach cover up, you can choose a sporty and stylish swimdress too. The bandeau Swimdress has a shelf bra as well as an attached panty for water play or simply tanning. This design is also made to fit and flatter larger shapes too. It’s perfect for the getting back into shape after baby days.

No matter what you wear at the beach-a one piece, a bikini, a cover up or a swimdress, some things can sag where you don’t want there to be a sag. For that, you can get Pure Style Girlfriends Women’s Pick Me Up Breast Lift Tape.

Because it’s waterproof, you’ll be able to have that youthful figure no matter how long you play in the water. You can also find this kind of support in the Fashion Forms Bring It Up Breast Lift 3-Pack Accessory.

While you’re out there in the sun, don’t forget to protect your scalp and eyes from the glare of the sun. You don’t want a nasty sunburn on the top of your head and you don’t want to the sun’s rays to affect your vision. So make sure you grab a hat and sunglasses. You’ll be shielded in style with the Red Wide Brim Cotton Floppy Beach Sun Hat.

What to Buy Your Mom for Christmas

What to Buy Your Mom for Christmas

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. But what do you buy for the mom  who has everything? The struggle is real.What to get your mom for Christmas

QB's got you covered - we've polled more than 300 moms and come up with a list that can't miss. Here's what to buy your mom for Christmas this year. 

What Does Mom Really Want for Christmas?

A Kindle?

An ereader, such as a Nook or Kindle would give her hours of reading pleasure. No more having a list of unread books piling up on the bedside table or sitting on the shelf waiting for the day she’ll find time to sift through them and pick one out.

With the Kindle, all of the books she wants are at her fingertips. They’re organized by category and genre and they’re available whenever she wants a new book - even if it’s the wee hours of the morning and she can’t sleep.

You could also get her an Amazon gift card and she can download the free Kindle app on her phone - this would mean she could dowload all sorts of books to read too

The perfect Christmas gift for Mom is the kind of gift that will continually bring her joy throughout the upcoming years, too. She can read best selling novels (and you can get many for such huge discount prices) and she’ll also have access to newspapers, magazines and audiobooks, too.

This gift will quickly become one of her favorites. She’ll be able to read from the screen no matter what the lighting is like because glare isn’t a problem. With the lending library, she’ll never run out of choices and money won’t be an object either.

Using this feature, she can borrow books - and unlike the local library, there are no due dates! She can take her time reading the bestsellers and savor every word, getting the most enjoyment out of her reading experience.

But if she wants to check books out from the library, she can even do that by going to her library’s website. This is the perfect gift for moms who love to read and struggle with eyesight problems since the Kindle has the Read-to-Me feature.

To help protect the Kindle purchase, don’t forget to pick up one of the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover items. She’ll love being able to take the device anywhere she goes and always have something to read.

Kindle has the Kindle Fire, which would also make the perfect Christmas gift for Mom. If you’re looking for a different eReader, PanDigital 72-70FW 7-Inch Tablet is another popular brand and so is the Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader. You can pick up a pack of 3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen for stocking stuffers to go along with the eReader.


Out of all of the things you could possibly buy for her, what does Mom really want for Christmas? How about a good movie? From the chilling to the thrilling to the classics, she loves that time when she can relax in her favorite chair or on the sofa, have some popcorn and let the day seep away.

When she was growing up, she probably had a long list of movies that she enjoyed. The holidays would be a great time to thrill her with the old classics like Roman Holiday, or the Audrey Hepburn collection.

Who could forget Breakfast at Tiffanys or Sabrina? If she’s a James Dean fan, you can pick up the Complete James Dean collection, which includes the acclaimed East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause.

But if your mom prefers movies set in present times, there are several endearing movies she would love. Movies like P.S. I Love You, which is based on the novel by Cecelia Ahern might be fitting.

If Only is another touching movie Mom would love. Of course, if she’s a Johnny Depp fan, then the Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection is sure to be a valuable treasure for her. This collection has a pirate’s chest, a map and is a skull case that looks like it would have fit very well in the actual movie!

Not only are individual movies a great gift, but if you want to know what mom really wants for Christmas, do a little sleuthing and find out what her favorite television series are.

You can bet she would love to have those shows on DVD collection. Shows like Castle or NCIS top the charts right now and some that were incredibly popular like Friday Night Lights, Friends and JAG are also shows Mom likes and can be purchased as a collection for incredible money saving deals.

Hand in hand with movies of course, are those snack treats she loves to munch on while seeing her leading men or leading women in action. Gourmet Popcorn Variety 3-Pack by Wisconsinmade is a delicious treat.

Or you can put together a movie basket complete with a selection of movies, some popcorn, a few sweet treats, a whimsical mug and hot cocoa. You can find all the items including the basket online and it would be easy to put it all together. Put on your detective hat and do a little snooping to see what it is she loves spending her time doing.

More Great Gift Ideas for Mom

Since moms are usually the historians of the family, digital cameras take quality photos, preserving the funny and endearing moments of lives well lived.

Cameras like the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530 14.1 MP Digital Still Camera has great features such as intelligent auto mode, which will automatically adjust whatever is needed to turn out great photographs. This camera also has the Sweep Panorama feature, which means that she’ll be able to get fuller gorgeous panoramic photos because of the camera’s high speed shooting ability.

If your mom loves to record family history through photos and she’s also into taking pictures as a hobby, then you’ll want to take a look at the next camera on the top Christmas gift ideas for Mom.

That camera is the Nikon COOLPIX L120 14.1 MP Digital Camera. This one has an incredible zoom lens, which can grab pictures up close and clear no matter what the distance is.

Because one of the camera’s features is the Image Stabilization tool, Mom won’t have the frustration of taking any blurred pictures. The camera turns blurry into quality with the built in sensor.

Third on the list of great cameras is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP. This camera happens to be the most slender in width that you can find anywhere. With smart technology, Mom can simply point and shoot and she’ll have great photos every time. The camera has a built in system that eliminates the use of a flash so even in situations without the proper amount of light pictures still come out clear and beautiful.

While cameras are top Christmas gift ideas for Mom, you don’t want to forget the accessories like a sturdy camera case to go along with the purchase to protect the camera. That way, Mom can take it wherever she goes and know that it will be safe.

For moms that enjoy putting the pictures they take into scrapbooks, you can find a wealth of scrapbook supplies to go along with the gift of the camera. Supplies like designer paper made by K and Company has 12-Inch by 12-Inch Best of Brenda Walton Designer Paper Pad. Die-cuts and sticker packs like KandCompany Que Sera Sera Die-Cuts & Acetates are gifts that will make this holiday a great holiday for Mom.

Musical Gift Ideas for Mom for Christmas

It’s been said that music speaks a universal language - and one of the statements it makes is that it tops the charts as one of the great gift ideas for Moms for Christmas. There’s nothing like jogging or speed walking to the tune of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep or Bruno Mars’ Grenade. Having a cup of hot tea or a glass of a wine before a roaring fire while listening to Michael Buble’s mellow songs is a great way for moms to unwind.

Some moms don’t like the newer ways of listening to music. Instead, they prefer stereos and CD players. CD players make a great gift to sit on the side table while Mom sinks into the luxury of a frothy bubble bath.

The Emerson PD6548SL Portable Radio CD Player has a cassette recorder and AM/FM radio, too. The RCA RP3013 Personal CD Player with FM Radio is also a favorite because of its portability. Moms can use it while jogging, on the commute to work and more.

But another choice on the list of great gift ideas for Mom for Christmas are MP3 players.
She will love the Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation). With the capacity for storage that this gadget has, she can store right at 2,000 songs, which will give her a melody for every day for any mood.

The device will also keep thousands of photos at her fingertips (about 10,000) so she can share photos she takes of her family, friends or ones she takes simply because they’re a beautiful setting. The iPod also holds plenty of hours of videos making it great for capturing the moments in time that she wants to hold onto.

Using the FaceTime feature will let her see the loved ones she’s interacting with, which for moms whose children have moved on to college or no longer live at home, it’s a sweet connection for her heart.

In the same line of music devices is the Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation). The device has 2 GB of storage, which enables it to hold about 500 songs in varying lengths.

It’s a hands free gift so Mom can attach it to her clothes while she’s running errands or going out for a walk. Make sure you add a music gift card so she can download some free tunes for her new gadget. Music is one of many great gift ideas for Mom for Christmas and the cool thing about the shuffle is that it slips easily into a stocking making it a great stocking stuffer gift!

Gardening Gifts 

The best Christmas gift for Mom is one that she can enjoy all year long. When the winter months are at their coldest and snow is on the ground, it can be difficult to think of gifts that aren’t associated with chilly weather.

But no matter how cold the temperatures drop, you can bet that spring is coming. What better way for Mom to be able to enjoy the New Year than with things that go hand in hand with the great outdoors?

If she’s into gardening, then gardening tools and flower bulbs arranged in a decorative basket can be a great idea. Growing a lovely flower garden is something that many women enjoy doing and you can provide Mom with the perfect gardening set with the Bond 6930 Pink 5 Piece Garden Tool Bag.

