Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?

Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?

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Why and How Narcissists Try to Steal Your Identity

Why and How Narcissists Try to Steal Your Identity

This is why narcissists make you feel like you're nothing when all is said and done; a quick explanation on why and how narcissists sort of "steal your identity."


4 Odd Ways Narcissists Manipulate and Control You

4 Odd Ways Narcissists Manipulate and Control You

You might be shocked to learn all the ways narcissists will gaslight, manipulate and control you when you watch this one! 

Want to Boost Your Self-Esteem? Learn from your success!

Want to Boost Your Self-Esteem? Learn from your success!

How Learning From Successes Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Learning from successes can boost your self-esteem because you can learn more about yourself and your strengths.  Virtually everyone excels in at least one area (often more than one area); this can help you to learn where your best skills lie and to do more activities that enable you to take advantage of these advanced skills more often.

When you do something well, you feel a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence surge in you because you were able to achieve something that either helped yourself and/or helped others.  In many cases, you were the best person for the task and were more easily able to achieve it than other people would have.  Therefore, other people will look up to you because you were able to complete the task and/or achieve the feat so quickly and easily as compared to others. 

When you are having a difficult time or struggling with challenges, it is important to look back upon your successes and realize that you have the capability of doing great things and succeeding at whatever you are doing.  Sometimes, life “throws us a curveball” that makes us uncomfortable and causes us to struggle a bit with tasks that we are not used to completing and have a hard time completing at a high level. 

The key is that we must remember that even during these difficult times, we have the capability to adapt and succeed.  Reflect back on those times when you’ve had successes, especially those tasks that others struggled and they called upon you to do them.  Whether it was an issue with a computer or electronic device, an item at home that needed repairing, or just offering helpful advice to someone dealing with a situation you dealt with before, you were able to succeed where others couldn’t or would have a harder time succeeding.

By reflecting on your past successes and realizing you have the capability to adapt and do many tasks well, you will realize that whatever present challenge you’re facing can be overcome as well.  You just have to focus on the task at hand, utilize the lessons you’ve learned from having past successes, and put the work in to overcome the present challenge.  By taking time to reflect and learn from your past successes, you can keep your self-esteem during times of great difficulty and be able to overcome virtually any challenge that comes your way.

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10 Ways to Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

10 Ways to Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

Here are 10 Ways I Can Help You Survive and Thrive During and After Narcissistic Abuse

1. YouTube Videos - I know there are plenty of certified life coaches and authors out there who talk about narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic abuse recovery. But I also know that everyone needs to receive the message in a way they can connect, and when you find someone you can understand and relate to, it can change your life. Maybe I'm someone you can connect with - and if so, maybe I can help you get to the next level in your healing. This is why I talk about narcissistic abuse recovery so often.

2. Articles - Since I've been writing and researching on this topic since around 2006, I've put together hundreds of articles, resources and videos that can help you to find yourself again and to learn how to reset your life to begin creating the reality you really deserve. You can see most of them at

3. Free Support Group - SPAN - Join my free, confidential online support group for narcissistic abuse survivors - we have 16 actively engaged moderators who are also survivors themselves, plus the QueenBeeing team to make sure you stay safe and get plenty of support.

4. One-on-One Coaching - I do phone, Skype and text message coaching. I believe every person on the planet is capable of creating the lives they truly deserve, but that most of us aren't taught this as we grow up. My mission is to help you to discover, understand and overcome the narcissistic abuse in your life, and to help you take your life from "just existing" to "really living." I spend my days working to help people who have experienced the emotional and mental devastation that comes with narcissistic abuse in these incredibly toxic relationships to (re)discover their true selves, stop the gaslighting and manipulation and move forward into their genuine desires - into a life that is exactly what they choose for themselves. In short, I want to help you go from being a victim of narcissistic abuse to a survivor and a thriver. Sign up at

5. Books, eBooks - I've written a LOT of books. About 20 of them can be found on You can get to my profile there by typing "" into your browser. All of my ebooks are priced from 1.99 to less than $8.

6. QueenBeeing Freebies & Email - subscribe to my free email newsletter, packed with information and inspiration to help you get through this difficult time in your life and figure out who you really are. You'll also get access to all of QueenBeeing's member freebies and gifts.

7. Online courses at Udemy and free email courses. Check out

8. Life Makeover Academy - The Life Makeover Academy is focused on improving every aspect of your life. Take some time and look around! Try out some of our free courses, and get involved in our community. If you're tired of the life you're living and you're ready to create serious personal change, you have found your new online home. There are both free and paid courses available at Life Makeover Academy. Get there by going to and hitting the "go to the academy" button at the top.

9. Group Coaching During Live Streams - Monday through Friday mornings and twice on "Talk to Me Tuesday." You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell notification to be notified when I'm going live - and for backup, you can text ANGIELIVE (without spaces) to 33222. I'll text you five minutes before I go live each day.

10. Google Play & iTunes App - Audiojoy has produced an app with my content on both Google Play and iTunes. You can grab it free by searching my name - Angie Atkinson - in either store.

I've also thought of starting a weekly small group coaching program that would give people more individual attention but still cost less than more traditional one-on-one coaching. What are your thoughts on that? If you like or would be interested in this idea, let me know in the comments below.



Angie’s YouTube Channel Wins Award

Angie’s YouTube Channel Wins Award

So excited to announce that my YouTube channel has been named among the top 50 Narcissistic Abuse Recovery blogs by Feedspot!
See the announcement here.

According to the site:
The Best Narcissist blogs from thousands of top Narcissist blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week. These blogs are ranked based on following criteria.

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

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Beware of these toxic manipulation tactics used by narcissists

Beware of these toxic manipulation tactics used by narcissists

Narcissists love to may label you unreasonable, crazy, an over-reactor - even say you're making it all up. They assign all blame (literally for every issue or concern) in the relationship to you, and they become offended and angry if they don't think you seem like you want to accept it.

Narcissists and people with NPD tend to use denial of their own behavior when it's convenient for them - and almost always in situations where they can be considered "at fault" for anything negative.
Narcissists are SNEAKY when they manipulate you! Don't let someone with narcissistic personality disorder mind control you.

Deflecting, Denial, Oh MY! Defining and Dealing with Secret Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

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What to Do When You Feel Frozen and Stuck After Narcissistic Abuse

What to Do When You Feel Frozen and Stuck After Narcissistic Abuse

Ever feel like you're frozen? Or just sort of numb? Stuck in life and completely alone - even in a crowded room? You aren't alone. I have felt that way. And so have a lot of other survivors. And in this video, I'm going to tell you exactly how to get through it and come back to life.

Today, we're talking about how to come back to life after a relationship with a narcissist. You know that feeling of numbness, stuck-ness - generally feeling paralyzed in life after a toxic relationship?

It's about consciousness. It's about peace and healing. It's using the law of attraction to your advantage and getting past anxiety to come back to life and create the life you want and deserve.