When you've experienced narcissistic abuse, it can follow you around in your life, even after you've left the situation - and that can seriously damage your quality of life, to say the least. In this video, I'll offer you a quick overview on what you need to do to write, acknowledge and release your abuse story - plus, I'll offer tips on how to start dreaming up your new one.

Here's the 10-Sheets Method Mentioned in the Video:

  • Take 10 sheets of paper and on the first one, write “my abuse story” and add a byline.
  • Then number the second page 1 through 8.
  • In each spot, write down a major point in your abuse story.
    • For example, #1 might be the years leading to the abuse, if you think you’ve got some background that contributed to your current situation.
    • Or it might be meeting the narcissist. The next point might be the “honeymoon phase,” maybe, and then you might go forward with something like the first time you started to see a problem.
    • Maybe the red flags started early, but you didn’t notice - or maybe it just came on suddenly and shocked you. Either way, write down those points.
  • Then, on each of the following pages, number the top to correspond with the points in your “table of contents: page.
  • On each page, write down three questions or statements about the time in your life that you’re covering - and when you’re done, you’ll have a good outline for your abuse story.
  • Read it back to yourself and allow yourself to feel the feelings one last time - because after today, you’re going to move forward. So cry if you need to. Scream. Yell. Have regrets - go ahead. But LIMIT yourself - give yourself a specific amount of time to get through this part. I usually like to do 24 hours - but you might choose to go up to 7 days, if you need it. Don’t do more than seven days though - anything else is counterproductive for you.

Links Mentioned in the Video Include:
QueenBeeing: http://queenbeeing.com
NarcissismSupportCoach.com: http://narcissismsupportcoach.com
Rewrite Your Story Udemy Course (this link has a 50% discount attached): https://www.udemy.com/rewrite-your-story-after-narcissistic-abuse-in-relationships/?couponCode=qb

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