It has a pocket for the tools she needs to help those lovely flowers grow beautifully. To add to this gift, you can also pick up the Bond 6927 Extra Soft Kneeling Cushion - and don’t forget the gardening gloves!

A best Christmas gift for Mom is something that brings tranquility into her life or helps her enjoy tranquility. Beautiful decorations for her yard, for her garden or deck items are things that moms enjoy.

You can find wonderful patio furniture, flower boxes and many more gifts to give your mom the gift of backyard beauty. To make the gift more special, you can buy the tools or the project kit to put together something she’s always wanted - like a gazebo or gardening shed and then spend time with her putting the project together. She’ll love the gift and she’ll love the added bonus of having you around for the time it takes to complete the project.

You can order plants online like olive trees, which are aptly known as a symbol of peace - or you can order banana plants or flowers that you know she loves. If your mom already has a stunning flower garden that she cares for faithfully, you can get some indoor plants for her or ones to brighten up her porch.

There are plenty of colorful, decorative planters such as the Dale Tiffany PA500199 Pasque Flower Decorative Pot or the popular Jade Planters Set, which has three planters in the set. There are also rectangle planters like Wald Imports Rectangular Wood Pot Cover with Embossed Decorative Design, too.

Gardening and spending time with you is the best Christmas gift for Mom that you can give her. You can add to her gardening collection through the year by ordering more special trees or flowers or planters.

What other ideas do you have for holiday gifts for mom? Share your thoughts in the comments below and help out your fellow shoppers. 🙂

The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween is just around the corner, and you're still looking for a costume? Don't worry - we've got you covered with this comprehensive guide of Halloween costumes for your entire family, from babies to grownups and everyone in-between. 

The Ultimate Guide to Family Halloween Costumes

Fun Family Costume Ideas

Halloween can be so much more fun when you make dressing up a family affair. There are plenty of options that you can choose from this year. You can go as a group of various Disney Princesses and a prince, you can go as the Grinch, his dog Max and Thing 1 and Thing 2 or you can go as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There are several options that are the most popular choices for this year. Topping the chart are the minion costumes. Dad can go wearing the Rubie's Costume Despicable Me 2 Adult Minion Dave Costume.

This costume is the officially licensed jumpsuit that has the G emblem on the pocket of the suit. There is a long sleeve yellow shirt with the costume. It also comes with the gloves and goggles. The headpiece is included too.

Mom can dress up as Rubie's Secret Wishes Costume Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Dress With Accessories. This costume is a dress that’s made together with the yellow blouse.

The straps extend out so that makes it look like the dress and blouse are two separate pieces. The black gloves come as part of the costume. You’ll also get the knee socks, goggles and headband. This is also an officially licensed product.

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For any little girls in the family, you can get the Rubie's Costume Co
Despicable Me Female Minion Kids Costume which is a mini replica of the adult one. Boys can wear the Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Dave Minion Costume for boys.

Family members can also choose to celebrate Halloween as characters from Toy Story. Men can wear the Disguise Men's Disney Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Woody Classic Costume. This costume is a jumpsuit with blue pants, yellow shirt, cowhide vest and brown cowboy hat.

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Mom could wear the Disguise Women's Disney Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Jessie Classic Costume. This costume is a jumpsuit as well. The pants are cowhide design with the waist portion in blue. The shirt is long sleeved, white and features yellow trim on the ends of the sleeves and on the top of the shirt. The red cowgirl hat with white trim simulating string is included.

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Kids can go dressed in the Buzz Lightyear Boy's Deluxe Toy Story Costume. This costume is a bodysuit that has a chest piece with buttons just like the Buzz Lightyear from the movie. The hood is included with the costumes.

For babies of the family, they’ll look too cute in the Disguise Baby Boy's Disney Pixar Toy Store and Beyond Alien Classic Costume. This costume is a snap on jumpsuit with the matching alien hood piece.

You can also get the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Halloween costumes. Other fun family costume ideas include dressing your family as characters from Angry Birds, the Smurfs, the Incredibles or Harry Potter.

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Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Costume

Babies are cute and sweet as they can be, but when you put them in a perfect costume, the cuteness factor goes off the charts. A long standing popular theme for baby Halloween costumes is animals.

One of the most popular kinds of costumes this year are the Noah’s Ark ones - like the Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Costume. Although this costume is made of 100% polyester, it can’t be machine washed because it’s made of a fuzzy material.

This romper can fit babies between six months to eighteen months old, but only if they’re 22 pounds or under. The costume is a lovely pink color and the material is very soft to the touch.

The romper has oversized feet, which are better suited to babies who are still crawling versus ones who are walking. The pink and yellow feet have soft felt claws on the very ends of them. The footies are attached to the costume.

Just below the neck, there’s a small yellow bow tie. The hood has a row of three white, felt teeth. The eyes on the hood of this costume are soft and rounded. There are two yellow tusks on the hood, one on each side just above the ears.

This cute little pink monster isn’t the only cute choice for Halloween. There are other Noah’s Ark choices you can pick from. For instance, the Rubie's Costume Infant Noah Ark Lion Cub Romper still remains one of the favorites among parents and it’s easy to see why.

This too cute costume features a comfortable hand wash only romper. This warm suit is a beautiful warm brown and comes with a furry hood that’s sure to keep the chill away from your little one.

The hood has short ears and a thick, flowing mane. It also comes with a gray mouse rattle. Also, in the same line is the Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Teeny Meanie Monster Romper Costume.

This costume is perfect for babies from 6 to 18 months. The romper is comfortable, warm and covered in fur. The hood has a white felt teeth, tusks and an adorable mustache above the hood opening.

There is a fur mane around the neck along with a fur piece for the hair. The romper has open ended sleeves so baby’s hands are free. The Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Satin Ladybug Costume is also popular in the Noah’s Ark collection.

This cute little costume consists of a red dress with black ladybug markings. Rumba panties come with this outfit. It also has a headpiece and booties. You’ll need to get a black shirt and black leggings to complete the costume.

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Hawkeye Costume

If you’re looking for the perfect costume for your little boy, then you already know that many boys tend to favor whatever action hero is popular. While it’s true that you can’t go wrong with everyday heroes like firemen, little boys love to let their imagination soar with the heroes they love.

Besides everyday heroes like firemen, there are the ever popular ones like Batman and Spiderman. But what’s popular this year among hero costumes is the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Hawkeye Costume.

This is an officially licensed costumed. It’s made of polyester and can fit smaller sized children. To get the right fit, your child should be between 44 to 48 inches tall.

The costume looks like the one that Hawkeye wore with the jacket, shirt, pants and boot tops. The jacket is long, coming to rest right at the knees of the child. It’s made of black with red trim at the opening edges.

The designs on the jacket give it a realistic leather appearance. There are also printed zipper pockets. The pants are black and also have the look of real leather.

They have a buckle design around the knee as well as a printed belt at the waist of the costume. Though the shirt and pants are one piece, the way that the costume is designed make it look like each piece is a separate article of clothing.

The shirt is actually part of the jacket and has a stand up collar that makes it look like it’s not part of the jacket. The boot tops are attached to the bottoms of the pants.

When your child wears these covers with his own shoes or boots, you can’t tell that the covers aren’t real boots. The Marvel Avenger’s Hawkeye longshot bow does not come with the costume.

You’ll have to buy that separately, but it’s pretty inexpensive. In families with more than one child who wants to go as an Avenger, multiple costumes can be purchased and accessorized individually to look like the Avenger team is together again.

Also available are costumes for each of the other members. You can get an Iron Man costume with the mask, a Captain America costume with the shield or a Black Widow costume that features the one piece worn in the movie.

Additional separate items can also be purchased for all the costumes. You can even get one of the agent costumes. There are Nick Fury face masks available along with identification wallet and badge.

Phil Coulson costumes are also available. These costumes are made of a T-shirt that looks like a suit and tie along with the agent’s identification printed on the front left side.

Little Princess Juliet Costume

It’s almost time for Halloween and that means finding the perfect costume for your little princess. There are a multitude of costumes that you can consider. Some of the ones that always seem to be a big hit are the angel costumes or the fairy costumes - especially the more unique ones.

However, the most popular costume this year will be the Little Princess Juliet Costume and it looks just like something you’d see straight out of a storybook. It has that same flair that will remind you of the time when kings and queens ruled the lands.

When your child wears this one, she’s sure to get plenty of admiration over how great the outfit looks. This costume is made of polyester and has to be washed by hand. And it’s made to fit girls in small or medium sizes.

The costume is a dress that’s done in a lovely gold color and it has a ruffled bottom. The top of the dress has a V design that’s trimmed with edging. Over the top of the gold material is a gauzy purple overlay that gives the dress its renaissance look.

A purple headdress does come as part of the costume and this piece is designed with gold stripes on it. There are no slippers with the costume so you’ll have to purchase those separately.

In keeping with the renaissance look of a Halloween costume, you might also want to consider the popular Forum Novelties Renaissance Queen Child Costume. This costume is also made of polyester and includes the dress as well as the headpiece.

It can fit larger sized children. The dress is made of royal purple as is befitting the station of a queen. The top of the dress has lattice work ribbon twined throughout the front of the bodice.

