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We’ve all got our challenges, and I guess one of mine is that I don’t always get enough sleep–which is unhealthy and can also affect my personal level of happiness in a big way.

And, since I know that I’m profoundly normal in this particular aspect of my life, I have put together the following list of tips from the experts on getting more sleep.

1. Quit drinking caffeine after 7 pm in the evening (or three hours before bedtime.) It sounds obvious for most, I’m sure, but I had to include this one because I’m guilty of sipping coffee in the evening hours on a pretty regular basis.

2. Get your exercise. Getting out and moving is not only a great way to increase your happiness in general, but it can significantly improve the quality and quantity of sleep. You’ll feel more like sleeping when you exercise–and you’ll sleep better.

3. Try EFT tapping. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or Emotional Freedom Therapy (depending on who you ask.) The technique involves a series of acupressure, wherein you tap certain points on your body to create specific effects–including improved sleep, among other things.

4. Try not to eat three hours before bedtime, and especially snacks that involve grains or sugars. Why? Because grains and sugars will raise your blood sugar, giving you lower quality sleep. And, doctors say, when the blood sugar drops later, you could wake up and have trouble falling back asleep.

5. Sleep in darkness. Ok, I admit it, I’m guilty of sleeping with the bathroom light on and the TV tuned to a random sit-com. I could go into the reasons I do this and why it works for me, but that wouldn’t be helping either of us get more sleep. According to researchers, even a small amount of light in your bedroom can disrupt your circadian rhythms, as well as your body’s production of melatonin and serotonin, which help to naturally induce and enhance restorative sleep. So, they recommend, sleep without lights or television (which also stimulates the brain and can reduce your chances of a good night’s sleep.)

So how about you? Do you find yourself giving up sleep to accommodate your busy schedule? What are your top tips for getting more or better sleep? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below!


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4 Responses to 5 Ways to Get More Sleep

  1. Hi New to your blog I am supposed to be here because I am starting a transformation dot com challenge on Monday and I needed the bump about sleeping enough so thank you. I do not seem to be affected by caffeine. I have been known to get a cup of coffee and go t o sleep directly after finishing it. But your post makes me wonder if my sleep is in the REM or deep sleep. I will be back to learn more.

  2. Angela,

    OK, I'm up on the soap box. You, and everyone else, would be better off giving up coffee all together. You can sip a nice herbal tea all day long and not worry about acidifying your system.

    One key thing I'd recommend is not watching the news or anything violent before going to sleep. (Guess that would cut out anything with commercials.)

    I agree with not eating 3 hours before going to sleep. You don't want undigested food sitting in your gut all night long. Yuck.


  3. We were interested to see EFT make your list. We thought it was really silly at first, but once we got over our skepticism, have found it to be very helpful…..for many things. Thanks for this post. We found you on Blogcatalog – we'll be back!

  4. I am making it a habit to drink warm milk at night to help me to go to sleep.


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