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Anyone who knows me personally is likely aware of my strong affinity for coffee and coffee related things. My kitchen is even decorated to resemble a coffee house. I love espresso, especially in a latte with some steamed milk. Coffee ice cream too. I even grind my own beans every morning (and sometimes in the afternoon too.) I am a coffee connoisseur, to put it mildly.

So, my husband was visiting his mother last weekend while he was out running errands, and she, being the sweet and thoughtful person she is, sent him home with some biscotti for me. She sent two double (maybe triple) chocolate biscotti, and two almond ones.

Now, I love almond biscotti as much as the next person, but chocolate? I had never even tried chocolate biscotti before. It had drizzles of chocolate over the top and the bottom had been dipped too. And, the best part, it had hidden chocolate goodness in the form of little chunks baked right in.

I assumed I’d love it, because I am a chocolate fan too. But when I dipped that little thing in my coffee and took the first bite, OH! Talk about amazing. The chocolate melted to the perfect consistency and the coffee complimented the biscotti exactly as it was intended…but then when I got the first suprise chocolate chunk, I knew I was in love.

Now, it did occur to me to buy stock in the chocolate biscotti industry, but I realized that too much of a good thing could do more harm than good (especially since after tasting the first one, I decided I’d better have the second with my next cup of coffee that day!). However, this little experience made me remember something important.

That little biscotti gave me a few minutes of bliss. It really did.

So often, we forget to notice the little things, not only from others, but also within ourselves. So, as I discussed in my previous post, Tell Me You Love Me, it’s time to start noticing. Only this time, notice how things make you FEEL. Like, how spending a few minutes with a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscotti made my afternoon. It was a simple and somewhat ordinary few moments, but because I had my chocolate biscotti, it felt decadent.

The point is this: take the time to give yourself a few minutes of bliss, of decadence, of peace, in whatever form you can today. Even if that just means sitting on your front porch with a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscotti. Enjoy it and notice the beautiful things in the world, even if sometimes they’re in your head.

And, to Pat, if you’re reading this, thank you for sending me the yummiest biscotti ever. You gave me a few minutes of special ME time, and for that I am truly grateful! Love you! xoxo

To the rest of y’all…have a fabulous day, and don’t forget to take care of yourselves.

Learn it, live it, love it!

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