The neckline, waist and bodice are all trimmed in eyelet lace. The sleeves of the dress are long, reaching down past the wrists and the tops of the sleeves are made of light purple material that puffs out.

Along with the dress, there is a lovely silver crown. Attached to this crown is a gauzy purple veil. The shoes and wand are not included with this costume. Also in the same renaissance theme is the Camelot Princess Costume in blue.

This costume features a blue material with a flower insert on the front for the bottom part of the dress. The skirt area is trimmed in gold edging. The top of the dress is partially trimmed in the same edging.

The sleeves are puffy and made of the same flower material that’s part of the skirt. The
sleeves are long and made of sheer netting in parts but end in the flower material trimmed in blue ruffles. A gold crown comes with this costume.

Princess Paradise Icelyn Winter Princess

Winter is fast approaching - but before it starts, Halloween will herald in the season. With Halloween comes the time to carve pumpkins, set out the decorations and take the little ones on their trick or treating adventures.

If your little girl is like most, she’s looking forward to dressing up as a princess this year and you want to find that perfect costume. There’s such an amazing ray of choices this year as the wonderful costumes you can pick grow in number each Halloween.

There are the ever popular Pink Princess costumes, the Crystal one or the Enchanted Princess costumes. While these are great choices, the one that’s the most popular is the lovely Princess Paradise Icelyn Winter Princess costume.

If you look at this one, you’ll understand right away why it’s so popular. The dress is stunningly beautiful. It’s floor length and made of 100% polyester and has lovely shine to it that fits a princess.

The dress has an elastic waist that’s decorated with a scalloped ribbon of white and contains plastic jewels what will shimmer and catch the light as she moves, giving the illusion of winter sparkle.

Although it appears to have sleeves, the dress does not. However, there are arm warmers that do come with the costume. When these are worn, it gives the appearance of sleeves with lovely start designs.

A floor length cape also comes along with the dress as part of the costume. This cape has an attached hood, which helps create the look of an ice princess. From the hood to the bottom of the hem, this cape is trimmed in fake white fur.

The design on the cape features small rhinestone snowflakes that add to the illusion of winter chill and sparkle in the light. If you decide that you want to go with a different type of princess costume rather than a winter theme, the Forum Novelties Little Pink Princess Costume is a good choice.

This is a floor length dress that shimmers in the light. It’s 100% polyester and has to be hand washed only. The bodice of the dress is gathered in the center and features gold threading throughout.

The ends of the bodice stand out like flower petals. The material on the ends of the bodice are decorated with tiny gold stars. There is a gold ribbon belt that has a pink heart as the centerpiece. The jacket that comes with the costume has a wide stand up collar that’s trimmed in gold edging. The crown and wand don’t come as part of the costume.

The Forum Novelties Frost Princess Child's Costume is also a good choice. This costume is floor length and is made of blue velvet with a white center skirt and partially white bodice that’s decorated with snowflakes.

Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume

Long before Halloween rolls around, you want to make sure that you have the costume you want your toddler to wear this year. If you wait too long, all the good costumes are already sold out and you will to have to settle.

One of the biggest categories for Halloween costumes is for toddlers. These costumes are usually so cute and cuddly. You can find teddy bears for toddler costumes or little lions or other zoo type animals.

When it comes to little girl toddlers, there’s always the ever popular princess someone or other. But why be just like everyone else? If you want a costume that your child will love as well as one that will stand out as unique, then you want to get the Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume.

Not only is it cool, but this costume also pays homage to a time when life was a lot simpler and love abounded. This costume consists of a dress with an attached vest. It also comes with fringed boot covers and a headband.

The dress is just above the knees and is red for the background color. On the dress, there are a lot of different colored peace symbols decorating it. There are also plump hearts in white, yellow, pink and blue-green mixed in with the peace symbol designs.

Of course, the design wouldn’t be considered hippie without the different flowers that are in the material. You’ll see colorful flowers in a daisy shape that are yellow, blue-green, white and purple.

The attached brown vest has long fringes on either side of it that fall almost all the way to the hem of the dress. On the front of the vest are a few designs. There is a white flower in the shape of a daisy with a yellow center, a peace symbol and the word peace written out in different colored letters.

The dress is made of polyester and isn’t very thick, so you’ll need to add something to help keep your child warm if it’s a chilly night out while trick or treating. Along with the dress, the costume comes with boot covers.

These boot covers will go to the knees of your toddler and have elastic at the top of them so that they won’t fall down when your toddler walks. There are two sizes for the fringe on them so that it gives the covers a layered look like what was popular back during the hippie heyday.

The first layer of the fringe ends above the ankle while the second layer is long enough so that they lightly touch the ground. You’ll want to make sure that your child wears either brown shoes or brown boots.

There is a headband made of the same material design that you see on the dress. This headband material is wide and can easily be tied around the toddler’s head. It’s not a fitted one.

Angel Girl Toddler Costume

Finding the perfect costume can sometimes require a lot of trial and effort. You want to find a costume that’s not only creative but one that your toddler will love as well. The perfect costume for a toddler means finding one that’s comfortable, easy to slip off and on and can withstand the wear and tear from an active little one.

If you’re shopping for a little girl toddler, it can be awfully tempting to pick up the latest Disney princess costume, especially if it’s one of the more recent popular ones. Of course, there are also the tried and true favorites like Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella.

But the most popular toddler costume for girls this year is something more halo inspiring than a princess. The most popular toddler costume is the Angel Girl Toddler Costume and it’s easy to see why.

This cute all white costume features a tulle flounced out skirt and a ruffled off the shoulder top. Along with the dress, you also get the wings with this costume. The wings are small and can easily be removed. If you want bigger wings or a more feathered look, you can buy wings separately.

The headband supports the fluffy white halo. Since the costume doesn’t come with the leggings, you’ll want to buy those. It also doesn’t come with shoes. If you want to add to the look of the angel costume, you can purchase a toy harp to go along with it. Some parents who live in the colder areas added a white shirt beneath the costume for added warmth.

The dress is comfortable and easy to put on. Because of the tulle fabric on the skirt, you’ll need to hand wash this costume if it gets dirty. The costume also looks cute for school plays or pageants.

Another angel costume you can get is the Child's Angel Costume Kit, Toddler, 12 to 24 Months. Because it’s a kit, this is a complete costume. With this one, you’ll get not only the tutu and wings but also the white tights.

You also get the headband halo. There are shoes available that go with the costume but they don’t come as part of the kit. However, you can purchase the glitter flats at the same time.

If you’re looking for a longer angel costume, you can get the Haunted House Child's Angel Costume. This one comes with the dress and has a long white sash for the waist. It also comes with a halo headband. However, if you want the wings or the wand, you’ll have to pay extra to get those.

Baby Biker Costume

Start your shopping early to find the perfect costume for your baby girl or boy so that you’ll be sure to get a great one. There are many different popular costumes that you can buy to show off your baby’s inner rebel hero.

Many of the popular costumes feature heroes in the form of policemen, firefighters and super heroes. But one of the heroes that stands for freedom and running the long highway astride a Harley is the Baby Biker Costume.

This costume stands for baby’s need to be free from mediocre Halloween costumes. This one is a jumpsuit that embodies the spirit of what it means to be a biker. The jumpsuit is made of 100% polyester and it is machine washable.

The top of the jumpsuit features a T-shirt design on a white shirt showing a skull and crossbones. Above the design is a printed pair of dog tags. One of them has the phrase “Born to be wild” on it while the other shows an image of dice.

The dog tags look like they’re hanging from a necklace and the image is realistic. The skull and crossbones design is partially tucked behind the sleeveless leather jacket design.

The leather jacket has the appearance of snaps and zippered pockets. The jumpsuit has mesh sleeves, featuring several tattoo designs - including a pair of dice and a heart with the word Mom across the front of it, because this little rebel will always be Mama’s favorite biker.

The pants of the jumpsuit are made of soft plush material for baby’s comfort. There are easy snap buttons so that you can get a diaper change done in the blink of an eye. To top off this adorable Halloween costume, it comes with a do-rag.

This do-rag is red with a skull and crossbones featured prominently in the center. The other designs are flames. In keeping with a rebel spirit, there are also other costumes that you can buy for your baby. One of these is the Faux Real Baby-boys Mesh Sleeves Tattoo Romper.

This one piece costume is made of polyester and is machine washable. It’s an easy to wear costume that’s perfectly suited for any baby, but especially for fussy ones that don’t like to be dressed up.

The white one piece has a skull design at the top of it that’s all done in black which looks good against the white background. A printed necklace dangles from the top of the costume. Overlying the T-shirt design is a printed leather jacket with a skull and wings design on one of the lapels. Tattoo sleeves printed with colorful designs complete this costume.

Baby Peacock Costume

It takes a lot of patience to find the perfect costume for your baby. You want him to look cute, you want a unique costume - but you also want your baby to be safe and comfortable in whatever he wears.

There are a lot of different choices you can pick from that will make the perfect Halloween outfit. You can go with zoo animals. Those have been popular for many years and still are.

Who doesn’t love a little baby dressed up as a lion or an elephant? In keeping with the animal theme, one of the popular Halloween costumes this year is the Baby Peacock Costume.

