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“A car is like a mother in law, If you let it- it will rule your life”- Jamie Lerner

ADHD-kidsHave you ever had a conflict of interest with a bitchy mother in law? I have!

In fact, I’ve had just about every raging fight you can have with a mother in law you could think of. But I have to be nice in order to keep my family together.

That mother is crazy sometimes and I want to ring her neck. So in order for that not to happen I have made a coping list.

1) Clean the house. I don’t care how much you hate to because-

A. it will get what she said or did off your mind for a while which will give the illusion you thought about what you said back, or better yet you calmed down enough to not say anything back. B. It probably needs done anyway and why not get out some steam and be productive all at the same time? I know I know easier said than done. expecsially when your upset, Right? Wrong!  C. It will make your man thrilled that he came home to a clean house.

2) Have sex with your husband. It will make you feel like no matter what happened with your mother in law that your the only thing your man cares about.

A) that’s all we ever want.

B) and orgasm releases ind-orphans of happiness which will make your reply or explanation about what happened less harsh.

3) take a shower and sing as loud as you can.

A) gets a lot of frustration out.

B) its private so no one can see how truly crazy you are on the inside.

4) Know that if you have a ring on your finger, her opinion of you or your life does not matter. Her son chose to spend the rest of his life with you. Her opinion is no longer realavent.

Share some of your horrifing moments with your mother in law in the comments below!

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