Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

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Growing up with a narcissistic mother or father shapes your entire life, and this requires a special kind of support. This group is facilitated by fellow adult children of narcissistic parents. Each facilitator is also a survivor and thriver. This group is led by certified life coaches Angie Atkinson and Colleen Brosnan, along with our experienced admin team.


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If you’re the adult child of a narcissist or your family of origin was toxic in any way, I need your help! I’m working on something special that will be announced soon – but as I’m putting the final touches on it, I hope to get some of your valuable input. Please take a few minutes and complete this survey for me. It is completely anonymous, so I hope you’ll feel comfortable with sharing the truth as you understand it. Thank you in advance!

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Toxic Parents Want Free Rent in Your Head Forever: Healing for Adult Children of Narcissists & ACOAs –Does this sound like you? Are you the adult child of a narcissist? If so, you’re not alone. Join our free support group for adult children of narcissistic parents. Dealing with gaslighting and enmeshment is difficult for any victim of a narcissist, but when you’re the adult child of a narcissist (ACON) – even if you first  identified as an ACOA, it’s a lifelong issue that never seems to lose its grip on you – especially if you don’t know about toxic relationships and narcissistic personality disorder.

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