Advice to my 18-year-old self: How to become very, very powerful

Advice to my 18-year-old self: How to become very, very powerful

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” ~Dale Carnegie

Someone sent me this old pic of me taken back when I was 18. Take a look – hilarious right? Yeah, I was a band geek. I’m totally okay with it. What you don’t see in that photo is that I marched percussion that year in marching band. But I digress.angie high school pic

When I first looked at the pic and into my own face, I almost didn’t recognize myself. On so many levels, I’m a completely different person. Since that photo was taken, I’ve been through a lot of years and a lot of life. 

Here I am with my youngest two kids the other day, just for a bit of perspective on the years. 🙂

ang andkids

Anyhoo, as I looked into my own clueless 18-year-old face and saw all of this, I thought to myself, gosh, the things I would tell you if I could… and the ways they would totally change your life!”

And so, this post was born. So what would I say to myself if I could? 

Dangerous Advice? 

I like to joke that I’d have been dangerous if I had known “what I know now” when I was 18. And every now and then, someone asks me exactly what I mean by that. 

What I mean is, and I’m only halfway joking, that if I understood the things I do today about people, life and beauty at the age of 18, I might have been too powerful for my own good. 

SO what does THAT mean? Well, let me break it down for you. If given the opportunity, here are 10 things I wish I could go back and tell my 18 – year-old self that could have helped me get where I wanted to be much, much faster. 

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1. You’re already enough. Stop caring what anyone else thinks and just be yourself already. Turns out? You’re pretty cool. And you’re a LOT better looking than you think – a lot of what makes people look hot is illusion. You’ll become a master of it one day. 

2. Here’s how to stop the tummy aches. You’ll never believe me now, but one day you’ll understand that getting so scared that you get sick to your stomach is actually part of what’s causing all of your problems. See, when you let yourself get so focused on negative thoughts that you can’t see the good stuff, something called the Law of Attraction causes more of the negative stuff to be pulled toward you like a magnet. This is not hocus pocus. It’s legitimate and as you grow older, you’ll see it for yourself. Learning this now can change your life significantly.

3. Your dream is real. It WILL happen, so don’t give up. You will become a successful writer. Someday you’ll have many, many books published. And you’ll make your living from your writing. 

4. You are destined for the beautiful life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and don’t believe anyone who tells you to lower your expectations and that you don’t deserve to have the very best in your life. It is the belief that you can’t have something that ensures it – don’t forget that. 

5. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s okay to be pretty and girly and smart and strong all at the same time. You can even love glitter, shiny and sparkly and watch sitcoms and STILL be awesome. Yup. So stop trying to pretend you’re anything you’re not. You, specifically, have a huge amount of creative power and if you learn this now and stop doubting yourself, you cannot lose. Whatever you are is okay as long as you are staying safe, healthy and legal. Embrace yourself and trust your instincts. They are spot on.

6. Big boobs aren’t as awesome when you get older. TRUST ME! Someday you’ll appreciate the fact that you never got out of a B cup. I PROMISE. Also, random comforting fact about the future: the size of the breast does not in any way affect the quantity of milk you’ll produce for your babies one day. But less bulk makes for easier nursing for all involved. Get yourself some padded bras and move on. You’re welcome.

7. Let that bright light shine and stop trying to cover it up with what you THINK is desirable or expected. Being dark and disturbed is not required to be a successful writer or artist. It’s also soooooo much less attractive than you realize. Stop it and admit you love pink already. It looks really good on you. And baggy grunge clothes don’t look good on anyone – especially you.

8. Give yourself a big hug and apologize for all the mean things you think about yourself – then stop doing that. And speaking of which, stop calling yourself fat. You’re not fat. But you will be if you keep focusing on that. Instead focus on feeling good in your body and moving your ass. When you’re talking to yourself, don’t say anything that you wouldn’t tell your best friend about herself. Yes, it definitely does matter. 

9. Crazy ain’t sexy, and you ain’t crazy. You aren’t bipolar or obsessive compulsive or anything else. You just don’t fully understand the world and the people who live in it yet because you’re just getting started. But tell your mom to have you checked for ADD. Yes, girls can have it. And you do – learning this at 18 could change everything.

