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We have lots of fun decorating for Halloween. Scarecrows are our specialty. Here’s how our family does it!autumn-2863_640

Halloween, a time for ghost and goblins and scarecrows too! My family has been making these “scarecrows” for as long about 15 years.

 The first thing we do is bring out our two-person swing we keep in the backyard; we remove the top sun shade from it. The swing is placed next to the light post, that is where our electric outlet is in the front yard,we unscrew the light bulb from the post so it is darker in the area.002392_9652423c

 We take two pair of winter coveralls; we buy a bale of straw from the local farm store and stuff the coveralls with the straw, our kids and neighborhood kids love helping us do this. We then put a vest on the man and a house dress on the woman that the kids grandma donated to our cause.

  Once we get the bodies placed sitting on the swing, One of the kids will put work boots for both characters feet, we just let the straw hang out for the hands. The heads are trick or treat pumpkins that we put lights underneath for them to glow, one is orange and the other is purple. We put a fancy straw hat on the lady, also donated by grandma, and the man usually has a cap of some kind, sometime we even put an “aluminum foil” hat on top. 

  We put a string of purple “bat shaped lights” across the top of the swing. The lights will plug into the “heads” and we run an extension cord to the light post, then all we have to do is flip a switch inside for it to come off and on at the same time.

  We also have a big blow up spider it runs off of electricity and goes down when the switch is off. We put this on the ground in front of the swing and run a couple of the legs on the characters so it looks like they are being eaten up by the spider. After this we put spider webs around the whole thing.

  Last year we added a second swing frame we were able to borrow from my sister-in-law two houses away. We then placed small orange Halloween lights around it and had some “dead” stuffed animals hanging down from the top bar; we attached these by the neck and had a wire kennel on the ground with a “dead animal” in in too. Since the animals are old and would be ruined in the weather, we used some red paint to simulate blood 

  The previous year I found a small blue pair of coveralls at a yard sale (for $2) I bought for my daughter to wear during the snow, they no longer fit her and we stuffed them too, I ran a pole through the arms and down the legs so it could stand up. We put a “Jason” mask ($1 at the dollar store) on it and made a machete out of cardboard and aluminum foil. It was great!! Then I put “Jason” standing at one end of the dead animal area.

 We ran a string of orange lights on the ground around and put police tape around the scene too.

I almost forgot, we put my husband’s lawn tractor in the front yard last year too, I found a pair of blue jeans (at a yard sale for $1) that are size 64 waist! I stuffed these last year too and just had them sitting on the mower with the straw coming out of the waist and a Jack-o-Lantern sitting on top the straw, I’m not sure what they were supposed to represent, but we did get comments on them.

Halloween can be a fun time if you get a little creative, and it doesn’t all have to be scary, our family has a lot of fun at Halloween time, but that’s what Halloween is for isn’t it??

  Have fun and Happy Halloween!!


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