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Narcissists in relationships are no picnic, am I right? Take a look at the three short videos below to learn 30 useful and life-changing facts about toxic narcissists in relationships – and how you can deal with them. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, featuring brand new videos every day. 

Narcissists will do whatever is necessary to get what they want, and they don’t care who they hurt to make it happen.

In this vlog, I’ll share 10 of the most commonly employed narcissistic manipulation tactics used against their sources of narcissistic supply – aka the victims of narcissists.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery tips: You might already know that narcissists are notorious liars, but when you first realize you’re dealing with one, you might not be aware of the red flags to watch for – especially when it comes to the most common lies narcissists tell.

But knowledge is power. That’s why I’ve compiled 10 of the most heinous lies narcissists tell their victims. Discover, Understand and Overcome Narcissistic Abuse.

The most effective way to take back your life from an abusive, toxic narcissist is to go no contact. In this vlog, I’ll be sharing ten important things to remember when you go no contact with a narcissist and offering tips and advice on how to make the no contact solution work for you. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you? What would you add? What other ways have narcissists manipulated you? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below, and let’s talk about it.

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