10. Hold on, your time is coming. You are a whole and worthy person with valuable and important things to do in the world. Stop doubting your ideas and your abilities and embrace the truth of who you are. Life will get so much better.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What would YOU say to your 18-year-old self if you could? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below, or hit me up on Facebook!

message to your younger self

Accepting that you are 30

Accepting that you are 30

Accepting that you are 30

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I cried on my 25th birthday. That’s not a bad age to be but I was devastated. I never wanted to get older. I hated September 4th of every year because it marked that I was officially growing older. Another year under my belt. Another grey hair. Another wrinkle.

I would tell myself that I cannot grow another year older. I refused to have birthdays and told my kids to always refer to me as 26 every year no matter how old I was.

I hid my birthday from my friends and when my mother decided to throw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th I was not happy to say the least.

I enjoyed my friends and family but I did not enjoy having everyone reminded how old I was.

Now that I am half way through my 30s and some of my friends are starting to enter their 40s I am finally realizing that growing older isn’t so bad.

1. Financial Security –Something that I didn’t have throughout my 20s was financial security. Having time to go to college and start a career has paid off well into our 30s.

2. Kids – It’s pretty hard to keep trying to be young when your kids are growing up right in front of you. No more hiding the fact that I’m over 29 when I’m standing next to my 19 year old son. All that does is make me look silly. I am happily watching my children become young adults. I enjoy watching my children put to use the things I have been teaching them throughout their childhood.

3. Self-confidence – I have never looked better than right now. That is because I have never felt better or had more self-confidence. This comes from years of learning to love myself. I spent my 20s finding who I was and becoming okay with what god gave me.

4. Family and friends – Understanding that our family and friends are some of the most important things in our lives. Having people who will always be there for you speaks volumes. Find them, keep them, and treasure them. Those people will be the ones we call when life gets to be too much and who we make memories with.

If someone asked me today would I rather be 25 or 35 I would totally choose 35. 10 years ago I would have never answered that question the same way. However, reflecting on my life I have enjoyed the things that come with age. I would not change how old I am. Even if that means more wrinkles and grey hairs. I love being in my 30s and I am excited for my birthday because that means another year of adventure and new memories to add to my pile of already great ones.



Do you really need money to be happy?

Do you really need money to be happy?

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ~Henry David Thoreau

moneyI’ve been poor in my life. I mean like REALLY poor – so poor I had to get help with paying rent and bills and even buying groceries once or twice.

It was tough, y’all. I’m not going to lie. It was absolute agony and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, that feeling of “OMFG WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD TO STAY ALIVE?” – it really grates on a person’s soul, if you know what I mean. 

And I found myself unable to think of anything else more than once – which was absolutely the wrong way to see things and certainly extended my financial misery. 

But with hard work and intentionally choosing my path over the years, life has drastically improved. Not only is money less of a sore spot, but in general, I’m much happier. 

Is this because I’m not so broke? You might think so. But I propose that because I’m intentionally happier, I’m doing better financially. 

But what does having money have to do with anything that matters, anyway? Do you REALLY need money to be happy? 

Why It May be Important to You to Have Money

Few topics elicit such a wide range of opinions and emotions as wealth. It seems that we either pursue wealth with reckless abandon or downplay the importance of having money altogether. While money isn’t the only thing that matters, there are few substitutes for those areas of life where money excels.

Ask yourself a few questions about your beliefs and perceptions on money. 

  1. What are your current beliefs regarding money and wealth?
  2. Do you believe that money is the root of all evil?
  3. Do you really want to be rich?
  4. Do you respect those that have “made it” and become wealthy?
  5. Have your beliefs regarding wealth affected your finances?

How can having money make your life better? 

Obviously, having money does have its advantages, and sure, we all know what they are. But just in case you’ve got any doubt, let’s break it down, shall we? 

1. Money can help you solve challenges. The fact that other qualities like love, family, friendships, and spirituality are important doesn’t minimize the importance of wealth. Consider the many challenges that money solves quickly and easily.

  • Cracked windshield
  • Utility bills
  • Toothache
  • Hunger
  • Career change
  • Start your own business
  • Buy a new home
  • Get out of a bad relationship
  • Further education
  • Ripped pants
  • Your child wants to attend an Ivy League school
  • A desire to own a motorcycle

2. Money gives you freedom. Imagine that you have enough money that you can quit your job and spend your days doing what truly fulfills you. You can live anywhere you choose and do nearly anything you desire. Money and wealth increase the options available to you. How would you spend each day if you didn’t have to go to work?

