22 Really Disgusting Narcissist Behaviors

Written by Angela Atkinson

Weird Gross Body Stuff

  1. Fart everywhere. Even lift a leg, then laugh – no matter where she was!
  2. He’d fart walking front of me. He proudly said that he’d have farting contests with his son. He bragged about how stinky it was and how it would make everyone pass out or something like that. He even talked about farting contests with his recycled local supply when he triangulated us. 😮 (He probably implied that she was better than I was because I was too modest for not wanting to randomly pass gas in front of people.) Now he’s got a gaseous match in heaven, er, hell! 😂
  3. Obsess and describe bowel movements and constipation. In detail.
  4. Refuse to use a cup to rinse his mouth after brushing his teeth. He would shimmy up to the sink and slurp the water out of the faucet.
  5. She used to pick and blow her nose without a tissue and throw it Everywhere, one time she blew her nose and a huge booger landed on my shirt ( so effin gross 🤢) and then she laughed
  6. Pick nose and tried to subtly remove evidence
  7. Pick the dead skin off his head and then eat it.
  8. My ex and his 2 kids would eat scabs 🤢
  9. Scratch groin, not wash hands, make supper.
  10. Not bathe for a month and then wear so much aftershave it burned your eyes.
  11. Urinate against the bedroom cupboard.
  12. Pin me down and suck the snots from my nose. Then call me gross because my dog sleeps on a sheet on my bed.
  13. He would share EVERYTHING with his friends and I mean everything. Nothing was sacred. If he had diarrhea and had to make a “tampon” to shove up his butt…everyone knew it. Asked his neighbor’s wife to look at the ingrown hair in his ass. If he peed on my floor because he was intoxicated, everyone knew it. Intimate details of our sex life? Yep…everyone knew. He would walk around in his “tighty whities” in front of EVERYONE…even in front of his kids friends (male of female; all ages….didn’t matter to him). I’d be shaking my head but everyone else was laughing (probably at me).
  14. I was talking about the stretch marks on my butt and he says “well you don’t even notice the ones on your stomach”. I told him I don’t have stretch marks on my stomach. He says, “yes you do” so I’m sitting here for hours trying to find them and of course I found none.
  15. Woke me up by peeing on my ferret’s weewee pads because he felt he didn’t need to walk to a bathroom. Guess who had to clean it and guess who denied it ever happened? Also asking me every 5 minutes if he was going bald.
  16. I checked the history on his computer it’s was all pages of naked pregnant 🤰🏼 So weird.

Weird Kitchen & Housekeeping Stuff

  1. Literally, leave everything so dirty, the health department could have been called.
  2. Wipe off an electric skillet, with just a paper towel. After the cat walked across it, leaving footprints, and litter on it. Threw meat on it. Then, when confronted about the health of that choice, made a comment: “It ain’t killed me yet”
  3. ALL utensils, ALL, have to face the same way. All spoons, all forks, all knives. They have to be stacked on top of each other precisely.(he watched to be sure its done correctly). Easy to do, but when you open and close the drawer, the stacks fall to the sides. So he’d stack them a thousand times. Crazy OCD, but the weird thing is, he is a slob, and has a housekeeper that comes in once a week and gets the house immaculate so as to appear that HE is immaculate. …I look back now and laugh at these insanities, but it wasn’t funny back then, it was quite stressful….thank you Lord for freeing me of this covert Narcissist and his insane way of living. I am sooooo grateful for my peace.
  4. Mine would lecture me about why it’s important to clean the house then go shut himself in the basement and never lifted a finger.
  5. Eat out of date food and brag about it
  6. He refused to share his food. Ever..

Here are even more weird things narcissists do!

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