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As we near the middle of November, some of us are already considering our New Years’ Resolutions. Since QueenBeeing is all about figuring out how to create the best possible life for yourself, we’ll be offering up pre-New Year’s preparation material over the next month or two.

In fact, if you sign up for our 7-Day Pre-Holiday (Mind Body Soul) Life Reboot before Monday, November 16, we’ll GIVE you a week’s worth of energizing weight loss supplements (all natural, btw) from (that’s “my temple, my body” if you wondered!).2016 Diet Trends

Alright, moving on! Let’s take a look into the future, shall we? Here are some of what we predict will be the biggest trends in diets in 2016.

Our Predictions: 2016 New Year Diet Trends

Diets that incorporate whole body health are the ones that you want to follow because they succeed based on the fact that they look at the overall health of the person who is dieting.

If you have health problems such as arthritis, for example, you would want to find a diet that’s geared toward helping people with that condition to lose weight. It offers you double the benefits – weight loss for aesthetic reasons and weight loss for pain relief.

Having a plan for what you eat and how you should exercise according to your current or future health needs will give you the success that you want because everything about your body is taken into consideration.

The Project Blissful DIY Diet

It’s easier for some people to lose weight than others and some diets are healthier for one medical condition, yet not for a different medical condition. That’s why you should find the diet that fits your overall health – not just whatever size you want to be or number you wish you’d see on the scale.

Personally, I made up my own – it’s how I lost 100 pounds. I actually wrote a couple of books about it – check them out at Specifically, Project Blissful contains the story of how I made this happen. (That one’s also available as a paperback, if you prefer). If you need personal coaching, I have a few free sessions available right now – claim yours here before my schedule is full.

100 pounds lost before and after 5 feet tall

Other Popular and Safe Diet Plans for 2016

You want to avoid fad diets and any diet that can cause damage to your health. There are safe and risky diet plans on the market, and the best way you can pick one is to become informed as a consumer.

The DASH diet is both safe and effective. This is a diet that can help people who have been struggling with hypertension lose weight and get in better physical health.

Because the diet plan can fit anyone at any age who has hypertension (or who has a hereditary disposition for it), it’s highly recommended. This diet helps users with exercise as well as knowing what they should eat.

Having that guidance is always a plus – especially if you find it difficult to do on your own. The DASH diet is one of the diets that the National Institutes of Health has put its stamp of approval on.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet gets its name from the Mediterranean Sea countries that are found nearby. This healthy diet focuses on eating more fish, which is one of the mainstays of the diet – as well as poultry.

On this diet, you’ll eat less red meat. It’s a very heart healthy diet. This plan teaches people how to lose weight and get fit eating healthy plant based foods. People who use this diet will eat more vegetables, fruits and grains. Nuts are part of this diet as well.

One of the big points in this diet is changing the way the dieter uses fats. Dieters using this plan will also learn how to stop cooking with unhealthy fats and instead learn how to use fats that are heart healthy and good for weight loss.

While most diets suggest cutting out alcohol because of the calorie content in drinks, this diet guides users to leave red wine in the diet because red wine has antioxidants and good benefits for the heart.

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is a diet that studies have shown can improve blood pressure, cause weight loss, clear up skin problems like acne and promote healthy eating. The diet focuses on eating food that you would find in any healthy diet – such as fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats.

The diet has also been called the Caveman Diet and the basis of that title simply means the diet guides users toward foods that are plant and animal based, with no processing like the cavemen once ate.

It limits some foods like dairy, alcohol and any food that’s processed. The diet excludes salt and most drinks as well. The plan does help create blood glucose levels that are healthier and it can help with inflammation, getting more restful sleep and having more energy.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is known world over for their successful before and after pictures of famous people as well as every day people. Weight Watchers has a solid track record with millions of users, including celebrities, who have lost weight and kept it off after losing it.

The core of this success is found in the diet’s focus on choices, healthy eating and exercise. Because the program offers both in person as well as online support, when someone can’t make a meeting, they can still keep track of their goals and take part in peer support.

The company also has mobile apps that allow people on the go to keep up with their points. Many of the users of this diet and exercise plan have touted the support they receive at meetings as being one of the biggest benefits to helping them lose weight and stay on track.

Weight Watchers works by giving food a number on their Points’ system. Each dieter gets a certain number of points that they can use throughout the day. No foods are off limits, but users learn to make healthier food choices and exercise to have more points.

The system also includes recipe suggestions, exercise tips and even teaches people how to use the point system when eating out. It’s perfect for men and women – and even kids who need to shed a few pounds.

