‘How to Do No Contact Like a Boss’ With No Contact Boss Kim Saeed with Angie Atkinson on the no contact rule – expert relationship advice for people dealing with NPD in their relationships.

  • Get Kim’s Book, How To Do No Contact Like A Boss!: The Essential Guide to Detaching from Pathological Love & Reclaiming Your Life right here: http://amzn.to/2D0RI2q
  • Get my book on No Contact, here: http://amzn.to/2oMN43G

Other resources mentioned in the video:

No-Contact Resources from Angie Atkinson

1. Join SPAN at http://QueenBeeing.com/SPAN

2. Go to http://QueenBeeing.com/60days and download your free no-contact calendar. The calendar is filled with activities to keep you on track during the early days of no-contact.

3. Start focusing on your passion. Not sure what that is, exactly? Visit QueenBeeing.com/passion and download your free Passion Finder.

4. There’s an online course at Life Makeover Academy you can take to revamp your social life. https://lifemakeoveracademy.teachable…

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