Affirmations & Reflections: On Being Focused

Affirmations & Reflections: On Being Focused


I give thanks daily for my focus in life.

I am confident in my ability to achieve my goals. Each day, I live with presence and conviction and, therefore, make good on my dreams. For this, I am intensely grateful.

I know that I can have what I want! All I need to do is focus. I put forth my intention and my dreams and desires are made manifest.

Focus is the biggest secret to my success. I pay close attention to what I want and then devote my energy to accomplishing my dreams.

Sometimes, achieving my goals requires greater effort than at other times. When this is the case, I am particularly thankful for my focus. Sustained effort requires motivation and motivation requires remembering why I am willing to put in some hard work. But when I focus on my goals, motivation comes easily.

If I feel distracted or scattered, I take a few moments to close my eyes and just breathe. I notice the sensations of my feet on the floor and my hands resting on my lap.

This simple exercise renews my focus by bringing me into the present moment. And when I am fully present, I feel gratitude for where I am and how far I have come.

Today, I make time to contemplate my many accomplishments. I am thankful for my focus in life, which enables me to have all that I want.

I seek out opportunities to cultivate this gratitude by paying attention to my deepest desires and pursuing them devotedly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the things I have accomplished in the last year?
2. To what do I attribute these successes?
3. Are there aspects of my life that could benefit from greater focus?

Affirmations & Reflections: Being Pampered

Affirmations & Reflections: Being Pampered

I deserve to be pampered.

I consider myself worth every bit of luxurious treatment afforded to me! I know I am living in accordance with my life purpose, and that is enough to make me deserving of all the pampering I can get.

I deserve to be pampered because I work hard.

I spend tireless hours getting the job done at the office and always ensure I put forth my best effort. I strive to achieve excellence and believe that I deserve relaxation and pampering for my fine efforts.

I take my family and their well-being seriously. I pay attention to the needs of my kids and spouse and ensure they are met in the best way I know how. Sometimes, I sacrifice my desires so they can be comfortable. I am rewarded by their love because I am the parent and partner they need me to be.

I am treated like royalty by my family. They know that I love them unconditionally. I deserve the treatment they give me because my loving kindness and support to them is incomparable!

Today, I continue to live up to my firm belief that I deserve to be pampered. I work hard and love hard, and pampering is my just reward. I believe I am worth every positive treatment I receive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I accept gifts graciously?
2. Do I recognize and acknowledge the efforts of others to express their gratitude to me?
3. Do I make time for myself so I can be at my best for others?

Affirmations & Reflections: Celebrating Others

Affirmations & Reflections: Celebrating Others

I celebrate the positive attributes of others.

I love having people around me. I love and appreciate the contribution of others because it represents the diversity of life and the world. I especially love when others showcase positive attributes that contribute to a better world.

I thrive when positive energy abounds.

I enjoy being in the presence of others who see the importance of making a positive impact. When others highlight their positive attributes, I celebrate them with all honesty and let them know that they have inspired me to maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

I welcome the presence of co-workers who always greet me with a smile. I stop to consider how easily a simple smile can make a dreary, stressful day take a turn for the better.

I let others know the impact their display of inner joy has on my life. I embrace them and make every effort to keep them in my life. Having that energy around makes the challenges of life much easier to deal with.

Today, I continue to bask in the positive energies of people around me. I endeavor to take the time to recognize the impact that positive attributes have on life and its situations.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have a changed outlook when I see how positive others around me are?
2. Have I been able to use a positive attitude to turn a situation around for the better?
3. How do I react when others are throwing negative energy my way?

Affirmations & Reflections: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Affirmations & Reflections: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

I balance my personal and professional life.

I am a firm believer that the healthiest lifestyle is one that is balanced. Imbalance can create untenable situations in my life and cause things to break down, while balance helps me to achieve peace of mind.

I place significant importance on both my personal and professional life. Both aspects of my life play a great part in making me who I am. I recognize that there is a time and place for everything, and I strive to listen to my gut instincts when they tell me it is time to shift focus.

I love my job and what it allows me to achieve. I spend much time dedicated to excelling in my craft, and feel rewarded when my hard work pays off. I know how to take that success in stride and also when to take a break from work and focus on my personal life.

My personal life helps to balance the efforts, dedication and hard work in my professional life. Spending time on non-work activities makes dealing with work stress a lot easier. Plus, the important people in my personal life appreciate my efforts to spend time with them.

Today, I commit to focusing on finding that fine balance between my personal and professional pursuits. I feel happier when I allow elements of both sides of my life to take priority at the opportune time.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I work equally as hard on my personal life as I do on my professional life?
2. Can situations around me teach me how to balance personal and professional concerns?
3. How do I react when people tell me that I am not giving enough in one aspect of my life?

Affirmations & Reflections: Empowered to Exercise During Summer Days

Affirmations & Reflections: Empowered to Exercise During Summer Days

A Marine of the United States Marine Corps run...

I am empowered to exercise during summer days.

The days of summer represent a new starting point in my life. I am excited at the start of summer because bright, sunny days make me feel energetic.

Summer days give me the drive to go out and be physically fit. I achieve a higher level of fitness when upbeat elements of nature are around me.

As the sun rises on a summer day, I experience being pulled towards the outdoors to exercise.

I feel as if a summer day without exercise is a wasted day. It is natural for me to want to work out when the warm, crisp day beckons. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.

Exercising with the sights and sounds of nature reinvigorates me and gives me the drive to keep going. I look at how much the birds and trees thrive on the sun and light wind, and feel empowered to join them outdoors.

I feel nature talking to me and telling me to keep going because the results can only be positive.

When working out on a summer day, I feel the sun recharging my energy and it keeps me going even when I would normally feel exhausted. I love how I feel when I exercise on a warm, sun-filled day.

Today, I continue to appreciate the power that a summer day has over me! I embrace that waking up on a summer morning empowers me to do something good for myself and sustain my well-being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I substitute for outdoor exercises when the days are excessively hot?
2. What impact does daily exercise have on my overall mood?
3. How can I extend my drive for exercise during summer days to the winter period as well?

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