Self-Esteem Assessment

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Examine the following statements and indicate to what degree
 you agree with them.

  • 5 – strongly agree  
  • 4 – agree
  • 3 – somewhat agree
  • 2 – disagree
  • 1 – strongly disagree


____   I feel that I have value as a person. I’m equal to others.

____   I have many good and attractive qualities.

____   I take a positive attitude towards myself.

____   Overall, I feel satisfied with myself.

____   I feel I have reasons to be proud of myself.

____   My abilities are on par with others – I can do things well.

____   There are things I appreciate about myself.

____   I am able to say “no” with confidence.

____   I view myself as a leader, rather than a follower.

____   How I feel about myself is more important than what others think

            about me.

____   I am certain that people who are closest to me like, love, and care

            about me.

____   I feel my life has purpose and direction

(Adapted from Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale)



Calculate your Self-Esteem Assessment Score by adding each rating.

  • 39-55 – Your self-esteem seems solid enough – keep it up.
  • 38-24 – Your self-esteem is seriously low – let’s talk.
  • 23 & below – You’re critically underestimating yourself – let’s work together.

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