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In today’s episode of Go Ask Angie, I’m responding to the following questions from my YouTube viewers.

YouTuber Jug Head:

  • “If you can’t handle someone saying some of these things to you – you’re probably f***** for communicating with 99% of Human beings. Lol.”

YouTuber Meechl:

  • “I didn’t realise I was being gaslighted until recently! Looking back and analysing the situation at that time, I felt as if I was going crazy! He actually told me some time later that he would get me back for things that I had done long after the event and I couldn’t believe how evil he was. I reversed the situation on him by remaining calm and emotionless which frustrates him to the point that he starts shouting and then ask him why he’s shouting!”

YouTuber Larklouise Winslow:

  • “grayrocking can actually trigger an escalation of the narcissistic rage…a tricky situation indeed…sometimes making them think that you think whatever it is they want you to think is the best shorterm tool, but care is needed. Going no contact must be a continuous goal for longterm safety both physically and mentally.”
  • “When i initiated No Contact…changed locks, phone, all socialsites, my Narc began a campaign to scare me and drug my foods and drinks with covert nightime breakins …stepping up the gaslighting and trying to hoover by stealth. I got police involved and after bending over backwards through many hoops he was caught redhanded while doing the same tactics at an additional target’s house. He is currently behind is. uncertain for how long…stalking laws being so tricksy, i have lab tests being run for suspect GHB contamination, the ultimate gaslighting potion…”

Here are my answers:

In the Go Ask Angie series, I respond “off the cuff” to questions, comments and concerns sent to me by my YouTube viewers, readers from my site and those who reach out in other ways, such as by email.

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