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I am in the process of experiencing a very significant change within my self. I am realizing certain things that are giving me reason for pause. In the last ten years, for example, I have made a few bad choices for myself. Most of those have now been corrected, but there are one or two things I must fix before they cause any more problems.

I often think about the little girl I used to be, and wonder what she might think of who I’ve become. Yesterday, I freewrote about her a little bit and discovered a new concept in relation to that idea. I wondered what an older me would say to this me. What would she advise me to do? How would she suggest I live differently, and what would she advise me to stop doing?

This is the new premise I’m going to try to apply to my life. I have spent this first part of my life wishing I’d made different choices when I was younger–thinking if I’d only done this or not done that, then surely my life would be different.

Seeing that movie, “The Butterfly Effect” only intensified this fantasy for me. If I could go and change that one critical moment that caused the chain of events that caused…

Well, you get the idea. The point is, looking at it in an opposite way can help to make positive changes happen. What do I regret about my choices in the past? What might I regret later about the choices I make today? Hmm…

I’m going to explore this some more and figure it out. I think I’m on to something here…

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