I will sell 20 million records!

I will sell 20 million records!

Sometime last week, I caught a bit of an interview with one of Michael Jackson’s brothers. He was discussing Michael’s dedication to his music and career, and shook his head sadly as he said that MJ had “I will sell twenty million records” written on the mirror in his bedroom. He went on to say that his brother met that goal and more.

While MJ’s brother seemed sad at the memory of the level of his dedication, my mind immediately flew in another direction. Here, I thought, is yet another example of a “great one” employing the law of attraction in his favor.

Whether he knew it at the time or not, MJ literally wrote his own ticket. Every time he looked into that mirror, he was reminded of his goal–to sell twenty million records. And, probably, he envisioned himself reaching that goal every time he peered at his own reflection.

And, as the entire world is well aware, he met that goal, beat that goal and went on to meet some more.

The mirror for MJ was similar to a vision board or book, which many people use to help with visualizing their goals. Words, photos and drawings can help to keep one’s mind focused on her goals.

Personally, I use a vision book. In it, I write affirmations and inspirational words and phrases, put photos of things or experiences I’d like to have, and even doodle a little. I try to look at it often, and it helps me to maintain the attitude of gratitude I need to succeed in meeting my goals.

Some people just use a large piece of posterboard or a bulletin board. Others even prefer to keep an online version of a vision board. (I happen to have a vision folder on my desktop as well.) The form doesn’t really matter–but the practice certainly affects change in your day to day perception of your life, thus creating positive personal change.

So how exactly does one use such a tool?

Well, for example, say that your family wants to go on a luxury vacation next year. After much research, you decide that you’d like to visit a fabulous beach resort. So, now you’ve chosen what you want out of the “catalog of life.”

Next, place your order. You might want to gather some photos and brochures. Look at them often to visualize receiving the vacation of your dreams. Maybe cut out the photos and text that evoke the strongest positive emotion in you, and attach them to your board, book or wall.

Then, believe that you’re receiving your vacation…and let it go.

It all sounds overly simple, doesn’t it?

But guess what? It works like a charm.

My challenge to you today is to begin to create a visual reminder of your ultimate goals. Feel free to start small–maybe just write an affirmation on your mirror or tape a photo of the car you want on your fridge.

Remember to feel good about your goals. Desperation isn’t the way to get what you want in this world–it only attracts more desperate situations into your life. Instead, focus on your gratitude for the good things that are already in your life and for the good things coming your way. Love yourself, and love the people around you. I cannot stress the power of your feelings enough–and remember that, even in your darkest hour, you are capable of changing your mind.

I know that it’s difficult sometimes, but keep yourself on your own priority list. We’re all human, and I sometimes feel like I can’t make myself feel better too–but eventually, I remember how to get back on the right track. And, it always, always begins with gratitude.

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