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Gratitude Fights Anxiety

Anxiety can have a number of physical symptoms, and it can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. Much of anxiety’s cause and its intensifiers are in the brain, however. No, I’m not saying it’s all in your head. What I do want you to understand is that your mind plays...

The Discard and Tips to Begin Healing If you have been discarded by a narcissist or left a narcissist you may be having a lot of questions and feeling a lot of doubt.  This video is for anyone who has experienced a narcissistic "break up" either by discard or if you chose to...

Unhappy? Maybe you’re just scared.

So, you're feeling stuck and unhappy. Maybe like you feel like your toxic relationship represents a huge failure for you. But for some reason, you haven't left yet. Or, you've left, but you still feel miserable and afraid. Resource: PLAN to Leave a Narcissist Safely...

Go For A Walk To Reduce Stress And Prevent Anxiety

Let’s talk about something quick and easy you can do to prevent anxiety or at the very least greatly reduce the effects it has on you. It’s going for a walk regularly. It’s another one of those deceptively simple strategies that work very well. For quite a few people...

Get Your Finances in Order

After a toxic relationship with a narcissist who may have been financially abusing you, one sure thing that can elevate your feelings of dread and powerlessness is financial problems. Worries about money can be some of the most toxic around because lack of financial...

Get Social and Smile More

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or stress, it can be tempting to believe that you need to step away from the world and take some alone time, and this is especially true when we have experienced the trauma of narcissistic abuse. Logically, that makes...

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Making Meditation Work for You

Are You Making the Most of Meditation? Living in such a hectic world can take its toll on your body, mind, and spirit – but the practice of meditation can help you to focus, have a clear mind, and stay centered. Meditation is a practice of learning to train your mind....

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