Discovery Phase

You Are in the Discovery Phase

Discovery PhaseYou’ve just discovered that you might be dealing with a toxic person who could be a narcissist or sociopath, and you want to learn more about it so you can figure out if this is what’s happening in your life.

Start right here. 

Is there a narcissist in your life?

Your narcissist could be anyone – your spouse, your child, your mother, your father, your boss – even your best friend or your neighbor. Here are some tips for identifying the one(s) in your life. 

What is the definition of a toxic narcissist?

It’s confusing for a lot of people, because people think being narcissistic means you take a bunch of selfies and care about how you look. But that’s not necessarily a toxic narcissist – the fact is that every human alive has a certain amount of narcissism in their makeup – it’s self-interest. It’s what makes us get up and get ourselves dressed, feed ourselves, get jobs, get married, have kids – it’s the part of us that prevents us from just giving up entirely.

But a toxic narcissist (or a person with NPD), is someone who has no ability to empathize with other people and who treats the people closest to him accordingly.

Are you being manipulated by a narcissist? 

Narcissists are masterdevastating emotional scars narcissism quote-manipulators.

Here are some posts to help you identify and recognize the manipulation.

Helpful Videos for People in the Discovery Phase

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