60-Day No Contact Calendar

Guiding you through the hardest part of detaching from a toxic relationship.

You CAN Do This! Start Your Recovery Right Now By Getting Instant Access to My 60-Day No-Contact Calendar! 

If you’re struggling with a recent breakup or a divorce from a narcissist, this printable calendar will come in handy.

It’s a This 60-Day No-Contact Calendar, and I’d like you to consider it a gift from me to you.

The calendar offers daily reminders plus inspirational articles and videos – all designed to help you take your recovery to the next level.

You are not alone. 

Please note: This calendar is most-effective when used in conjunction with my book, Navigating No-Contact: A Roadmap to Recovery for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors, but is also useful as a standalone resource.

About the Book
You’ve been through hell, and now that you’ve realized you’re dealing with a narcissist in a toxic relationship, you just want out. Or, you’ve been abandoned – or you, yourself, have left a narcissist – and now you don’t know what to do. 

What you know for sure is that you’re a victim and/or a survivor of narcissistic abuse in a toxic relationship. You may feel exhausted and numb, and you may feel stuck. When you look toward the narcissist, it might feel like his or her life has improved now that you’re gone, and you don’t understand why.

You want to start or maintain the practice of No Contact, when you stop all contact with a narcissist in order to heal from the toxic abuse you experienced, but you don’t know where to begin.

Navigating No-Contact with a Narcissist is a practical and inspiring guidebook that will help you to let go of the feelings you still have for the narcissist and to stop feeling like you want and need to engage with him or her.

Inside the guide, you’ll learn how to reclaim your sense of self, take back your life and as you move forward, to safely move on to a better relationship. You’ll learn what “no contact” really means in terms of narcissistic abuse recovery, where the term came from and how to implement it in your own life.

Click here to get your copy today at Amazon.com in either ebook or paperback.


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