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Have you ever felt like you needed a little something MORE during your narcissistic abuse recovery? How about your very own online life coach? Good news – when you subscribe to my YouTube channel, that’s just what you’re going to get. Plus: you should subscribe for the following really, really good reasons. 


  1. Because I really care about what I’m doing, and because you can find real help there – just ask my nearly 5,000 followers!

2 Because I am really, really honest with my viewers.

3. Because I might even be a little too honest, sometimes.

4. Because I respond to your comments.

5. Because, even if you disagree with me…and even if I suspect you’re a narcissist – I’ll answer your questions. 

6. Because I don’t take myself too seriously.

7. Because I respond to your comments – even when they are sorta hurtful.

8. Because I give you REAL advice that you can actually implement into your own life in order to help you overcome narcissistic abuse – step by step and in real time.

9. Because I believe in having fun. And rapping.

10. Because, when you need me to, I will post a little encouragement for you on a Sunday and wearing no makeup – and that’s especially true when you’re also a member of SPAN.

Whatcha waiting for? Subscribe right here – help me spread the message and raise awareness on narcissistic abuse and recovery. 

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