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Dear YouTube Subscribers,

Thank you so much for clicking “subscribe” on my YouTube channel. I’m so excited to tell you that I reached the big 5K subscribe mark a few days ago, and now, I want to pay it forward!

So, this is just me, recognizing you, and saying THANK YOU for being my subscriber! Plus, some funny stuff and some bloopers. Mostly just for fun. 🙂 Scroll down below the video to collect your gift! <3 Thanks for being you!

Thanks again for your support!

Here’s a free ebook for you – through Monday, August 22, 2016 ONLY: To celebrate my 5k subscribers on YouTube, I’m giving away my ebook on narcissistic abuse recovery free through Monday, entitled ‘Alive Inside.’ This book offers a in-depth guide to surviving and thriving during and after life with a narcissist, in whatever degree necessary for your life. You’ll learn to recognize narcissism in those around you, plus how to identify and stop typical manipulation techniques, such as gaslighting, in their tracks. Get your copy, right here!

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