Who Are the Fit & Fabulous Girls?

Diet & Fitness BuddiesIf you’re a Project Blissful reader, you might notice that I often mention “my Fit & Fabulous Girls,” or F&F Girls.

Some of the girls have graciously agreed to share some of their insight here at Project Blissful as well–so be sure to keep up with their posts.

Check out recent posts from the F&F Girls right here.

¬†What is “Fit & Fabulous” anyway?

Fit & Fabulous is a private Facebook group that several longtime friends and I started together–each of whom I met years ago on a weight-loss encouragement site called BuddySlim.com.

While we each found success on some level at BuddySlim, the population of the site eventually evolved to a point where we each left. We stayed in touch and tried several other methods of checking in on a regular basis before we created the Facebook group, which thankfully, seems to work pretty well.

In fact, I lost 100 pounds.

In addition to these ladies, Stacey, Dawnie and Jo, we’ve brought select new members into our little group, including Anjanette, Terri and Aimie.

I refer to my F&F girls regularly in my posts because they have been a constant source of support, not only in regard to weight loss, but also in regard to everyday life. Big stuff or small, I know that if I need someone to talk to, I can count on my girls.

Not only that, but if they don’t hear from me, they check in on me and make sure I’m okay. So yep, I consider myself very lucky to have met these amazing women.

That’s why I highly recommend getting yourself a weight loss buddy–or a whole group of them!

Here’s a place you can find support and like-minded friends: check out the Project Blissful group over on Facebook.



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