3. Money offers you security. Wealth provides security in different forms. It provides financial security against negative financial events, such as unexpected care repairs or medical bills. You can also better secure your home and care for your health. Money provides a safeguard in so many ways.

4. Money means you don’t have to do stuff you don’t want to do. Let’s just pretend you aren’t REALLY thrilled about certain daily responsibilities. If you have plenty of money and you hate cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, shopping, doing your taxes, or even driving, you can hire someone else to do these for you. BOOM!

5. Money helps you help others. When you have more money than necessary to take care of your basic needs, you have the option of applying the excess to enhancing the lives of others. Giving money to charity is one way to accomplish this. You could also provide funds in a more direct manner to those in need, including friends and family. I’ve found that anytime I can help someone else, it always comes back to me in the most beautiful ways. Give it a shot. 

6. Money lets you take a well-deserved break. Wealth gives you the option of calling a timeout and realigning yourself. Life can become a series of projects or adventures with a healthy break in-between. The option to literally work hard and play hard exists.

 If you want to “break” like a rich person, think BIG! There’s a difference between the typical idea of playing hard and the “playing hard” options available to the wealthy. There’s a difference between partying on the weekends after a long week at the office and spending a month in Hawaii learning to surf.

7. Money gives you status. This goes beyond impressing the neighbors. The wealthy have advantages socially, politically and even legally, to a certain extent. We all know that there are many advantages, considerations and niceties extended to the wealthy that are commonly unavailable to the average person. Why shouldn’t you get your share too? 

It’s true that money doesn’t solve all of life’s problems, but it can certainly make everything less difficult – and help you solve many challenges. Plus, having money can offer a wide variety of opportunities that you might not otherwise have.  

The freedom that comes with wealth and the opportunity to help others are perhaps the most satisfying advantages, don’t you think?

If any of these advantages are included in your life goals, then being wealthy would make them possible. Seek further education in the mindset and skills that could bring you wealth and work on them each day. Consistent action toward your goals over time yields positive results!


Queen Bee QT: DIY Manicure With Artificial Nails

Queen Bee QT: DIY Manicure With Artificial Nails

manicureArtificial nails are the perfect solution for many women, especially those who want a manicured look 24/7.

Plus, they are a perfect solution for replacing a broken nail. They are great as a temporary fix until your own nails grow out. And they are there – instantly.

Even better, you don’t need to get an expensive salon manicure to get the look if you’re on a budget. 

Many artificial nails on the market these days have a DIY factor and can be applied yourself at home.

If you select the right size and do something creative to eliminate the plastic look, they can appear entirely natural and convincing.

Gel and acrylic nails can be applied professionally in the salon, or you can apply the press-on styles at home using widely-available nail enhancement kits. They come with their own adhesive and are easily cut and shaped to the style you want.

And lately I’ve seen plenty of at-home acrylics and gel nail kits too. 

Easy DIY Plan for At-Home Manicure with Artificial Nails

So, assuming you want to fit the nails yourself, how do you get started? Here are the six simple stages:

1. First, clean and dry your own natural nails. Then file and shape them in preparation for attaching the artificial nails.

2. Then – very important – choose the right size artificial nail for each finger. File the edges if necessary to get an exact fit.

3. Now spread a thin layer of nail adhesive over the whole area of your natural nail that will be in contact with the artificial nail.

4. Position the artificial nail such that it is very close to, but not touching, the cuticle. Then apply a light pressure to the top for a short time to allow the glue to take hold and set.

5. Once the nail is set firmly in position, file off any rough edges.

6. Apply two coats of nail varnish of the color you require, then finish off with a layer of topcoat to seal it.

It’s recommended that you don’t wear artificial nails for more than a few weeks at a time – say a month maximum. Then remove them and give your natural nails a chance to breathe and refresh their growth.

It’s also important that you always use proper nail adhesive and never just ordinary glue you might find around the house.

To remove artificial nails, soak them in a non-acetone polish remover until they start to dissolve and come away. 


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