63 Things I’d Rather Do Than Hang Out With a Narcissist

Written by Angela Atkinson

So, sort of an amusing discussion happened this morning in my SPAN group. One of my admins said that having gone to the dentist proved to be more enjoyable than actually hanging out with her toxic narcissist

That sparked her idea of a blog post entitled “Things I’d Rather Do Than Hang Out With a Narcissist,” which is here – and it also led me to create this video (remainder of post is below the video). 

This post is a list of activities submitted by members of the group as well as from another group of clients I polled today. 

  1. Go to the dentist
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Watch TV
  4. Work
  5. Sleep
  6. Hang out with literally almost anyone else
  7. Give my dog his ear medicine
  8. Hang out alone
  9. Cut my toenails
  10. Dye my hair
  11. Do the dishes
  12. Sweep the floor
  13. Mop the floor
  14. Do laundry (even the folding part)
  15. Take a bath
  16. Give my dogs baths
  17. Mow the lawn
  18. Clean the rain gutters
  19. Pack my crap
  20. Clean my room
  21. Make my bed
  22. Stand on my head
  23. Take a long, hot shower
  24. Talk to a bill collector on the phone
  25. Redecorate my neighbor’s house
  26. Get a mammogram
  27. Go to a PTA meeting
  28. Go to the grocery store
  29. Drive around in my car, singing at the top of my lungs
  30. Go yard-sale-ing.
  31. Swim.
  32. Ski.
  33. Dance.
  34. Scrapbooking.
  35. Watch YouTube videos.
  36. Learn to sew.
  37. Reorganize my pantry.
  38. Shop for tools.
  39. Fill out long, tedious forms.
  40. Get my legs waxed.
  41. Climb a hill.
  42. Ride a horse.
  43. Trim the weeds around my sidewalk.
  44. Paint the fence.
  45. Scrub the sink.
  46. Alphabetize my spices.
  47. Learn a difficult language – like Japanese. 
  48. Clean the vents.
  49. Edit a photo.
  50. Scroll through my Facebook timeline.
  51. Tweet strangers.
  52. Fill up shopping carts on my favorite sites but never buy anything.
  53. Take online classes.
  54. Start a club.
  55. Feed my kid’s whole class for dinner.
  56. Go to the gyno.
  57. Run up and down the stairs 100 times.
  58. Go roller skating with my kids.
  59. Squats.
  60. Bake a cake.
  61. Carve a turkey.
  62. Brush my hair.
  63. Do 100 pushups.

Okay, that’s my list for today. What would you add? What are some things you would rather do than hang out with a toxic narcissist? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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