It’s easy to see why. This jumpsuit is made of 100% polyester that’s machine washable. The suit is made up of the jumpsuit, the hood with the attached beak, a tail and booties. There is a zipper so dressing and undressing baby is a breeze.

The tail of the suit can be removed, so when you put baby in and out of his car seat, that won’t get in the way. The tail is decorated with an eye-catching peacock design and trimmed in soft, plush fur.

There are leg snaps along the ends of the jumpsuit so that you can make a quick diaper change if you have to. What a lot of parents liked about the booties is that the bottoms of the booties are made of skid resistant material, which help baby to keep from falling while wearing the suit.

The suit is made of a thick material and it’s lined, so it will be warm if the weather is cold outside. A big plus for this costume is that the sizing is bigger - rather than smaller - so a bigger baby will be able to easily fit it.

Because birds of a feather stick together, there’s another popular and cute costume that you can buy. It’s the InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot. This costume, like the peacock one is also lined and made for babies of various sizes.

It’s a jumpsuit that’s zippered and has snaps for easy diaper changes. The feet of the owl costume are fitted but the feet are very large, so this costume is better suited for a baby that’s not quite ready to walk yet.

Another bird costume that’s a big hit with parents and quite popular is the Underwraps Baby's Penguin Belly-Babies. This plush costume is made up of the body, along with the wings, a hood and the oversized yellow feet. The suit is warm enough for cold weather wear. The feet of the costume can be a little clunky. This costume is not machine washable.

Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Costume

It’s almost time for Halloween, which means you’ll want to get started on the hunt for the perfect costume. If you’re a man looking for a costume, there are a lot of different directions you can go with that.

Some of the most popular costumes are superheroes, especially the ones from the Avenger movie franchise. Also popular are costumes based on the Star Wars movies.

But, the most popular superhero costume this Halloween is based on the all-American boy next door appeal of Captain America. The Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Costume is an in-demand costume, so get yours while there are still some available.

Because this costume is so well loved, it’s a strong possibility that the costume shops and retail stores won’t have this one, so be sure and check online shops. This is a jumpsuit that’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The material is comfortable and durable but is thinner to allow for ease of movement. Because of this, you might consider wearing some clothing underneath it especially if you’re going to be outside and it’s cold.

The bottom of the suit is a pair of pants with durable stitching in the hem as well as in the seams. At the waist of the jumpsuit is a brown belt design that features a silver buckle.

The top of the jumpsuit is a long sleeved shirt. The top of the shirt is padded so this gives the illusion that the wearer has a superhero type muscled torso. What a lot of buyers love about this costume is that it has the muscle look without being overdone the way that some costumes can be.

So you’ll be able to move around with ease while wearing this one. At white star is at the neck of the top. On each side of the star, there are gray stripes. These stripes extend from the shirt down onto the sleeves.

On either side of the star, there are also two brown straps with buckles designed onto the material of the top. It’s easy to put this costume on and take it off thanks to the velcro fasteners in the back of the costume.

There is a mask with this costume. This one is a form fitting skull hood that has the Captain America A in the center of it. There are small openings for the eyes as well as for the ears.

The red and white striped shield with the white star that Captain America carries does not come as part of this costume. However, you can buy this as a separate piece when you get the Rubies Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retro Costume Shield.

Baby Peacock Costume

It takes a lot of patience to find the perfect costume for your baby. You want him to look cute, you want a unique costume - but you also want your baby to be safe and comfortable in whatever he wears.

There are a lot of different choices you can pick from that will make the perfect Halloween outfit. You can go with zoo animals. Those have been popular for many years and still are.

Who doesn’t love a little baby dressed up as a lion or an elephant? In keeping with the animal theme, one of the popular Halloween costumes this year is the Baby Peacock Costume.

It’s easy to see why. This jumpsuit is made of 100% polyester that’s machine washable. The suit is made up of the jumpsuit, the hood with the attached beak, a tail and booties. There is a zipper so dressing and undressing baby is a breeze.

The tail of the suit can be removed, so when you put baby in and out of his car seat, that won’t get in the way. The tail is decorated with an eye-catching peacock design and trimmed in soft, plush fur.

There are leg snaps along the ends of the jumpsuit so that you can make a quick diaper change if you have to. What a lot of parents liked about the booties is that the bottoms of the booties are made of skid resistant material, which help baby to keep from falling while wearing the suit.

The suit is made of a thick material and it’s lined, so it will be warm if the weather is cold outside. A big plus for this costume is that the sizing is bigger - rather than smaller - so a bigger baby will be able to easily fit it.

Because birds of a feather stick together, there’s another popular and cute costume that you can buy. It’s the InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot. This costume, like the peacock one is also lined and made for babies of various sizes.

It’s a jumpsuit that’s zippered and has snaps for easy diaper changes. The feet of the owl costume are fitted but the feet are very large, so this costume is better suited for a baby that’s not quite ready to walk yet.

Another bird costume that’s a big hit with parents and quite popular is the Underwraps Baby's Penguin Belly-Babies. This plush costume is made up of the body, along with the wings, a hood and the oversized yellow feet. The suit is warm enough for cold weather wear. The feet of the costume can be a little clunky. This costume is not machine washable.

Cinderella Princess Dress

Halloween only comes once a year and for kids, it’s a night they can let their imagination soar. You want to make sure that you buy them the perfect costume. For many little girls, they have their hearts set on being a princess for the night.

The different types of princesses that your daughter can be is practically endless. There are popular ones that everyone knows such as Belle or Ariel or Snow White. And then are some that are old favorites such as Sleeping Beauty.

But the most popular princess costumes right now is the Cinderella Princess Dress. Wearing this dress, your daughter will feel just like she’s headed to the magical ball. The dress is made of soft blue that easily stretches for a comfortable fit for your child.

The dress is edged in silver trim that will show off the sparkles as she moves. The top of the dress features a ruffled white center with a tiny rose attached in the center. The bodice of the dress is also lined in the sparkly silver trim.

The dress has short sleeves that puff out and the sleeves are white rather than blue like the dress. The waist of the dress is stretchy so it can go on and off without a hassle. This dress is sturdy and long lasting and can be machine washed.

When you put it in the dryer, use only low heat. It can be ordered to fit children in small, medium, large or extra large sizing. This is a full length dress, which mean the material will drag the ground.

So if you’re going to be walking outside and you don’t want the dress to get dirty, you’ll either have to make sure that your child holds up the sides as she walks or you’ll have to fasten it in some way so it stays off the ground.

Because the dress is so full and lightweight, your child can wear warm clothes beneath it if necessary. Included with the dress is a hair bow. If you want the Cinderella tiara, you can order that separately or you can get it as part of a kit with the 3 Piece Set: White Princess Gloves with Silver Tiara,Wand and Drawstring Bag. This set has the long elbow length gloves like Cinderella wore.

Other princess costumes similar to the Cinderella one is the Little Adventures 12024 Deluxe Belle Princess Costume. There’s also the Rapunzel Princess Dress Up Costume. Both of these costumes are floor length and durable as well. They also have extra accessories that you can purchase.

Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume

The nip in the air is just right around the corner and that means it’ll soon be time for Halloween. Start early and get the costumes that you want to have. When you want to find the perfect costume for your teen, there are some things that you might want to consider.

The first one is that you want the outfit to fit well. No one likes to be uncomfortable in a Halloween costume. Secondly, you want to make sure that it’s not just like all the other costumes for teens that are on the market.

The last thing that a teenager wants is to show up to a party where another girl is wearing the exact same outfit. While buying vampy costumes is an option or buying superhero costumes is another, when your teen wants to be unique, stylish, warm and not show off a lot of skin, one of the best options is to go with a cute and sweet animal costume such as the Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume.

This costume features plenty of warmth. It’s made from almost all polyester, but with a little bit of Spandex in the mix so it does have to be hand washed because of the trim. The dress has the look and feel of velvet.

The black dress is mid thigh in length. The hem of the dress is trimmed in fake gray fur that’s made of polyester. There are long sleeves on the dress so those will also help keep your teen warm in the cooler weather.

These sleeves have cuffs of gray fur at the ends. The neckline of the dress is also trimmed in fur as is the hood. The hood has black ears like a raccoon has and these ears are trimmed in tufts fur as well.

There are also two long pom poms with gray fur that are attached to the hood. Along with the dress, you’ll also get a pair of gray and black striped stockings. These are designed to look like the markings on a raccoon’s body.

They’re made of 100% nylon. And with the stockings, you also get a gray and black tail that attaches to the back of the dress with the provided loop. There is also a black eye mask just like a raccoon has that comes with the costume.

The mask is firm so it’ll stay in place. The only thing that doesn’t come with this outfit are a pair of boots. If you get a black or gray pair of boots make sure that they have a cloth look to them because they’ll look more like animal fur than a pair of shiny boots would. Some of the fur on the costume may shed just a little bit but is easily taken care of with a lint roller.

Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Costume

Every year for Halloween, countless people search for the perfect costume. When you’re a teenager, finding the right one is important because teens want to look cool and scary while dressing up.

