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Does being a narcissist “rub off” on you? Is narcissistic personality disorder contagious? I’m answering those questions in the video below. 

Answering a YouTube user’s question relating to this video on narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury: 

The Question Was Asked By: joan “4wheela” baczek
“hey can anyone tell me why i do something that fits the narc rage definition when im given the silent treatment and what i can do to stay more balanced . i don’t have coping skills and need pointers to start. i didn’t learn how to take ostracism like an adult. and holding it in only delays the fit.”

In the Go Ask Angie series, I respond “off the cuff” to questions, comments and concerns sent to me by my YouTube viewers, readers from my site and those who reach out in other ways, such as by email.

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