What is a Queen Bee?

What is a Queen Bee?

Let’s start by putting any negative connotations out of our heads—here at QueenBeeing, we don’t consider ourselves bitchy women with high school mentalities. What we are is real women who are doing what they need to do to create the lives they want

QueenBeeing: `Shattering the Queen Bee Stereotype

dv1954050We may be married, single or divorced, and we may be parents (of kids, pets or both) or kid-free (by choice or otherwise).

Some of us are divas, others are princess-types and still others are tomboys, geeks and outdoorsy (to name a few), but ALL of us are doing what we do in style—we look, feel and do our best more often than we don’t.

We do it for ourselves first, and in some cases, we might also do it for our husbands, our families, our friends and even our co-workers and/or the world in general—but always because we choose to and not because we are controlled or compelled to by anyone else.

A Queen Bee is Fearless

Above all, a Queen Bee isn’t afraid to be herself, authentically and truly. She says what she means and she means what she says. She’s socially savvy and intuitively connected to the world around her and she actively defies convention by creating new and better ways to love her life, as well as to pay it forward to those around her.

A Queen Bee is Passionate

As Queen Bees, we know our passions and we actively engage in them. We aren’t bound by societal expectations and we don’t do what others expect of us unless we choose to do so. If we don’t know our passions, then we actively engage ourselves in living our lives to the fullest and with the intention of discovering them.

A Queen Bee is Driven

Queen Bees know what they want and they aren’t afraid to go out and get it. This starts with a certain mindset that is both positive and open to change. We actively seek opportunities to improve ourselves and our lives, and we actively take inspired action to make our dreams come true.

A Queen Bee Loves Hard

Queen Bees love like no one else—they love their spouses and/or significant others, they love their children (human and otherwise), they love their families and their friends—and they love themselves. They also practice paying it forward on a regular basis, further spreading love into the world and improving their own lives in the process. But if you mess with someone she loves, you might get stung.

A Queen Bee is HOT!

Whether she’s a hot wife, a sexy single or a delicious divorcee, a Queen Bee always looks her best. Sometimes she’s a tomboy, rocking that tomboy style. She might be a girly-girl or a slave to fashion or a farm girl who loves her overalls—there are all kinds of hot. When it comes to being a Queen Bee, there is no one look that does the trick. It’s not about eye color, hair color, skin color, religion, race, the size of your nose, your ass or anything else–it’s only about being the best possible version of YOURSELF.

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