5 Weird Things That Narcissists Do

Written by Miriam Slozberg

You already know of some signs that someone is a narcissist by how they make themselves seem as they are the most important thing of all. But what about other things that narcissists do that you would not even expect? There are things that they do that are quite unsettling and just strange.

Let’s go over the 5 weird things that narcissists do in addition to the behaviors that they typically display.

1. Narcissists Never Blink While Looking At You

Think about someone who never blinks as they look at you. Not only is it creepy, but this tactic is a predatory one because it just shows they have a trick up their sleeve and it will be done at your expense. If you are talking to someone who is not blinking while talking and looking at you regardless of how charming they are (another trait of a narcissist), then you will want to run as fast as you can.

2. Narcissists Speak Out of Turn (Which Means Plenty Of Interruptions)

When you are talking, a narcissist does not hear you at all. In fact, they’re just waiting for their turn to talk – if they even wait. They just hear themselves and they will talk whenever they choose to talk. This means they will interrupt you and not even care. They don’t even notice that you are really talking. They just want to hear their own voices.

3. It’s Always About the Narcissist

It is interesting what a narcissist does when you are talking about yourself or someone else. They immediately somehow twist those words around and make that about themselves. It could be something that is completely unrelated to what they do or like and yet, it will be about them. For instance, you are talking about going square dancing because that is something you enjoy. And the narcissist knows absolutely nothing about square dancing. However, they will find something along the lines of how they are the best dancers and have been told they are – even if the dance has nothing to do with square dancing.

4. Narcissists’ Mood Swings Are Unpredictable

When you are talking to a narcissist who is in a good mood, just know that it will not last because the next moment they could be quite explosive. That in itself would be quite unsettling when they turn around and frighten you. You never know what type of mood the narcissist will be in when you are talking to them.

5. Narcissists Have An Insincere Way Of Talking

They could present a fake accent or just a strange way of talking. Either way, the way they speak is not natural. And this alone should be a warning sign that someone who does this is not trying to be funny. They are a narcissist.

This playlist offers even more weird things narcissists do. Anything sound familiar to you?


  • Miriam Slozberg

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