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8 Common Narcissist Lies: Mind Games & Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know About

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One Response to 8 Common Narcissist Lies: Mind Games & Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know About

  1. Just for measure I want to write this down for other people to read and see if they have dealt with the same thing. My Narc has used these 8 lies multiple times. Not really what I want to talk about. Here is a quick edition of my life…Beginning of relationship I was reeled in by such charm, I fell fully and quickly in about a month this charm turned into verbal assaults like I have never experienced. I LET it happen, why? Because I had just come out of a crappy relationship and I felt I deserved it on some level. After getting a grip on reality (1.5 years and a marriage later) I decided to not take it anymore. I fought back, he called me names, I called him names, it was ridiculous. I actually got – you don’t support me – you are not there for me – you are too sensitive – You cant remember anything – My son acts out because of you – You need to be on medication – You need to see a physiatrist… I got it all, every narcissistic trait you could imagine was foisted upon me. Every story I have read, every comment I have read…I could have written them all. My comment and question is…After the verbal assault was not getting the desired result, he shifted, now his abuse became more manipulative and quiet, more back handed…slimy, if you will. I, at this point, was so full of bitterness and resentment and anger that my response was to continue to be verbal… Big mistake. Now I am the problem, it is all because of my anger, I am at fault, still that is, but in a different way. Is this change in tactic normal? Well as normal as a Narc can be. And Why am I now questioning if I am really the Narc. So here is what I have done to combat this issue. I said I wanted a divorce. For like two weeks. Then finally one Friday at 4:30, no less, he took all the money out of the checking account and shut off my credit card. All the while I was 30 min away from home with no cash on me. Made it home with the help of friends. He brought home divorce papers that he thinks he is going to file himself because what Narc actually needs an attorney? So to end this long story, I took the papers to a lawyer and had her file them, actually paid for it, because ladies, sometimes in life lessons should be valuable. The reason why divorce is so expensive, is because its worth it. This is the abbreviated version of my story, it is, as we all know, filled with stories of abuse. It took me 4 years to get here, I still live at the house with the Narc, but have purchased one and will close shortly, divorce in about 45 days.. if he does not fight it. I don’t want anything from him, well, maybe the coffee cups I picked out… This video series has helped me immensely, plus I continued to the marriage counselor even after my Narc stopped going. I encourage each and everyone of you to find your true soul and go for it………. At 52, if I can do it, you can all do it, I have faith in you. And GOOD LUCK!!! Much love to you all!!!

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