And, let’s be honest, now that Oprah’s on board, Weight Watchers will be bigger than ever in 2016.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig offers people a selection of meals based on portion control. Portion control is one of the main concepts of weight loss and yet it’s an area that many dieters struggle with.

With such a large choice, it’s not easy to get bored on this plan. The meal plans eliminate the chance that you’ll accidentally serve yourself too much food. Each user gets their own consultant who helps guide them in choosing the best meal plan for their lifestyle.

Users will get their meals according to how much they weigh, how often they exercise or if they don’t exercise. Emotional eating is also figured into the plan for those who struggle with that.

The plan can help those who have a family history of diabetes possibly prevent them from getting the condition and it can help those who have diabetes control their glucose through healthy eating.

While the plan on Jenny Craig does work and the one-on-one guidance can be extremely beneficial to anyone using this diet, one of the biggest drawbacks is that this is not a plan for people who are struggling with a budget.

The food is expensive. You can easily spend $140 a week for just one person. For those who have children at home, this is often not an expense that can be afforded.

Portion Control & Celebrating Can Go Hand in Hand

Life is celebrated with food. During good times, bad times and stressful times, we reach for something to eat. It can be easy to forget what portion control looks like.

For people who struggle with portion control or who may have a food addiction, portion control diets can help. The foods are healthy and balanced and come in a tasteful variety of everything from stews to hamburgers to pancakes and more.


Vegetarian dieting is typically thought to be a way of eating that that eliminates meats and only allows plant-based foods. However, there are a variety of vegetarian diets that will help you lose weight and can help with health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

If a person doesn’t eat any animal based foods, that’s considered to be a true vegan diet. A vegetarian diet that’s lacto (lacto-vegetarian) is one where meat foods are not eaten and includes staying away from eggs as well.

However, it does allow for other dairy products. If a vegetarian diet is one that’s lacto-ova vegetarian, the person following the diet still refrains from meat, but can eat eggs.

Another type of vegetarian diet is one that’s coined flexitarian. Following this diet allows users to gain benefit from both worlds – that of meat as well as the absence of meat.

In this diet, users dine on healthy foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and are allowed diary products as well. Rather than abstaining completely from meat, this diet lets users have meat whenever they desire it.

The diet is about listening to the cravings of the body in the event the person wants something they wouldn’t normally eat. Usually, this means only eating meat a few times a week as opposed to every meal.

This diet has shown to lower cholesterol counts and to help with weight loss. It gives users more energy and lowers the chances of developing heart disease. It also lessens the risk of getting diabetes and can even help keep some cancers at bay.

Dangerous Fad Diets to Avoid This Year

For every good diet, there’s always a diet that arrives on the scene that’s not so good.

High Protein!

These diets can be harmful to your health and are best to avoid. Diets that are high in protein and low in carbs are diets that have drawn warnings from the American Heart Association.

There are some popular diets that are high protein diets that are best to avoid such as the Zone, Adkins and the Dukan diet. In the Dukan diet, users severely limit their carbs but can load up on all the protein that they want.

The diet follows four phases. In the beginning, users can eat protein with no limit and while eating this protein, must also eat a portion of bran and consume six glasses of water.

After that phase, the next one has users eating all the lean protein they want plus more bran. On the next phase, users are still consuming all the protein desired, plus certain vegetables and fruit plus bread and cheese. The diet focuses on eating certain foods on a certain day and limits the consumption of some vegetables.

Medical news reports that following a high protein, low-carb diet can put users at greater risk of strokes and heart disease. It can also cause kidney failure, ketosis and elevated bad cholesterol levels. Commonly seen side effects of high protein diets are not enough glucose to properly function throughout the day, bad breath and constipation.

Let’s talk detox.

Detox is another way that people plan an extreme diet. This is a means of flushing out toxins in the body by eliminating foods through fasting and then eating only specific foods.

If you go through a detox diet for two to three days, there’s nothing harmful in that. However, if you plan to use a detox for longer than that, you can cause damage to your body. Harsh detox plans that severely limit your food intake for weeks are dangerous and should be avoided.

Blood Type Diet

Another fad diet to avoid is called the Blood Type Diet. In this diet, it teaches that people should eat foods that are only agreeable with their health according to their blood type.

Someone with O blood type is encouraged to not eat grains and to exercise heavily while someone with A blood type is advised to eat grains and not exercise heavily. There is no scientific evidence to support this diet.

You’ll also want to avoid the Alkaline diet. This is a diet that claims to be effective by controlling the pH level in the body through the foods that are eaten. The foundation of the diet is that some foods are alkaline-ash and some are acid-ash.

The diet falsely teaches that certain foods in these groups can neutralize acid in the body making it easy to lose weight and even to cure cancer.

