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**UPDATE: PLEASE help me make this a comprehensive resource by sharing the names of your favorite books on narcissistic abuse recovery in the comments section. Thanks in advance!**
I’m always looking for ways to help my fellow narcissistic abuse survivors, and part of the way that I do that is with this website (and a few others), my Narcissistic Abuse Recovery YouTube channel, my books and of course my coaching. But another part of my mission includes gathering up resources that will help you – whether I created them or not. 

That’s why today in my SPAN (Support for People Affected by Narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships) Support Group (it’s free, confidential and another part of my mission), I asked my 5,000+ members to help me out – by sharing the titles of the most helpful books they’ve read on narcissistic abuse recovery, whether they were mine or not. And boy, did they deliver! 

I present to you the ultimate list of best, most-effective narcissistic abuse recovery books out there, according to more than 5,000 survivors of narcissistic abuse. 

  1. Psychopath Free
  2. Navigating No Contact
  3. Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare
  4. The Rest is Still Unwritten
  5. Codependent No More
  6. Women who love psychopaths
  7. Exorcism: Purging the Narcissist From Your Heart and Soul
  8. Take Back Your Life
  9. The courage to heal
  10. Victims No longer
  11. Male sexual abuse survivors
  12. F*ck Feelings
  13. It Will Never Happen to Me
  14. The Gift of Fear
  15. Malignant Self Love
  16. Getting Free
  17. The Gifts of Imperfection
  18. The Narcissistic Family
  19. Taking the Lead
  20. Broken Open: How Difficult Times Help Us Grow
  21. It’s Your Money
  22. Emotional Intelligence
  23. Social Intelligence
  24. Why Does He Do That?
  25. Victory Over Verbal Abuse
  26. Charm to Harm And Everything Else in Between With a Narcissist
  27. Bad Boyfriends
  28. Emotional Bullshit
  29. Body Language
  30. Reading social clues
  31. NLP
  32. You Can Heal Your Life
  33. Smart girl’s guide to self care
  34. Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving
  35. Why Is t Always About You?

Did your favorites make the list? If not, leave them in the comments below – let’s make this post a comprehensive resource for our fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse!


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2 Responses to UPDATED: 35+ Best Books on Narcissistic Abuse Recovery (According to 5k Survivors)

  1. Why is it Always About You?

  2. Women who love psychopaths

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