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1. You’ve started to like yourself a little. And maybe even respect yourself – and dare I say it? Love yourself! You understand that you have value outside of being a narcissistic supply and you have begun to develop standards for yourself and the people you associate with each day.

2. You are becoming an expert boundary-setter and enforcer. You’re no longer allowing other people to dictate your boundaries and you certainly don’t allow anyone to step over the line and remain part of your inner circle anymore. Now, you live your life for you and you focus on what matters to you first.

3. You are moving past the pain and anger and starting to develop a strong sense of self. You know who you are and you’re embracing the REAL YOU!

4. You have figured out what your passion is – or you’re well on your way to it – and you’re starting to spend time doing something you love on a regular basis.

5. You have released your anger and sadness regarding the narcissist in your life, or you’re ready to do that. You don’t forget, but you do let go and keep the lessons learned in mind as you go forward.

6. You have forgiven yourself (or you’re ready to forgive yourself) for being involved with the narcissist, or for not discovering that this person had NPD sooner. Or for whatever it was that you consider your fault in the relationship.

7. You’re learning to trust yourself and your intuition again. This is hard for survivors of narcissistic abuse because we are taught NOT to trust our own eyes, thoughts and beliefs during the gaslighting part of our abuse.

8. You are starting to learn to trust people again – and also how to know who you can’t trust. You’re aware but not paranoid when you meet someone new.

9. You are starting to find some kind of new level of understanding (or even some meaning) in the experience – a silver lining if you will. If you can’t see it that way, you’re at least willing to see that you’re stronger than most people you know in real life. Certainly, you still wish it never happened, but you also see that you have become a more complete and better version of yourself during your healing.

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