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Since I have recently been talking about how to make more money online over at, I decided this would be the perfect week to give away three of my books that are currently on 

I realize that not everyone who reads QueenBeeing is interested in this topic, but since these books are only free through Friday, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share them with you!

This one is for writers, online entrepreneurs, authors and all kinds of online professionals – as well as people who are looking for new ways to make money online. Make More Money Online With These Temporarily Free eBooks

There are no strings attached – just head on over and download all of them – or whichever one appeals to you most.  You’ll own the ebook copy!

It won’t cost you a thing, but I won’t complain if you leave me a review on the page. :)

Here are the books and where you can get them. 


The Blog-Fire Power Blogging MethodMake Money Online

My newest book, The Blog-Fire Method, is free today through Friday. A bit about the book:

Are you tired of not getting paid to do what you love? Want to follow your true passion?
The Blog-Fire Method is simple – it suggests that you can create a profitable niche in almost any area based around your passion,  introducing a new business model that you can use to build a massive online audience that’s primed to purchase your products – whether they’re original or affiliate.
The Blog-Fire Method outlines a simple and systematic process anyone can use to discover their niche, build their site and successfully market without any hard sales. It’s about using your passion to fuel your finances – and doing it all through the regular publishing of a blog in a niche that makes your heart sing.


The Practical Freelance Writer’s Guide to Author Websites (2010)

practical freelance writers guide 2010 cover

This book was written in 2010 but still contains very useful info for freelance writers. Here’s a bit about the book:

While there are plenty of books on how to build websites, The Practical Freelance Writer’s Guide to Author Websites offers a definitive plan for creating and managing author websites especially for freelance writers. Author Angela Atkinson explains why freelance writers need author sites, as well as what kinds of pages and types of content can help to catch the attention of their potential clients. Plus, Atkinson offers tips on webhosting options, SEO for author websites, promotion and social networking tips and much more.

Bloom Flourish Shine: A Revolutionary Guide to Creating Your Dream Career Now

bloom flouish shine cover

163 Ways to Crush Office Burnout and Get Paid to Do What Really Makes You Happy

A bit about the book:

Hate your job? Sick & tired of being taken advantage of by ungrateful, demanding bosses or overlooked for promotions and raises?

What if going to work every day felt good – less like an obligation and more like a pleasure? What if you could get paid to do what you love every day? What if you could love the job you have now? The fifth book in the Project Blissful Series, ‘Power Moves’ is a practical and inspirational guide designed to help you take control of your career and find your way to passion and purpose. It’s just one more piece of what it takes to become the best possible version of yourself.

Written by life coach and author Angela Atkinson, this ebook is also a toolkit that contains everything you’ll need to identify the weak spots in your career and personal issues that affect them. Plus, it offers the tools you’ll need to begin to resolve them, one baby step at a time.

Don’t forget to check out my new special offer for writers only – this is a really great deal and it can significantly boost your online image, as well as helping to increase your income by offering an online hub that connects all of your work, profiles and niches in one convenient location. It’s part portal, part resume and part image management and control. I have a One-Pager myself, and I love it.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our free blogging resourcesand our writer’s resources page – lots of great freebies that you won’t want to miss! 

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