Even if your teenager no longer goes trick or treating, she can still get in on the fun with a popular costume. Some of the popular costumes that feature scary characters are ones like famous monsters such as the Friday the 13th character, or bloody mummies, or screaming skeleton costumes.

But the most popular scary costume this year is the Teen Girl Walking Dead Zombie Costume. Thanks to the popularity of the Walking Dead show, this costume continues to remain one of the top sellers, so you’ll want to get yours before they all sell out.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and it has to be hand washed, but you can spot wash it if you need to do that. The outfit consists of a pair of pajama short bottoms in a pink and green flowered pattern.

The shirt is separate and made with the same design. The shirt is attached to the robe so it can’t be worn as a separate piece. This pink robe is knee length and comes with a matching sash.

The robe is decorated with various size marks of dirt and worn places all over the material. This is patterned after the dirty, torn clothes worn by the characters on the show and is a fully licensed product.

A pair of white bunny slippers come as part of the costume. These slippers have stand up, pink lined bunny ears, a pink nose and eyes on the bunnies. The slippers are designed to look like blood has splattered all over them.

The stuffed toy bear does not come with the costume but you can buy one separately. The face mask does come with the costume. This is made of latex and comes with adhesive to help it adhere to the teen’s face.

There are accessories that you can buy such as a bloody cleaver or the sheriff’s metal badge. If you don’t want to wear a costume that includes a robe, you can still dress up as a zombie with the Zombie Girls Halloween costume.

This costume is made of a tattered dress in varying shades of gray. You can tell that the top of the dress was blue but is now faded and worn like a shirt that a zombie would have.

The waist of this costume features exposed guts and bone which teenagers think is cool. To go with this costume, you’ll want to find a pair of gray tights that look like they have cracks in the them to simulate dead skin.

For best results with shoes, choose a pair of gray ballerina flats. The gray, dirty haired wig doesn’t come with the costume, so you’ll need to buy that. For the makeup, you can go with white all over the face and add blood accents.

Sharkman Costume

It’s time to start looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your teen boy. He might not be interested in dressing up like a superhero because he prefers something scary over something like that.

If he’s looking for a costume that’s sure to give a fright, there are a lot of options with that. You can pick out the gruesome looking zombies that depict various open wounds or even have guts hanging out.

These are always popular. But this year, they’re not the most popular Halloween costume that’s available. This year, the title for that goes to the Sharkman Costume.

This shiver worthy costume is an officially licensed product that’s been patterned after one of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. It’s sure to take the top prizes at any costume party because of its scary and unique appeal.

This costume features a long, tattered tunic that looks like it’s been under the sea water for a very long time. The sleeves are long and the tunic is a washed out blue-gray color.

It has splashes of white throughout the shirt to make it look crusty. A big piece of gray coral rests on the shoulder of the tunic. It’s curved on the end that’s closes to the face so you won’t have a problem with bumping into it when you turn your head.

At the bottom hem of the tunic, there are two brown starfish, one medium, one large, that are both fastened on a background of coral. Across the center of the tunic is a wide, black sash that goes from the waist up to the shoulder.

The sash has a large buckle attached at the bottom of it. There’s a dirty white fabric sash for the waist. This piece is wide and hangs all the way down to the mid calf area in length.

The blue-gray mask that comes as part of this costume has caused quite a few raves. It’s very unique and frightening. The material of the mask is made from a thin, lightweight rubber so it’s not heavy.

The width of the mask extends over the shoulders toward the tops of the arms and is patterned after a Hammerhead shark. There are designs on the mask to make it look like things are embedded in it.

The mask does have eye holes beneath an angry looking brow line. There’s also a nose piece for easy breathing. The mouth of the mask has jagged shark teeth. The edge of the mask beside the mouth hangs to the bottom of the face. It also covers the back of the head so you won’t have to worry about making sure the hair is covered.

Snake Eyes Bodysuit

There are a lot of Halloween costumes that you can buy for a teenage boy. Some of the different options that you have include spacemen, gothic creatures, and classic monsters such as Frankenstein.

Of course, more popular than those are the heroes that are quiet, silent and effective at dealing with the enemy. You’ll find these as characters from movies. The most popular Halloween costume that’s based on a movie character this year is the Snake Eyes Bodysuit.

Snake Eyes was a character from G.I. Joe. He became a quick study in martial arts and was well known for his skill as a swordsman. Highly intellectual, he was often referred to as a ninja commando.

It’s no wonder why teen boys want to wear a costume connecting them with this strong character. This is a one piece jumpsuit - so the mask, the gloves and the feet are all connected.

The jumpsuit consists of black, form fitting material. There is a fabric design belt for the waist. In the middle of the belt, there is a printed fabric buckle. The top of the body suit has a printed chest strap that goes from the waist and then up across one shoulder.

This chest strap holds weapons. In the middle of this strap, three of the slots hold three hand grenades. One sleeve of the suit has a printed weapons strap design. The other sleeve features a series of red stripes.

The hood mask has a gray center piece that looks like Snake Eyes has a bandana tied across the upper part of his face. Because the suit is form fitting, you’ll need to order up a size from what your teenager would normally wear.

There are accessories that you can buy to go along with this costume including a vest and holster set. You can also buy the Big Boys' Deluxe Storm Shadow Costume Large for teens who prefer to go with this character from the movie franchise.

This costume is completely white so it’ll really stand out in the evening. This one is not a jumpsuit but instead, is separate pieces including a pair of pants, a top, the hood and a pair of fingerless gloves.

The pants are well crafted with fine stitching and can run a bit long. The top is a shirt that has the duck tail split in the back and hangs to the knee in the front. It’s belted with a stretchy belt at the waist. The ninja mask leaves the eye area free but covers the rest of the head including the nose and mouth. The sword is sold separately.

Pirate Teen Costume

For a teenage boy, when you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, you can forget cute and cuddly. The majority of teen boys don’t want to wear something like that. They want something rough and tough.

They want a costume that they can have fun in but one that also will make a good impression among their peers. This is why popular teen boy costumes like villains from movies are still flying off the shelves.

The Riddler from Batman continues to be popular and so does the Joker and General Zod from Superman. But more popular than these villains are pirate costumes. Various pirate costumes have always been popular every Halloween, but ever since the release of the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, interest in these costumes has more than tripled.

The most popular of the pirate costumes is the cool Pirate Teen Costume. This costume features a pair of pants done in black and white stripes like the pirates of old wore. The pants are thin but made of a soft, quality material.

The stitching in the pants are durable and will fit well. The shirt that’s part of the costume is dark red. The bottom hem of the shirt ends in jagged pieces to indicate the wear and tear that pirates often experienced with their clothing.

The sleeves of the shirt has the same wear and tear design on the edges. A belt sash goes around the middle of the shirt. This belt is a wide strip of material that’s long enough to tie on either side of the waist.

A vest is also part of the costume. This sleeveless vest is black and trimmed in white at the opening of the vest. There is a design on the front on one side. A headband is included.

This is a wide piece of material in a red color. It ties off to one side rather than being form fitting. There are no boot covers included with this costume so you’ll have to purchase those separately.

Or, wear a pair of black boots. You can purchase accessories to go with this costume. Some of the popular ones are pirate hats and swords. You can also purchase a treasure chest and pirate rings for the hands.

Of course, boys love combining scary with pirates and you can do that with the Pirate Zombie Teen Boy Halloween Costume. This costume looks like it sprang up from the ground it’s so delightfully fearsome.

The costume consists of an oversized shirt that looks gauzy and has artfully arranged holes to make it look old. A skeletal mask comes with the costume and has a metal appearing eye patch along with eyebrow rings and a nose ring. Finger extensions are also part of this costume.

DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume

Superheroes costumes aren’t just for boys any more. There’s a huge market now for costumes made after the crime fighting heroines shown on the big screen. With all of the choices available, you might find it hard to narrow down your choice.

You can go with something like the Black Widow superhero from the Avenger’s movie, which is a very popular option this year thanks to the blockbuster appeal of the movie franchise.

Or you can pick the most popular costume on the chart this year and that’s the DC Superheroes Supergirl Teen Costume. This is an officially licensed product. It’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The costume is a fun and sexy costume better suited for older teens. The short red skirt is above the mid thigh in length. The material of the skirt shimmers with movement as well as when it’s in the light. The top of the skirt has a waistband of gold.

The shirt is made in a royal blue color. It features gold trim at the hem of the shirt. The shirt is long sleeved and the sleeves end in an angle rather than a straight line. These ends are also trimmed in a thin band of gold.

In the center of the top is the easily recognizable Superman logo done in the famous outlined red S on a background of yellow. This shirt is a crop top that ends several inches above the waist.

Attached to the shirt at the neckline is the trademark red cape. The cape ends right at the waist area. There are shiny boot covers trimmed at the top in gold that are also part of this costume. The sizing for this outfit tends to run on the smaller size. So it’ll easily fit a teenager who has a waist size of between 22 to 24 inches.

Because Superman was a member of the fictional Justice League, there are tons of other superheroes that joined him and Supergirl in fighting crime and restoring justice for the people.

