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If you’re struggling to let go of a narcissist, this one’s for you. Getting over a narcissist is harder than getting over a “normal” person. But why? In this video, I’ll explain in detail why it’s so hard to get over a narcissist and 4 ways you can start healing now.

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Between the gaslighting and the trauma bonding, it’s no wonder us empaths come out of these relationships with NPD people dealing with codependency and CPTSD!

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One Response to Why It’s So Hard to Get Over a Narcissist (And 4 Ways to Start Healing)

  1. I am struggling to get over a narcissist. We have gone through all the stages multiple times each time we get back together there is less in the relationship for me and he dangles it in front of me… When he wants me to do something likeput money down to buy a house we both love he says we just need to grow up and get over our differences, that we are better together than apart. But when I tell him I cannot get the money together to do so, it is pretty much over… at least the relationship part, he wouldn’t mind the sex of course but “it’s just not working” so why do zi have difficulty keeping
    My mind off the relationship and off of him? Why do I want him to want me? How did he get me to give away my power to him? Why do I have difficulty taking it back?!

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