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10 Reasons Why Narcissists Get Married and What Narcissists Look for in a Narcissistic Supply – The Psychology of Insecure Narcissist Marriage

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2 Responses to 10 Weird Reasons Narcissists Get Married

  1. I’m glad you stressed the importance of not rushing into relationships. I was engaged to two of my ex narcs, but I insisted on a long engagement (both times) because my gut instinct/intuition was telling me something was off. Sure enough, they showed their true narc colors during the engagement and I broke off the relationship, both times. To this day, I am so very grateful I didn’t rush into marrying them. Dodged that bullet… twice!

  2. Lookin’ pretty skinny there young lady! I am pretty sure I never got married, because I only pick covert narcs … just like daddy. Our family was such a mess … I think, inside, I am terrified of marriage because of that. I just will never get over figuring this out WAY TOO LATE! 🙁

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