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 Well, are you?

Here are seven sure-fire signs you aren’t living the life your soul intended and what to do about it starting TODAY.

1.You are reading this article. Let’s be honest, when you are out of alignment with your soul purpose, you feel it. Many of your actions are in vain as you continuously feel there is something bigger and better waiting for you. You feel drawn like a moth to a flame to any articles, resources, teachers and books that will shed some much-needed light on that thing that you feel is missing.

2.You spend every waking moment searching for the missing link. Whether you are attending personal development workshops or reading the latest self-help books, you can’t get enough of this material. You are searching high and low for any inkling of what that missing link might be for you and your life. You might even be spending time at work perusing the web in search of your answer. I’ll tell you a secret, the answer you are seeking isn’t on any website, it lies within you.

3.You feel disconnected from life. Your life is good for the most part, but you can’t help but feel disconnected from the passion and excitement that others feel about their work and life in general. The deepest part of you knows it’s possible, but you just aren’t sure where to begin.

4.You are unhappy. From the outside looking in you are living the American dream with a good job, enough money, and maybe even a family, but you just can’t shake the unhappiness that lies just under the surface. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something feels “off” as you wonder, “Is this it?” You may even feel guilty for having those thoughts because there are so many other people in the world that don’t have what you do. But despite all that, you know you were meant for more.

5.You are playing it safe. At one point you had big dreams and aspirations that made you feel excited and alive, but that was before you decided it was easier to just play it safe and live life by the rules. Rules that told you to go to college, get a good job, save for retirement, take care of your family, and live happily ever after. Only you’re not. You want something more, but are afraid of the uncertainty that lies on the other side of your dreams and every time you begin to think it’s possible, you snap back to reality and recommit yourself to doing what is safe.

6.You are comfortable with the discomfort. While you know you were meant for bigger and better things, you have gotten comfortable with the discomfort because you at least know what to expect. You know that your desires will ebb and flow and that just as you build the courage to do something about your unhappiness, fear creeps in and causes you to retreat back into your normal, logical, live-by-the-rules-life, and the cycle repeats.

7.You are not doing what you love. This is the biggest sign of them all. If you aren’t doing what you love, you aren’t living the life your soul intended. Period.

If you resonate with two or more of the signs above, it’s time you did something about it, starting TODAY. You have gifts to give to the world and when you aren’t living the life your soul-intended, you are withholding the very gifts that will change the world for the better.

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