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As you’re gearing up for the July 4th holiday this year, are you looking for budget-friendly, fun and DIY ways to celebrate? Check out these awesome ideas from Melina, our own #DIY Pinterest Queen. 

  1. #DIY: Star T-Shirt Using An Eraser – Fun For 4th Of July – Make your very own star t-shirt for 4th of July! Simple and easy!
  2. #DIY: Make Fireworks Using A 2 Liter Bottle – 4th of July DecorationsCreate some fireworks for 4th of July – easy and simple for kids of all ages!
  3. #DIY: Handprint Flag T-Shirt – Simple Craft For 4th Of July – Create your very own flag t-shirt for 4th of July.
  4. #DIY: American Flag Using Paint Sticks – Easy 4th Of July Craft – Create your own American Flag for free using common household items.
  5. #DIY: Fireworks Using A Fork – Easy 4th of July Craft For Kids – Make some fireworks with your kids this 4th of July using a fork.
  6. #DIY:4th of July Fireworks Using A Straw – Simple And Easy Craft For Kids – Get crafty using straws with this simple 4th of July fireworks craft.

PLUS: 5 Budget-Friendly Things To Do With Your Kids This 4th Of July – Get ready for the holiday with these 5 simple and easy things to do with your kids.

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