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A Marine of the United States Marine Corps run...

I am empowered to exercise during summer days.

The days of summer represent a new starting point in my life. I am excited at the start of summer because bright, sunny days make me feel energetic.

Summer days give me the drive to go out and be physically fit. I achieve a higher level of fitness when upbeat elements of nature are around me.

As the sun rises on a summer day, I experience being pulled towards the outdoors to exercise.

I feel as if a summer day without exercise is a wasted day. It is natural for me to want to work out when the warm, crisp day beckons. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.

Exercising with the sights and sounds of nature reinvigorates me and gives me the drive to keep going. I look at how much the birds and trees thrive on the sun and light wind, and feel empowered to join them outdoors.

I feel nature talking to me and telling me to keep going because the results can only be positive.

When working out on a summer day, I feel the sun recharging my energy and it keeps me going even when I would normally feel exhausted. I love how I feel when I exercise on a warm, sun-filled day.

Today, I continue to appreciate the power that a summer day has over me! I embrace that waking up on a summer morning empowers me to do something good for myself and sustain my well-being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I substitute for outdoor exercises when the days are excessively hot?
2. What impact does daily exercise have on my overall mood?
3. How can I extend my drive for exercise during summer days to the winter period as well?

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