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Successful (song)Today’s Affirmations

I am a go-getter.

I embrace my mindset that enables me to be successful in everything I set out to do. My drive to go after what I want is one of my qualities that I thoroughly enjoy.

When I set my mind on achieving something, there is nothing that can overshadow my drive.

I keep my eye on the prize and work towards getting what I want. My focus is undiminished by any obstacles that may come my way. I do what it takes to overcome them and continue moving towards my goal.

In my job, I set targets that I know I can achieve, but I ensure there is some amount of challenge.

Overcoming the challenge gives my drive a workout and inspires me to pursue even greater achievements.

In my personal life, I place a lot of emphasis on building a strong family bond. I know that is what I want for my family, so I do what is necessary to achieve it. I make it a point to set aside time to spend with my loved ones to continually forge and maintain that bond.

Today, I commit to pushing myself towards anything I set my eyes, mind and heart on. I believe in my worth and the fact that I deserve whatever I desire. I know that belief in myself is enough to keep me on track towards achieving my personal desires and goals.

Today’s Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I ever consider any targets to be out of my reach?
2. How do I teach others to be persistent in trying to achieve goals?
3. Is there a lesson to be learned when a goal seems to elude me?

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One Response to Bliss Mission: Be a Go-Getter

  1. So tempted to reblog this series on my own blog, Angie! Loving this. And the last one.

    I enjoy your posts very much!

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