New Free Resources to Help You Understand Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Better

New Free Resources to Help You Understand Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Better

Introducing some brand new free resources at QueenBeeing, created to help you quickly get up to speed with understanding narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse and narcissistic abuse recovery

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Glossary: This is a comprehensive guide to words and phrases (related to narcissism, NPD and related conditions, narcissistic abuse and narcissistic abuse recovery) that are commonly used in articles, videos and narcissistic abuse recovery support groups. Defined here as specifically how they relate to narcissism, narcissistic abuse and narcissistic abuse recovery, these terms have been developed by psychologists, coaches, therapists and survivors of narcissistic abuse who need a way to understand and overcome the abuse.  

FAQ Help: Whenever you need help with something related to this site or you want to know how to find something, join a group or otherwise deal with an issue you’re having, visit our new FAQ Help page. 

Self-Care for Survivors: This is a page that covers everything you need to know about self-care, from how to build your own self-care kit to how to sign up for self-care support, and more. 

New Resources Page: This is a one-stop overview of narcissism, NPD and narcissistic abuse recovery, offering a long list of resources that will be helpful for you. 

Stalking Resources Center: If your narcissist is a stalker, the information and resources on this page will help you get and stay safe. 

Got other ideas for resources we can add for you? Please send us a message and let us know!

Black Friday Freebies & Deals for the SPANily

Black Friday Freebies & Deals for the SPANily

You might be reading this on Thanksgiving day, or maybe on Black Friday. Either way, you know what the title of this post means, right? It’s time to think about what you’re buying for the holiday season. Before I dig in, let me say: if you can’t afford anything right now, don’t beat yourself up. Grab the free stuff in this post and run! I promise I understand. 

With that being said, whether you can afford to buy some new self-care stuff or not, you can always do a little self-care for free! That’s what I want you to remember most this holiday season: to take care of yourself. Have you seen my free Self-Care Resources Center?

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to save as much as you can this year – and if we’re being totally honest, you might just want some free stuff. So, in addition to some freebies from QueenBeeing and Life Makeover Academy, I have a 50% discount on some of my most popular courses for you – AND, while I was at it, I found some really great free trials for you at Amazon, plus I have some special discounts for you from several different Amazon vendors.

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New Resources for Victims of Stalking Narcissists

New Resources for Victims of Stalking Narcissists

Dear SPANily,

Due to what I see as a serious issue, I’ve created a new set of resources for you. As you may or may not be aware, many toxic relationships end in stalking. In fact, many survivors of narcissistic abuse are stalked during the relationship and after as well. And sometimes, stalkers may randomly choose you, or stalk you without having been in any sort of relationship (that you’re aware of, anyway).

Regardless of who the stalker is, or was, to you, QueenBeeing is proud to announce a brand new resource: the Stalking Safety Resource Center, which can be found at 

And that’s not all. In addition to a new series on Stalking Narcissists here at, we also have a free toolkit put together for you over at Life Makeover Academy – check it out right here.



PS Here are some quick-reference links for you:

7 Totally Free Online Courses You Can Take at Life Makeover Academy

7 Totally Free Online Courses You Can Take at Life Makeover Academy

Have you visited Life Makeover Academy yet? If not, now’s the perfect time! Here is a list of just a few of the free courses you can take there – no strings attached.

  1. 7-Day Morning Makeover: Change Your Morning, Change Your LIFE!
  2. Transitioning to Life as a Single Parent: Successfully Navigate Single Parenting
  3. Becoming a Better Me: Strategies for reaching your full potential after narcissistic abuse
  4. Unleash Your Inner Greatness: Discover How To Unleash Your Inner Greatness In Just 5 Steps!

  5. Mandala Adult Coloring Book for Stress
  6. Divorce Your Narcissist Toolkit
  7. 30-Day Home Makeover

Here’s a little more about the academy:

At the Life Makeover Academy, we’re about just one thing – creating the life you truly want and deserve!

It’s about your personal life, your physical health, your spiritual and psychological wellbeing and even your professional life!

We believe you can have everything you want so much that we’re creating a whole new MOVEMENT here at the Life Makeover Academy!

Whether you’re just getting started in life or you’ve been around the block a few times, chances are that you’re full of thoughts, experiences and ideas that lead you to want to fix parts of your life.

And, being human, it’s only sensible that you’ve got so many different things you’d like to change that you don’t even know where to begin. Maybe a “whole life” change is too much for you?

But here’s the thing. It’s really not about jumping into a whole new personality by tomorrow afternoon–nope. In reality, what this whole life fix movement is all about is pretty simple–it’s a whole attitude change and comes along with a whole host of tools to help you in the day-to-day challenges that beat you down.

The Life Makeover Academy is focused on improving every aspect of your life. Take some time and look around! Try out some of our free courses, and get involved in our community. If you’re tired of the life you’re living and you’re ready to create serious personal change, you have found your new online home.

Project Be Healthy: Download Your Free eBooks Today

Project Be Healthy: Download Your Free eBooks Today

BlissFIreMedia is so excited to announce the launch of a brand new website to help you with your weight loss goals! It’s called Project Be Healthy! To celebrate, Angie is offering three of her premium weight loss books for FREE through! Check out these ebooks and grab your copies while they’re FREE! The promotion ends on July 27, 2018. Be sure to join the Facebook event for more freebies on launch day: Monday, July 23!

  1. 227 Super-Simple, Super-Sexy Summer Slim-Down Strategies: The Smart Girl’s Guide to a Very Sexy Summer
  2. Skinny Head: A Quick-Launch Mindset Makeover for Weight Loss Success 
  3. Project Blissful: How I Lost 100 Pounds Without Starving, Sweating or Surgery

The ‘ReleasingFest’ begins July 17– Get your Free Pass today

The ‘ReleasingFest’ begins July 17– Get your Free Pass today

Dear SPANily,
I want to tell a story from a friend that stopped me in my tracks when I first read it:
In 1952, at age 42, a wealthy New York physicist and entrepreneur was sent home to die.
His body was riddled with disease, and he had less than two weeks to live.
Confounded by his condition, he decided to ‘figure out’ how to cure himself.
A short time later, that man, Lester Levenson, discovered something so transformative that he rid himself of all his physical problems and entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died on January 18, 1994 … an amazing 42 years later.
What Lester discovered has passed on to Hale Dwoskin, who has helped hundreds of thousands in the last 30 years.
Hale created a very popular, professional self-study course, and now you get to use it for free for three days.
ReleasingFest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE

You won’t have to buy a thing to get the process, and there are no strings attached.
It helps you let go of uncomfortable emotions, right on the spot, without getting stuck in them or having to figure out why you even have them.
This process works to:
• say goodbye to fear, stress, and anxiety—even panic attacks.
• release anger problems.
• lose even long-standing depression.
• get rid of chronic physical pain.
• propel yourself to new levels of personal performance.
• kick addictions… Lose weight… Stop smoking.
The process is called The Sedona Method, and you get to use it for free during the ReleasingFest that begins on July 17. You can get your Free Pass here.
And, yes, feel free to pass this post on to anyone you know. It is open to the public, but it is only available for three days.
Everyone has personal greatness and joy within. You just have to release the chains that bind it.
Angie Atkinson
P.S. – Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest you can rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you’ve had throughout your life. A lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism and bad habits can simply be “released” from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance.
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