Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaches

Meet our coaches!

Angie Atkinson

Certified Life Coach & Certified Integrative Wellness Coach


Group Life Coaching Certification

CBT Integrative Wellness Therapeutic Coaching Certificate: Art Therapy, NLP, REBT, Counseling, Life Purpose Coaching

Integrative Wellness life coaching certification: CBT, Therapy Art, NLP, REBT, Counselling, Life Purpose


Lise Colucci

Certified Life Coach

NLP Certification


QueenBeeing Group Coaching Program Coordinator

Self-Care & Overcoming Trauma Bonds

Colleen Brosnan

Certified Life Coach


Adult Children of Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Misty Dawn

Certified Life Coach


Paralegal & Divorce Coach

DIY Divorce Guidance

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