The Cotton Ball Diet

People will often go to great and sometimes dangerous lengths to try to lose weight.

One of the shocking ways was shared by a model who talked about seeing other models eating cotton balls to keep from eating food so that they could lose weight. This has now taken root in some “thinspiration” communities.

The Tongue Patch Diet

Another fad diet is the procedure of having a patch attached to the tongue so that the person with the patch finds eating solid foods too painful. Instead of eating, these people exist on diet shakes and have to exercise for 45 minutes every day. This kind of extreme deprivation dieting usually backfires once the patch is removed and the users are free to eat.

A weird diet that has roots in Hollywood is called the Baby Food diet. On this diet, users replace two meals of the day with jars of baby food. The diet is extremely limiting in calories and unhealthy to follow.

New Findings in the World of Dieting

It might not be a dieter’s fault when he or she ends up gaining back the weight that was lost. A new study is showing that the stomach actually stops giving a dieter the message that it’s had enough to eat.

This happens over a period of time when the stomach gets used to having more food than is needed. When this signal malfunctions, it can be easy to over-indulge.

This study, conducted using laboratory mice, was talked about in the International Journal of Obesity and might help you understand why, after all of your hard work, you’re putting weight back on again.

Other findings show the connection between nutrition and aging. As you age, certain changes take place in the cellular makeup of your body. Eating right can help slow the aging that takes place within the cells.

Food and How It Plays Into Your World

When you eat foods that are good for you, it shows up on the outside as well as the inside of your body. This is one of the main reasons that many people don’t look their age.

You can look younger, change the aging process and feel better too if you eat what your body needs to be healthy. One medical news report showed that healthy eating can even turn back the clock on cellular aging.

Food can also affect emotional health conditions such as depression. Having a daily diet that’s made up of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and low-fat dairy was linked in a medical study to lowered depression.

But Coffee…

The good news with the study was that drinking more coffee can also help lessen the odds of becoming depressed. For those struggling with depression, the study showed that the depression was lessened after being on a steady diet of healthy foods. Those in the study who didn’t eat right were shown with increased depression.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, a healthy lifestyle that includes good food choices and exercise, you can reduce your chances of developing some types of cancer. Many foods contain ingredients that help your body to fight against free radicals.

Exercise Trends for Increased Fitness

If you want to be healthy, exercise needs to be a part of your life. Even if you never lose another pound, you should exercise because you can be fit even carrying some extra weight.

The emphasis can be on overall health such as your cardiovascular, organ and muscle health. You should exercise to get fit but weight loss begins and ends with what you eat.

The foundation of staying fit and healthy is in your meal planning. Too many dieters make the mistake of associating exercise with weight loss thinking that if they exercise a certain number of times a week for a certain amount of hours, then they can raise the level of food consumption.

It’s helpful to look at the health benefits of exercise differently. Learn to disassociate the weight you want to lose from the exercise you do and concentrate on getting in better shape.

Switch It UP!

Some exercise trends, like CrossFit, can help you get in shape fairly quickly. It mixes cardio workouts along with weight training and you’ll do exercises like running, using Kettleball and jumping rope.

This exercise routine conditions the body while exercising and is used by professional trainers, some military units and law enforcement. The exercise is used on some popular weight loss shows to help overweight people get fit in a short amount of time.

Being motivated to lose weight can help give you that extra push to keep on going. To motivate people to get healthy, there are some sites that pay people to shed weight and get fit. Others allow a betting process of sorts where you ante up a certain amount and if you lose the weight, you double your earnings – but if you don’t, you forfeit what you paid in.

Zumba, Sh’Bam and More: Dance Your Way Fit

Zumba used to be the go-to exercise trend to get and stay fit, but it’s old news now. Today, there’s Sh’Bam. This exercise trend starts with loosening up the muscles, uses catchy music (Latin and Hip-Hop) for the dance moves and then has users do a cool down stretch.

It’s all about the dance and because the moves are not complex, it’s easy for anyone to follow along. Best of all, the routine works off up to 500 calories every time you do it.

If you’re used to rebounding and you love working out using a mini trampoline, it’s time to switch to Kangaroo Jumps. The shoes look like shoes from a different world and they cost around $200 a pair.

You can burn 25% more calories and can walk, run, jump and dance using these sports shoes. You can even splash right through water wearing these without any ill effects on the shoes. They’re made with springs on the bottom for the bounce. The springs take the pressure off of your joints and give you a great all over workout.

Throughout the coming year, you’re going to see many diet trends come and go. All it takes is a single celebrity to mention something they did to shed pounds and it’s suddenly the next fad diet plan. Instead of listening to all the chatter, choose a plan that works for you based on your total body health needs.

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