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Big News, SPANily!

Monday is our big launch day over at our new SPANily Home! And I’ve got something special for you. First, take a minute and go check out the new place – tell me what you think!

(This is that off-Facebook coaching and connection platform I’ve been telling you about! Don’t worry: by popular request there IS a free 7-day trial period!)

And what’s second? Well…let me ask you something.

What would you say if I could give you a free one-year membership with the purchase of a course that costs LESS than a membership?? Intrigued? Then check this out!

LIMITED TIME BONUS: When you buy this course for the low introductory price of just $29, you’ll get a free one-year membership to our brand-new SPANily Home! Learn more about this private support forum and online coaching center, right here.

Sign up for the $29 course and claim your free one-year membership, right here.

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