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Dear SPANily,

I’m so excited to share with you that YouTube has recently enabled Channel Memberships on my channel, and there are some super-fun perks for members. If you choose to sponsor my channel, it costs less than $5 per month and it would really help to make the channel better for everyone. That being said, this is just FYI and is in no way a requirement. You’ll lose nothing – I’ll keep doing my videos and everything else I do for free. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me or my work in any way!

However, if you’re able and willing to help, it would mean a lot to me. And, you’ll help make the channel better for the whole SPANily! So, in case you are interested, the perks are all outlined in this quick video or you may see them at this link.

You may hit the “join” button on my channel or below any video, or use this link to join. Thanks in advance for those who do decide to help, and to those who have already joined – THANK YOU! I’m shouting out my Insiders in every video!

Thanks again for all who have supported me by liking, sharing, commenting, buying my books and courses, signed up for group and individual coaching or even just recommended one of my sites to a friend. It truly does mean a lot to me!


Angie Atkinson

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