24 Strange Things Narcissist Parents Do

Written by Angela Atkinson

Weird Parenting Issues

  1. When my grandpa died my mom acted like she was the only one who had a right to be upset and verbally attacked me for being upset, while we were in the middle of a restaurant. I sat silently and she attacked me.
  2. When I was 6 my narc mother chose being in the car in a car park just before we went shopping as the time to tell me my great grandmother had died, so she wouldn’t have to deal with my upset. She would look at me with bemused disgust if I cried
  3. One time my narc mom was going off on me for no reason and my dad finally had enough and told her to stop and leave me alone and she yelled at him “you only sort of love me!!” And stormed out of the house.
  4. My narc mom told me I couldn’t be friends with the girl that had been my best friend since I was five, because the girl’s mom listened to rock music.
  5. Treats our Autisic grandson like he’s got the plaque…breaks my heart. He’s our only grandson and I think in his mind he’s a flaw in the name
  6. Narc mom used to search my room looking for reasons to be mad at me and if she couldn’t find anything would make something up. She flat out told me when I was a teenager that I had no right to have any privacy.
  7. For years my narc mom said we weren’t allowed to have a Christmas tree, because pagan greenery is of the devil, but one year she decided she really wanted a tree so she turned around and said, well, its okay as long as its a white tree. So we got a white tree. The next year she had found a box of old Christmas ornaments from when she was a kid and decided that they had to be on a green tree like they were when she was a kid so she started saying there is nothing wrong with a green Christmas tree. Seriously won’t even stick to her beliefs if they don’t suit her.
  8. I came home from school and was putting my backpack in my room, I’d literally only been home for a couple of minutes but apparently that was still too long for my narcissist mother. I guess I was supposed to immediately take the trash out the second I walked in the door, backpack and all, she took the garbage and dumped it all over my bedroom
  9. My mum: when my house was flooded a couple of years ago (very traumatic for me) she got on the phone to all her mates and moaned that I wasn’t letting her help cause I said she was interfering (not true) then went in a huff and wouldn’t help me with anything so wouldn’t let me store stuff at her house or take care of my cat… she said my boxes would messy up her house so she couldn’t have them there she tried to manipulate my son into staying with her instead of the friend I had organized us to stay with and it goes on and on…. she turned it into her drama and even told me the other week that she’d been hurt by the way I’d been during the flood (my flood! My house damaged!!)
  10. I confronted my narcissist mother about something she did that hurt me and she literally said to me “the devil put that false memory in your head to lead you astray”
  11. Wear her son’s boxers in the house (she was a “mother” to me – until I realized she was a narcissist)
  12. My mom told me my figure was too good and needed to be hidden and said I was only allowed to wear baggy pants and baggy tee shirts that went down to my knees. She never got a chance to enforce that rule though because after that I went for a walk and never went back. My figure wasn’t even that good. At the time I had the figure of a 12 year old boy.
  13. Claimed how much he loves his kids but didn’t want them in the same room as me because he was jealous they were taking some of my time and attention away from him.
  14. He broke into my house and stole my daughter’s crib…said he needed it for “leverage” in our divorce case.
  15. Jumping on his baby mama’s car to prevent her from leaving with his kids, then turning around and claiming she hit him with it. His son then did the same thing to me when I tried to leave once.
  16. My daughter was only 5 months old when I escaped without her crib…my daughter had to sleep in a pack n play for a couple months until he finally had it returned. When he had broken into my house he also split up the towel sets in the bathroom, stole the built in wine fridge and removed the handle from the front door.
  17. Egging a sibling to punch a autistic sibling then pretending to be the hero
  18. When I was moving out with the kids three years ago, she said she was keeping the furniture from their rooms, just out of spite. Who the hell takes things away from kids? Guess that’s more spiteful than weird.
  19. My ex took my kids Wii-U and claimed it had sentimental value (she took it only because my son had begun playing with it ) , it’s so sad that narcs can be so spiteful especially to children.
  20. She bought my 13 year old a dirt bike and took it away before he could even ride it, and didn’t bring it up to him again until several months later. I’m getting them the hell away from her.
  21. Tried to run over the neighbor’s dogs with his car. Because he hates the pitbull breed. Hid my phone in the rice. (He accidentally left his cell on, recording the entire event and blaming the kids.) Swiping a lady’s cell phone as she was putting her groceries in the car.
  22. Take me off of memberships and add his daughter instead…. always replaced me with her.. gave him some sort of high.
  23. Telling me I was old enough to be his mom even though I am only 7ish years older then him. Now I realize the he was referring to his mental age and not his actual age 😂.
  24. Being jealous of his own son because I wasn’t giving the narc as much of my attention after my son was born.

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