Among these heroes was Batgirl. Now your teen can replicate the look with the Batman Teen Batgirl Costume. This is an officially licensed costume that’s made of vinyl rather than polyester.

The sleeveless dress ends in a short above the knee length. The edges of the skirt are done in a jagged design. There is an off the shoulder cape that hangs about waist length and is attached to the top of the dress.

A wide yellow belt decorates the middle part of the dress and the yellow Batman logo sits in the middle of the top part of the costume. Hands free glovelets come with the costume and so do a pair of knee high boot tops. There is also a vinyl black eye mask.

Despicable Me 2 Girls Deluxe Minion Costume

It’s time to get ready to celebrate Halloween and what better way to do so than by finding the perfect costume for your little girl. You want something that’s cute and popular but that will also be as unique as she is.

Of course, there are tons of popular costumes out this year. You can find a lot of costumes that are geared after popular television shows and movies. There will be female action figures your daughter can dress up as, Disney princesses, or storybook characters like Little Red Riding Hood or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

But the most popular costume this year is the officially licensed Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Girls Minion Costume. The reason this one is so popular is because of the much beloved movies that feature these very characters.

The minions became a favorite of children all over the world because of their funny antics. This costume is patterned after the minions right down to the same colored jumper.

The jumper is made of 100% polyester. The shape of the jumper is an A line and the length of the jumper ends just above the knees so it’s an easy costume to walk around in.

The outfit is made to look like it’s a blue denim dress and it’s trimmed in yellow to make it appear as if it has pockets and a divided waistline. The top of the costume has a pocket that features the popular emblem that’s associated with the minions.

The shirt is bright yellow and long sleeved. Along with the dress, you also get the knee socks. These knee socks are black and shoes do not come as part of the costume, so you’ll need to grab a pair of black shoes to complete the look.

There are also black gloves that are included with the dress. These gloves fit just past the wrist in length and are comfortable to wear. A yellow headband that slips on is also part of this costume.

Big gray goggles just like the ones worn by the minions are included, too - at no extra cost. The movie featured a variety of characters if you have some adults in the family that also want to dress up.

One of these is the adult Gru costume. But if you’re looking for a Despicable Me costume that can fit boys or girls, there’s the Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Dave Minion Costume.

This polyester costume features the same color as the girls’ minion costume but comes with a jumpsuit instead of a dress. It also has the gloves and goggles and includes a yellow headpiece.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Costume for Dogs

Get the whole family involved in Halloween this year - and that includes finding the perfect costume for your dog. Every year, there’s a big selection of costumes that you can choose from for your pet.

There are humorous ones, serious ones and even ones that can be found to match the outfits that the humans wear. Some of the ones that you can find that your pet can wear that you can also wear are costumes that are made like the characters from Star Wars.

You can all dress as Storm Troopers or as Yoda or even as Darth Vader. But the top most popular costume you’ll find for your pet this year is the Despicable Me 2 Minion Costume for Dogs.

This costume is a jacket that’s made just like the jumpsuit that’s worn by the minions in the movie. This costume is in the same blue color and has a pocket across the back. The oversized pocket features the large blue G emblem on a background of black.

The shoulders of the costume are the same straps that you see on the jumpsuit. These straps have a button design on the bottoms of them. The long sleeved yellow shirt that’s part of the minion outfit comes as part of this costume. It’s made together with the jumpsuit so that it’s one piece.

The back end of the jumpsuit has little leg pieces that are attached. You can slip your dog’s feet into these pieces so that the suit stays in place even if your dog breaks into a run or an excited little doggy dance. The bottom of the jumpsuit is open so you don’t have to worry about trying to get it to fit over his tail.

A headpiece does come as part of this costume. The headpiece features the same silver goggles that the minions wear. These goggles are designed with eyes. The hat fits over your dog’s head. His ears are left free of the headpiece.

If you have a very small dog, there are some costumes that are made just for small dogs. One of these is the LITTLE STINKER - Dog Halloween Costume. This costume causes people who see your dog wearing it to do a startled double take because it does look just like a skunk.

This is a fabric costume that slips on and is secured by velcro fasteners. The costume as the signature skunk stripe down the middle of the back all the way to the center of the hood.

The dog’s face is left free of the headpiece but the ears are covered. The costume features little pink skunk ears. This costume is so cute and funny that everyone will love it.

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Thor Toddler Costume

When you want to find the perfect costume for your toddler, there are a variety of choices at your fingertips, especially if your child is a fan of movie heroes. Every year, costumes patterned after the characters like Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman continue to be big sellers.

But this year, one of the most popular hero costumes is the Thor Toddler Costume which is the official Marvel one. This costume has to be hand washed only. The top of this suit features the muscled torso just like the actual superhero has.

The pants are made of soft blue material with a printed brown belt at the waist. There is a red cape attached to the back of the costume and this is a one piece suit. The headpiece just like Thor wears is included and is made of shiny fabric with wings attached to either side.

The hat is also soft which makes it safe for toddlers and many toddlers love to wear this hat long after Halloween is over. Shoes or sandals are not included with the purchase. Thor’s hammer must also be bought separately from the costume, but it is available.

Because Thor is associated with the Avengers movies, the characters that starred in the film along with Thor are also popular with toddlers. You can find Halloween costumes featuring all the favorites.

The Avengers Assemble: Iron Man Muscle Chest Toddler Costume is one of these favorites. The costume is a one piece, light weight suit in the same bright red that Iron Man wore.

There are printed decorates in gold on the costume. The torso features the muscled abdomen like the character had. Along with the one piece suit, a separate head piece is also part of the costume.

This part fits snugly onto the head of the toddler. The piece is in red but the mask part that surrounds the eyes of the child is done in gold. Because the head piece is snug fitting, it’s less likely to slip and cover your child’s eyes than other costumes that have a mask.

Also as part of the hero group with Thor was Captain America. The Captain America Movie Classic Muscle Costume will be a perfect fit for your little superhero. This is a blue jumpsuit with red designs at the bottom of each of the legs.

There is a printed belt at the waist and the torso has the trademark white and red striping. There is a star at the top of the costume. The head piece is a half mask that’s separate from the suit. It has the A design and large eye openings. The suit has to be hand washed.

Popeye the Sailor Toddler Costume

Halloween is the time of the year that toddlers can enjoy playing dress up as their favorite characters. Finding the perfect costume for a toddler can be done quickly if you have an idea of what you’re looking for.

There are all kinds of options you can choose from that will be super cute for a toddler girl or a boy. But one of the most popular costumes this year is the Popeye the Sailor Toddler Costume.

This costume is one that has maintained its popularity - not only because it’s a great idea and people love it but because it’s well made and durable. This outfit is made up of blue sailor pants that are the perfect size for your little Popeye and can fit a toddler as young as 18 to 24 months.

The pants are cinched with a yellow fabric belt that has a square yellow buckle. The shirt is black with a collar that’s rimmed in red lines that go all the way around the top of the shirt.

The bottom edges of each of the sleeves is trimmed in blue. Protruding from beneath the sleeves of the shirt are the muscular arms that Popeye was known to have. Each of these bulky, padded arm muscles end in an elastic fitted end right at the wrist area for toddlers. On the forearms are black anchors simulating tattoos as was common among sailors.

There is a white sailor’s hat that comes along with the costume and is comfortable enough so that your toddler will delight in wearing it. You can buy a pipe like Popeye had along with his ever present can of spinach as separate pieces.

Of course, Popeye has his little sweetheart and her name was Olive Oyl. You can buy the toddler Olive Oyl Kids Costume if your child plans to go as part of a group Halloween trick or treat party.

This costume comes with the dress that Olive Oyl always wore. The top of the dress is red with a white collar. The bottom of it is a black skirt with a gold line a few inches above the hemline. This costume comes with the wig in the style that the character always wore. The dress is made of polyester.

If you want a sailor costume that’s not based on Popeye, you can get the Little Boys' Sailor Costume by Fun Costume. This costume is a traditionally white sailor outfit that’s made of 100% polyester. It has a pair of white pants with an easy to slip on elastic waist. The shirt is long sleeves with a wide neck opening that can easily be pulled over the head.

The costume has dark blue trim around the collar and at the end of each of the sleeves. There’s also a blue Navy style neckerchief that doesn’t come off the costume. The white sailor hat fits snug onto the head and the brim is lightly padded.

Despicable Me Minion Dave Costume

For many toddlers, Halloween is a time of adventure as they’ve reached the age where they’re old enough to understand the concept. You want to find the perfect costume for your child.

Some of the categories for costumes are what’s called evergreen, which means that they never go out of style. These would be costumes like witches, wizards, dragons, superheroes and princesses.

Those are always popular choices. However, one of the most popular costumes this year is the Despicable Me Minion Dave Costume. Thanks to the blockbuster appeal of the movie, the minions became beloved characters in millions of households by both children and their parents.

This officially licensed minion costume features the characteristics of the character Dave. The romper is a once piece blue and yellow ensemble. It has velcro fasteners for easy in and out access. There is elastic at the bottom of the romper legs so that you get a snug fit.

