7 Pack-Away Hacks: Christmas Storage Ideas for Your Tree, Ornaments and Decorations

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Well, that was fun! Now it’s time to take down the tree, the lights and all the decor.

Christmas is a time of wonderful celebrations. Once it’s over, you’re left to deal with the chore of taking down the tree, packing away the ornaments and storing away the decorations.

You want your decorations to be in tiptop shape for the next Christmas, so how you store your cherished items is important. There is a right and a wrong way to put away the stuff, but by adhering to the following rules, you can make sure your Christmas goodies will last a lifetime.

Hack #1: If you’re putting away cloth – such as tablecloths and napkins, towels, Christmas afghans, rugs, etc. don’t place them in a cardboard box. If you usually store your seasonal decorations in your attic and there’s a leak, these items will get damaged by the wetness.

You’ll end up with a box full of mildewed linens that have to be tossed into the garbage. And if any of those items are heirlooms, you’ll end up feeling disappointed and upset. Instead of cardboard boxes, store these materials in a suitcase or an airtight plastic container. Get one with a snap on lid, not one that pulls out like a drawer.

Hack #2: When you’re taking down the Christmas tree, assuming it’s an artificial one, as you take down each row of branches, put a rubber band around the stems to hold them together.

Write on the rubber band what number the row is. Put these branches in bags specifically made for storing artificial Christmas trees. Again, you don’t want to use regular cardboard as moisture will also affect the tree.

You’ll end up with a tree that stinks. If you take the time now to label each row of branches as you put them away, you won’t have the problem of trying to figure out which branch belongs on which row.

Hack #3: If you’re saving your Christmas wreaths, buy the round containers that are specifically made for wreaths.

Hack #4: For Christmas wrapping paper that’s left over, put these in the tube containers that were invented for this purpose. It’ll keep the paper from unraveling and the ends from splitting and tearing.

Hack #5: Before packing away the Christmas lights, always check each strand to make sure all the bulbs light up. Then, forget the boxes they came in. Don’t try to save them in the same boxes.

It’s like trying to stuff an elephant into a thimble. Instead, wrap the lights in strands, secure them in place with twist ties and store the lights in small plastic containers that you can place down inside larger containers.

Hack #6: Wrap each Christmas village piece in bubble wrap and store back in it’s original box then place that box in the large plastic container. You should have room in the same container the lights are stored in.

Hack # 7: Wrap all Christmas ornaments in bubble wrap even if they’re not breakable. This keeps them from getting nicked. Also wrap all Christmas candles in bubble wrap before packing them away in plastic storage containers. The bubble wrap prevents the candles from having chunks gouged out of them.



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