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There is a spectrum of narcissism, ranging from “healthy” narcissism – that looks a lot like self love and also includes empathy – to toxic, personality-disorder level narcissism – that ranges from minorly annoying and all the way out to psychopathic. In this video, I’ll teach you about 7 different places on that spectrum and how the disorder manifests in different types of people.

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One Response to 7 Ways Toxic People Manifest Narcissism: The Spectrum

  1. very comprehensive list! I recognized every type you mentioned in my own life. the most recent was a friendship with a woman who is a covert narc (eternal victim) and somatic narc (all about appearances). i started to notice how i felt drained after spending time with her and saw that as my cue to distance myself from her. she has attempted hovering me back into her life a few times since then, but i ain’t falling for it!

    regarding one of your examples, my mother divorced my father when i was very young. he was classic NPD and tried to turn me against my mother by lying about her (smear campaign) all throughout my childhood, but it didn’t work. my mother handled the divorce very differently. the only time she spoke negatively of him was when i pressed her for details about why she left him. the rest of the time she didn’t say anything bad about him. when i would complain about his narc behavior, which was often, all she would say is “yeah, i know!”. looking back, i admire her restraint!

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