The headpiece features Dave’s big eyes along with the goggles. The goggles are soft and plushy and are attached to the headpiece, so they can’t be worn as goggles. The outfit is 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

There are also costumes that are available featuring some of the other characters from the movie. The Despicable Me - Deluxe Agnes Toddler Child Costume will allow your child to dress up like Agnes who was one of the three little girls under Gru’s care.

This costume is a pair of overalls. The material is a soft blue color and is lightweight. Large red buttons are at the top of the romper and there is also a pocket on the front. The striped yellow and brown T-shirt is also part of the costume.

There is also a black wig that comes with the outfit that features the hair pulled straight up in the air just like Agnes wore in the movie. A red band keeps the wig hair up straight. The socks and shoes do not come as part of the costume so you’ll need to provide those separately. The clothing is 100% polyester and must be hand washed.

The Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Costume for toddlers comes in small or medium. This one is made of soft foam so it’s very comfortable. The costume is easy to dress in and easy to take off.

The stitching on the costume is solid so it’ll last for more than a Halloween or two. There’s plenty of room under the costume to dress your toddler in warm clothes in case the weather is cold.

The front of the Dave costume features a printed design of Dave’s face along with the top portion of his overalls. This costume is a lot wider than some of the other minion costumes so you’ll need to take that into consideration if your child will have to sit in a car seat. You’ll end up having to take the costume off until you reach the destination.

Transformers Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Before you know it, it’ll be time to choose the perfect Halloween costume for your child. When you’re looking for a costume for a little boy, you can focus on action heroes - especially ones that are portrayed in some of the top kids’ shows or in blockbuster movies.

Some of the popular costumes feature heroes that go through a transformation. One of them is the Incredible Hulk. In the blink of an eye, this guy goes from a mild mannered character to a strong hero.

Boys love heroes that transform and they love vehicles. When you combine those two things, then you have a hero that is one of the most popular ones this year.

That hero is found in the Transformers Bumblebee Halloween Costume. The costume itself is a full body jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is made of nylon that stretches, so you’ll have a good fit.

It’s machine washable. The shirt of the jumpsuit does have long sleeves for warmth, but if you need to add additional clothing underneath the costume, the material will accommodate that.

The material print is designed to look just like a vehicle. There are gray metal pieces that are shaped like car parts. These parts are interspersed with the yellow pieces.

It’s these yellow pieces that make up Bumblebee’s character when he’s transformed into the car mode. In the center of the shirt, the design is set to make it look as if it’s opened up.

This shows off internal car parts including sturdy springs. A mask does come with the costume, so that you don’t have to buy that separately. The top is yellow and has the dark portions on either side of the top of the mask.

These dark portions combined with the yellow pieces are what makes the mask resemble the head of a bumblebee. The front of the mask has wide spaces for the eyes.

This gives your child a clear view of his surroundings and doesn’t obstruct his vision which is an important safety feature. The side and chin of the mask are covered with gray metal looking pieces.

The mask is constructed of plastic and there is a comfort piece for the nose. If you’d like to go for the complete Bumblebee look, there are some Bumblebee gloves that you can purchase to finish off the outfit.

These gloves are the officially licensed product. They’re made of polyester and are designed to fit the hands of most young children. The printed design on the gloves are made to look like metal pieces complete with hinges at the base of the fingers. Each center part of the fingers and the thumbs are created to look like the same yellow plastic as the car.

Disguise Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Costume

Every year, you go in search of finding the perfect Halloween costume for your boy. Animal costumes are always a great hit and retain their popularity every year. You might think about getting some of these such as werewolf costumes.

The InCharacter Costumes, LLC Boys 2-7 Werewolf Mask and Shirt Set is one of those popular ones. But even more popular than that one is the Disguise Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Costume.

This one is an officially licensed costume, so it looks more authentic than others. The costume is a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made of polyester and is a little stretchy so it’s comfortable - especially for boys who are always moving and are only still when they’re asleep.

The material of the costume is a little thin so in the cold weather, make sure your child wears long johns or something else warm underneath it. The bottom half of the pants are a light brown color.

There’s a black lined padding design on the knees just like the character had in the movie. The shirt part of the jumpsuit has a fur print on the long sleeve T-shirt that mimics raccoon fur.

There is a chest plate on the shirt that’s designed to look like brown leather. This chest plate has three rows of black straps woven onto either of the sides. At the ends of each of these straps are silver pieces.

These silver pieces are designed to look like they’re fastened into the leather. There are black leather-like shoulder pads on either side at the top of the shirt. This part of the costume can be removed if you don’t want them or your child doesn’t like them.

A white and brown tail that’s made of soft fabric attaches to the rear of the pants to look like a raccoon tail. This piece is held in place with the use of velcro fasteners. The mask does come with the suit.

This piece has the black and white coloring with the raccoon masking around the eyes. There are no feet covers for this costume so you’ll want to buy something or use what you have at home.

This costume leaves the child’s hands bare, so you can either use brown mittens or you can buy the Guardians of the Galaxy - Kids Rocket Raccoon Gloves that are designed to look like Rocket’s front paws.

Other costumes that are available that go with this costume feature other characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. These costumes are the child’s Star Lord costume or the Gamora costume. Even the Groot costume is available.

Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates Classic Costume

Children naturally have a vivid imagination. This year, you want to find the perfect costume to let their imaginations soar. Boys love anything that has to do with adventure - especially if it involves pretend boats or playing like they’re a pirate.

Costumes that depict various pirate characters have always been popular and that popularity hasn’t changed over the years. But the most popular boy’s costume this year is the Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates Classic Costume.

This costume is based on the award winning television show that features the adventures of a handful of pirates who happen to be children. One of the main characters of the show is Jake.

The Neverland costume that’s so popular this year features the outfit worn by the character on the show. This costume is a one piece jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made of polyester and has to be hand washed only.

The pants of the jumpsuit are a royal blue that are straight legged and comfortable. They have a wide dark blue strip of material at the waistband. This strip of material is what creates the illusion of a divide between the pants and the shirt.

The shirt is a white short sleeved T-shirt. It has decorative V notches cut out at the neck and the sleeves. Over the T-shirt is a blue vest. The vest is trimmed in yellow edging and has four button designs with two buttons on each side.

A bright red bandanna comes with the costume. This piece of material doesn’t fasten and has to be tied on. There are no shoes or boot covers sold with this costume, but you can add a pair of black boots to make the outfit look even more authentic.

Also, what some parents do is they get the accessories that are sold separately to go with the costume. One of these is the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Costume Accessory Set.

This set comes with a foam sword that’s patterned after the wooden one that Jake carries on the show. It also has a spyglass that’s made of foam. Plus, there are doubloons that are made of foam and designed to look like they’re made of gold instead.

Along with the doubloons, there’s a coin pouch to hold them. If you don’t want to buy the kit, then you can purchase the sword separately since it’s sold by itself without being part of a kit.

There are also other Neverland character costumes available. One of these is the Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates Izzy Classic Costume and like the Jake costume, it’s also officially licensed.

Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Lela Dress

When you’re searching for the perfect costume for your teenager, there are a number of options that you can choose from. There are scary ghost, skeleton and witch costumes. There are also costumes that feature famous movie stars or princesses.

Costumes that are created from characters that starred in popular movies are always a big hit. But the most popular costume that was based on a Disney movie is the Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Lela Dress.

This costume is based on the character who played in the movie which was a nod toward a type of West Side Story but was a teen version. This officially licensed costume is made of 100% polyester and does have a little stretch to it so it’ll not only be comfortable but easy to find the right fit.

The outfit is a one piece romper in a soft pink color. The romper comes with a wide black belt that has small designs on it. The top of the romper has a knotted two sided tie at the opening of the neck.

The long sleeved jacked is included with the romper. This jacket is also pink but is a slightly darker shade. The opening edges of the jacket are trimmed in black. The pocket of the jacket is trimmed in the same black design as the belt.

There is a logo on the collar of the jacket along with a logo on the sleeve as well. Though shiny, pink go-go boots are shown as part of the character’s costume, these boots do not come with the costume so you’ll need to buy those at the same time.

Along with the Lela costume, you can also get the Mack costume. The Disguise Disney's Teen Beach Musical Mack Girls Costume is also an officially licensed product. This costume consists of a pair of black leggings that have a sheen to them.

They look like leather. The top of these leggings has a wide waistband. This waistband is made of a silver sparkly material. The shirt is made of bright red material. The center of the shirt has a row of tiny buttons that are for decoration purposes only.

The designs are white and black and the shirt is a crop top shirt that has a tie at the bottom of it. This gives the appearance that the shirt has been tied at the waist although it’s not.

The black jacket is the same shiny material as the leggings and it also looks like leather. This is not a separate piece but instead comes attached to the shirt. The jacket has a wide collar and one side is a black and white checkered pattern. The other side of the collar features a circled star emblem. The shoes do not come with this costume.

DJ Hip Hop Baby Costume

With all the mass production of Halloween costumes, it can be a trial to find the best costume for a baby. What the market always does is it produces costumes that are based on popular movies.

So if you look around at the stores or in online shops, you’ll find countless numbers of costumes that are patterned after superheroes. You’ll also find one Disney princess after another because these costumes are really cute and they look great on little babies.

