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Aggressive Driving and Road Rage: Studies Say Narcissists Are More Aggressive Drivers Are narcissists more aggressive drivers? It may just be one more red flag of a narcissist.

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3 Responses to Are narcissists more aggressive drivers?

  1. My husband as a horribly aggressive driver, drove too fast, criticized other s driving.. one day it was too much, and I spoke up loudly, saying “your driving sucks,”

  2. My husband has scared me with his aggressive driving for years, and all the time he has accused me of being too ‘jumpy’ and too ‘sensitive.’ He has berated me for being ‘scared’ and for ‘over-reacting.’ Since I have discovered he is a narcissist, I am finding more and more examples that describe him perfectly, and that finally explain his bazaar behavior over the years. I have always hated his driving.

  3. My ex husband would do one of two things. He would either guilt me into driving whenever we took a road trip (which was often because he needed a constant change of scenery or would become bored and act out). He would complain that I had do drive because he was so tired from driving all week for work! Then he would fall asleep like a child. Or when he would agree to drive he would bash me the whole time for not entertaining him. It really was like trying to entertain an entitled toddler.

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