Announcing a New Show on My YouTube Channel: Meet My Co-host

Written by Angela Atkinson

Brad and I are starting a new show on this channel – it’s all about being an empath! What should we name it? Share your ideas in the comments section below! The show launches next week on Wednesday. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell notification to be notified when we go live.


Brad Poirier is an environmentally conscious hairstylist who is extremely passionate about his craft & helping. Healthy living is very important to Brad. He is a trained natural builder/teacher & has been featured in numerous magazines. He is also the admin for the Health Cruise as well the Hairstylist Cruise.

He believes that doing great hair is not about how many clients he can put through his chair but rather building a strong, deep relationship with each individual. Brad has been doing hair, aesthetics, massage, holistic & wellness coaching & education when he started in the hair industry at the tender age of 14 & opening his own salons at age 20.

Working as a platform artist & celebrity hairstylist has allowed Brad to work on stage, runway, theatre, film & video. As an author, his book “The Starving Stylist” a book of empowerment has been well received. Teaching stylists that long hours & minimum wage do not mix.

He also has sold out seminars for “Passion4Pinup” modern Pinup & Vintage Working with cancer patients, celiacs & those with multiple chemical sensitivities. Brad saw a need & created his own hair growth line of hair & body products. Stylists & clients alike can now enjoy Brad’s line of vegan products which are organic, chemical, gluten & 100% fragrance free. A safe place for clients.


  • Television Host ~ The Wellness of Being with Brad Poirier on Channel 65
  • Television Host ~ Vintage/ Pin-Up Hair How To with Celebrity Hairstylist Brad Poirier
  • MOP Brand Ambassador ~ Anti – Bullying, Anti – Suicide, Cruelty Free for Animals
  • Creator/CEO ~ Hairstylists of Hope – Empowerment through Education


Plot Outline

The Wellness of Being with Brad Poirier Healing Life Full Circle 14 one hour program including 42 high impact segments Health, Wellness, Alternative treatments solutions and therapies to the most common ailments.

Target: Main target audience is those that are into healthy, living eating as well as those suffering from disease, health & mental issues, multiple chemical sensitivities and cancer. 17+

Hairstylists of Hope:

Have you ever been bullied? Made to feel less than human? Encountered by Narcissists, Sociopaths or Psychopaths? Abuse of any kind?

I have. My name dragged through the mud in a smear campaign just for telling the truth.

Little did I know it was exposing the lies the imposter was hiding. Bullied and called derogatory names.

We have all been hurt at some point in our lives. Whether it has been by one of the mentioned above. Online cyber bullying. Made to feel less than human for being part of the LGBTQ community.

Remember it gets Better.

As a fully licensed Hairstylist and Salon Owner I saw the abuse from the industry towards one another in their community. The client who comes in who has an abusive partner and needs to leave. The Tran-gendered person who needs to make a change but afraid the stylist will laugh and ridicule them. Or the kid or adult ready to take his/her life because of bullies.

These are the people we as hairstylists encounter everyday. I say enough!! Have you had enough already?

My passion is real when I see that I and others can give hope. We as hairstylists connects will these people everyday. With Hairstylists of Hope (Healing Through Education) sensitivity training assists hairstylists in these situations. Building confidence. Creating great hairstylists. Better people.

Hairdressing Schools are a Business. Never teaching you how to deal with these concerning issues. How to open a salon or even how to be successful. How sad.

Living in Toronto, On Canada. We have a very large LGBTQ Community with one of the largest Pride Parades in the world. This community trusts us as hairstylists to take care of their needs in a non-judgemental empathetic sensitive way. Myself I use and implement sensitivity training in my own salon as well when I teach other salons.

For a Trans person regardless of what stage they are in you need to go beyond the superficial by going deeper. Finding a style that will flatter a MTF to soften the jawline. Using the correct pronoun. Making comfort a number one priority for the new client and having them feel comfortable enough to re-book again with you. Is your the environment inviting and ready?

Myself I service transgender clients as well as the LGBTQ community with care, love and respect. You never know the life someone is living or the pain they carry when not in your chair. That is why Hairstylists of Hope sensitivity training is so important to the Hairstylist Community.

Your chair may be the start of their healing place.

Hairstylists of Hope

Healing through Education. A place where licensed Hairstylists gather.

A place where there is no judgement.

Peace & Love


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