While it’s true that these are great choices and super popular, there are other options. There are costumes that are both wildly popular and yet stand out from the crowd because of their uniqueness. The DJ Hip Hop Baby Costume is one such Halloween costume.

Getting a costume that pays homage to the masters that spin music is not only a popular choice, but it’s sure to win first place in the cute category. You can almost picture the break dancers and beatboxers showing off their style while the tunes play on.

The costume is a jumpsuit, so that means that you get the shirt and the pants all in one. This saves time and money over having to find separate pieces to finish making up the costume.

Since babies are often dressed up only to need a diaper change, the outfit does have snaps, so you won’t have to completely undress the baby in order to change him if you need to.

The material is 100% polyester, so it’s comfortable to wear and easy to wash. If baby gets a spill on the costume, it can also be spot washed. The rest of this costume is a brightly colored orange hat.

The bill of the hate is trimmed in yellow and the front outlined with green. Over the hat is a pair of headphones to complete the look. Unlike some costumes, the headphones that come with this one are made completely of soft material. This plushness is comfortable for the baby to wear.

The front of the jumpsuit shirt has a colorful design on it. The design features an adorable baby wearing headphones just like the costume. On the screened design, the baby is spinning tunes on the turntable. Music notes fill the air.

At the bottom of the DJ print baby, there’s a curled cord that’s printed onto the shirt. That means there’s nothing for baby to get tangled up in, since it’s a printed design. But the way that it’s printed, going from the bottom of the shirt to the shoulder make it look as if the headphones baby is wearing on the hat are real ones.

Duck Dynasty Baby Costumes

When it’s time for Halloween, if you have a little one, you’ll want to find the perfect costume for babies. Since babies come in all sizes and shapes, you’ll want to look for material that has a little give in to keep baby comfortable for his big night.

There are always so many adorable baby costumes and it seems they get cuter every year. A lot of parents love the little witch costumes or the fat, smiling pumpkin ones. While those will make your baby look so cute, if you’re looking for what’s popular, you’ll want to choose one like the Duck Dynasty Baby Boy's Uncle Si.

The material of the costume is made of 100% polyester for a great fit, plus it’s machine washable so that you can clean and then hold on to the costume for later events. The costume comes with the traditional Duck Dynasty camouflage vest with the name on the vest.

It also has the cap, which the beard is attached to. The costume also has the glasses. Pants don’t come as part of the costume, so you’ll have to get those separately. You can also use a plain pair of baby jeans your child already has.

Or, you can look around for a pair of camouflage pants, which would go well with the ensemble. If you add a dark brown shirt or a camouflage shirt, the costume will look super cute.

If you’d prefer another character from the show, you have that option. Or if you have more than one baby to buy a costume for, you can keep it in the Duck Dynasty family with another one of the costumes.

The Duck Dynasty Baby Boy's Willie comes with the camouflage vest as well. It also has the name on the front of the vest. It’s made of 100% polyester and can be washed. What a lot of parents loved about this one is how cute the wig and beard looked on a baby.

The wig is both the hair and the beard attached. With full brown fibers, the hair on top of the wig stand up and retain their shape. The dark brown beard is plushy and full, which allows it to fit babies of all sizes.

Just like the character on the show, this costume also has a wide stars and stripes bandana that goes around the forehead. This separates the top of the wig hair from the beard.

For a completed look, add an autumn green long sleeved shirt and a pair of baby blue jeans. Some parents choose to add cowboy boots to the outfit but baby sneakers would look just as cute.

Everlast Boxer Boy's Costume

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re buying a Halloween costume, especially if it’s a costume for a little boy. You want to find the perfect outfit, one that he’ll be comfortable in and will also not hinder his movements or vision.

Many of the Halloween outfits that you can choose from are made of material that’s too thin and come with cheap masks that will obscure your child’s eyes. You don’t want that.

You want to find something that he’ll love and will be unique at the same time. Little boys love boxing and the most popular Halloween costume this year is the Everlast Boxer Boy's Costume.

Unlike other boys’ costumes, this one doesn’t look like it’s mass produced. It’s cute, clever and comfortable. The sizing can fit older boys, too. It can fit a child as young as three and he’ll look adorable while wearing it.

In fact, when you take him trick or treating, you’ll be loaded down with comments along with candy. The costume is made of polyester and it’s extremely well made, so you’ll get a few dress up months out of it - because what most little boys will do is hang onto the costume to play with because they love it so much.

It can be machine washed, but it has to be in cold water only and you do want to be careful with it in the dryer because of the satin material. This is a one piece shorts and shirt costume but you can’t tell that from looking at it because it’s so well made.

The light blue shorts have a satin sheen to them just like real boxers have in the shorts that they use for the ring. The shorts are decorated with wide white cuffs at the bottom. The fit of the shorts is well below the knees and they’re not form fitting, so they’ll fit any size boy.

The shorts do have the Everlast tag at the waist of the suit. There is a puckered elastic design at the waist to help give the illusion that the shirt and shorts are two separate pieces.

Along with the one piece shirt and shorts, there’s also a robe that comes with this costume. The robe is in the same blue satin finish that the shorts are made in. The edges of the robe are trimmed in wide white material that’s also on the cuffs of the sleeves.

There is a tie that comes with the robe. The hood of the robe is attached so you won’t have to worry about it falling off the costume and losing it. Because it’s a hood rather than a mask, this leaves your child’s face free of anything that would obstruct his eyes, nose or mouth.

There are bright red boxing gloves that come with the costume. These gloves have the Everlast logo on the ends of them and they’re padded like real boxing gloves. Your little boy will love pretending he’s a powerhouse boxer!

Marvel Captain America Bodysuit

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to find the perfect costume for your teen boy. There are a lot of boys who like things gory. In fact, the gorier the better. But a lot of boys still want to dress as superheroes because not only are these costumes as popular as ever, they’re still considered cool regardless of the age of the wearer.

You can find a ton of costumes that are super popular such as ones for Thor, Batman, Superman and Iron man. But the costume that keeps topping the list as most popular and does so again this year is the Marvel Captain America Bodysuit.

This costume is made almost entirely of polyester with about 10% of it being Spandex. The Spandex is what gives the suit its ability to stretch. The suit has to be hand washed and since it’s a bodysuit, it does adhere quite closely to the body.

The entire suit is one piece from the head to the top. Though the hood doesn’t have any eye holes, you can see through it when you’re wearing it. The suit has the red boots like Captain America wears.

It also has the blue pants. The middle torso area of the suit is designed with red and white stripes symbolizing the American flag. Centered in the top of the shirt part is a large white star.

This star rests on a background of blue. The design on the blue are individual scallops that are designed to look like pieces of armor. The sleeves are long and the scallop design ends a few inches above the elbow.

From there to the middle of the forearm is plain white material that ends in the bright red gloves that cover both hands. The hood is blue and form fitting. There are white areas rather than eye hole cutouts that cover the eyes so your teen’s identity will not be known.

The center of the hood has a large white A and there is a white wing print designed on each side of the hood. The costume zips up in the back so getting it on and off is easy.

The material of the suit is, but because it’s form fitting, your teen will be able to stay worm. The suit can fit teens who are over 6’ tall or more. You will want to go a size larger than your teen normally wears.

For people who don’t like hoods that cover their eyes, the hood can be tucked into the suit and the separate Disguise Men's Marvel Captain America Full Mask purchased. This is a full head mask and has holes for the eyes as well as the mouth.

Native American Brave Costume

When you’re searching for a costume that’s just right for a teenager, there are ones that you can choose from that are a great idea for boys. Since teens love adventure and aren’t really interested in wearing a costume just like the next guy’s costume, you’re better off buying one that’s unique.

Of course, you can buy some of the popular ones that are on the market right now such as cowboys, superheroes, zombies or skeletons, because those are a hit with teen boys.

But the costume that hits the most popular list this year is the Native American Brave Costume. This costume is well made and isn’t so expensive that it’ll blow the budget. There’s an eye for detail in the design of the costume.

The material and the way that the outfit is put together will make it last longer than other similar costumes. Because of the delicate detail on the costume, however, it will have to be hand washed.

The costume consists of a brown 100% polyester shirt. The shirt is made to look like it’s leather and the material is thicker than it looks. So it’ll be a good choice on a cool night. The bottom of the shirt ends in double row stitching.

From the bottom of the last row of stitches, there are individual fringe pieces. The double row of stitching prevents these fringe pieces from unraveling. The shirt is long sleeved and has the same top quality stitching on both of the cuffs.

The top of the shirt also has the same type of fringe as the bottom. This fringe extends over both of the shoulders. The center of the top has an intricate design done in white and tan markings.

In the middle is a center decoration at the vee of the design. A thin headband is included with the purchase. This piece is done in the same white and tan design as what you see on the top of the shirt.

Boot covers that look like brown cover are also part of this costume set. These covers lace up and have the fringe that matches the shirt at the tops. There are no pants included with this costume.

But if you want accessories, such as a bow and arrow set, those are available to purchase separately. You can also purchase a wig in brown or black that has two braids on either side.

Not only is this costume a big hit for Halloween, but it can also be worn to other events such as for school plays or to celebrate other holidays.

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