Taking a Look at Why Fewer Women are Having Children Today

Taking a Look at Why Fewer Women are Having Children Today

If you compare the birth rates of developed or developing countries, you would see that not many women are giving birth to children as they did before. Sure, it might be a good thing at one end, since we already have a burgeoning world population. Having fewer people in the future will make Earth a more sustainable place. However, what is it that is driving the change? Why are fewer women having children today compared to say a decade or two back?

Understanding the Problem

A lot of women around the globe are having children with low birth rates. Women below the age of thirty are especially having fewer children. The only women who are consistently having children than before are above 40 years.

Fertility has generally been declining in women under the age of 30 and those in their 20s but rising in women in their 40s. The rate at which a generation replicates itself has been declining over the past few years.

Some of the factors that have resulted in low birth rates include:-

  • More women are resolving not to have children in their 30s and delaying until their 40s. Women want to achieve more in their early ages such as getting degrees, traveling the world and just having fun. Delaying childbearing will result to low birth rates.
  • For many people in developing countries, the recession hit hard. For instance, in America, the government used $40 million less on births. Women fear to bring a child into a poor economy.
  • A few simply never want children.

The reasons why people do not want to have children are complex and varied. If we look at European countries such as Germany and Italy the overall birth rate has always been low. In preindustrial Europe men and women did not get married while they were maids but when they could set up their own households. To stay unmarried and childlessness was a sign of economic failure but people only faced mild discriminating.

In this modern age, the same attitude still lingers in Western Germany. Childlessness is associated with working mothers. Many working mothers have simply opted out of giving birth. There are rarely any baby nurseries in Germany a woman who put a child in one is abused. They are mostly referred to as “Rabenmutter” meaning raven mother.

Almost everywhere educated women are less likely to have children. As mentioned earlier it is one of the reasons why women opt out of having many kids. In addition, the type of degree or career one is studying for deeply influences marriage and childbearing. For instance, teaching and midwifery attract women who want to have kids. They also offer more parent-friendly hours and conditions as compared to a scientist.

Nobody knows if the rate of childlessness will rise further. In developed countries, childlessness is not a calamity but it is becoming a norm. In the long run, it might not be such a terrible fate.

Narcissistic Spiritual Abuse and Healing from Understanding

Narcissistic Spiritual Abuse and Healing from Understanding

Narcissistic abuse can take the form of spiritual abuse and this survivor describes what it was like as well as how she found healing.

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How to File for Simple Divorce Without an Attorney

How to File for Simple Divorce Without an Attorney

Divorce Separation Marriage Breakup SplitI know it is time.

I know they are toxic.

Divorce is so expensive.

I can’t afford an attorney.

I don’t know enough about the legal system to be able to do it alone.

Have those thoughts crossed your mind? I know they crossed mine when I was preparing to leave my narcissist. But as I stressed over these things, I realized something HUGE: If you have a simple divorce, with or without children, you are capable of filing a divorce on your own.

Even though my education is as a paralegal, filing for divorce was so daunting, partially because I had not worked in the field since I stopped working 11 years ago to raise my family.

Can I do it alone? How much is it going to cost? What if my spouse gets an attorney?

I have some things I would like to share that I learned along the way while filing for my divorce. Now that I am nearing the end of this journey that seems impossible, I have gained a lot of confidence in myself that I had been lacking from the years of abuse – and no matter the outcome I know I did right by my children.

Is money the issue?     

If money is the issue that holds you back, you can go to the clerk’s office and ask to file indigent status. After filing my paperwork, spending half my rent money that was due and that I would struggle to replace, I learned the hard way that you can file your divorce at absolutely no cost to you if approved by the clerk of courts. I ended up being approved at a later date, but they did not return the $500 I already paid out.

You can also find a local domestic violence center near you. They may have a listing of pro bono attorneys that would be willing to take your case if you meet their criteria at no cost to you. There is a ton of help out there; you just need to figure out where to find it.

Where to begin?

You can start with an online search for your county and state in the US along with legal forms. I apologize that I have not learned about the process in other countries, but a Google search is still a safe bet to begin. After reading the instructions and figuring out which form best fits your situation, print out all of the pages you will need. This is usually not too hard to figure out.

After printing out the paperwork, complete every question. If it does not fit your situation you can put N/A on the line so the court knows it does not apply to you. It is very important that every line and every page is filled out in its entirety.

Once you have taken your time to fill out the paperwork, you return them to the clerk’s office to have them filed. You can also pick up the paperwork from the clerk’s office already printed and in order and it can be done with a small fee if you are unable to print them.

Hammer Horizontal Court Justice Right LawEven though filing for divorce alone without representation from an attorney seems impossible, the court system has made it a lot easier. And, if you get lucky, your spouse won’t respond and you more than likely get what you’ve asked for. If not, you have a little more work on your hands but so does your spouse – and you will be two steps ahead.

If you are thinking about starting the process of filing for divorce and you have any questions on how to start or help in finding what you need, please leave a comment and I will help in any way I can.

Stay tuned for more in this series!


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